Bordered, much?

23 Feb , 2011,

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If you’re big on reading like me, then you’d probably be aware of the fate of Borders and its spate of closures around the world.

It’s been bad news and more bad news for the 40-year-old lifestyle bookstore chain, but hey, while it’s all doom and gloom for them, there’s hope yet for us.

Guess what, book lovers? They’re holding a massive clearance sale this weekend, at Singapore Expo no less.

I’m not gonna speculate about the whys and wherefores of such a decision, especially in light of recent developments, but I sure am gonna be there grabbing all those books and graphic novels I’ve always wanted to get, but never got around to because Kinokuniya was way cheaper and a whole lot more accessible.

Check out the details here:

Massive Clearance Sale - Digital Ad as posted on Borders website.