Collaborations are awesome – Working with Pendora's Box

29 Jul , 2011,
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A couple days ago, I was pleasantly surprised when Yannaele le Goanvic of Pendora’s Box approached me on DA about creating a work of art based off my Warlock cosplay.

She was interested in creating a fantasy piece dripping with dark magic, and when she put it that way, how could I resist? Here’s a screen cap of the completed project:

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WoW Warlock T5 - A photomanipulation piece, courtesy of Pendora's Box.

It was truly an honor to work on this collaboration with her to bridge the gap between art and cosplay – to manifest something better than the sum of its parts.

I love especially the treatment. The wash of orange, the reddish cast to the eye and the stream of roiling hellfire complement each other, evoking the feel of a true master of demonology and fel, destructive magics.

Do check out Yannaele’s work on her blog and her facebook fan page, especially if you’d like for her to take a crack at some of your pictures!