CosCards Revisited: Social Media Icons

24 Jul , 2011,
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In my earlier tutorial, I described the basics of creating and printing your very own CosCard.

If you’d like to personalize the  design of your CosCard even further, why not consider integrating social media icons into your layout?

With the prevalence of social media, these icons are easily recognizable. What’s more, rather than representing contact details such as Email, Facebook, or DeviantArt in plain text, you could utilize icons that say the same. This reduces not only clutter, but also lends your CosCard a much sleeker, streamlined feel.

Here's an example. XD

There are many free social media icon sources out there, and there’s a whole bunch of them aggregated on Web Designer Depot, ready for download, so check them out.

Some really cool ones available from the website include:

1. Vector Social Media Icons by Icon Dock 

A really clean, scalable icon set. This works best with CosCards sporting a white background.

Vector Social Media Icons, by Icon Dock

2. White Button Social Media Icons by Clay Cauley Inc.

These buttons are round, and rad and totally awesome. They’re great for CosCards that look like trading cards, or feature a circular motif.

A Sample of Clay Cauley Inc.'s White Button Social Media Icons.

3. Matte Black Social Media by Web Treats ETC.

If you’re fond of black, consider this set of really classy icons.

Matte Black Social Media by Web Treats ETC.

4. Page Peel by Productive Dreams

If you’d like social icons that burst from your CosCard, try this one.

Page Peel social media icons

5. Social Buzz Icon Pack by

Some really stylish, 3D buttons.

Social Buzz Icon Pack by