Cosplay @ STGCC

22 Aug , 2011,
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What’s a pop culture convention without a cosplay competition?

Cosplay @ STGCC, which took place Sunday, saw 8 finalists hailing from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore duking it out on stage to be crowned king of the con, dressed as characters from the movie Sucker Punch, games like Super Robot Wars and Monster Hunter, Top Cow’s Witchblade series ¬†and Marvel’s very own War Machine in an eclectic blend of East-meets-West.

The contestants wowed the judges with their elaborate outfits and killer moves, and though the top spots were claimed by Zander Valentine of Singapore (Runner-Up) and Roy of Singapore (Grand Prize), everyone walked off stage a winner.

Kawaimace of Philippines scored scored the Jacky prize – a signed issue of COSMODE – from COSMODE editor Tadaaki “Jacky” Dosai with her Witchblade costume, and Nikki of Philippines grabbed the Kipi prize – a Haruhi Suzumiya outfit from celebrity cosplay idol Kipi.

Our part-time warrior & convention spy Joey was on the ground shooting the event, and here are the pictures: