Cosplayers, let's roleplay!

17 Apr , 2011,

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Today was the inaugural session of my Cosplayers’ Roleplay Workshop – a series of two-hour sessions focusing on marrying dramatic and theatrical methods with cosplay, to help cosplayers discover how using performing arts techniques can improve the quality of their presentations on stage.

The first session covered the use of Voice, and focused on voice projection, as well as pronunciation, enunciation, and diction. We also touched on emotion, with participants acting out a range of feelings from anger and confusion to disappointment and sorrow. It was an exercise with a twist though. Everyone had to pick from a stack of sealed envelopes, and some of the lines were really, really sketchy!

But trying to keep in character, and saying it with a straight face is half the fun, right?

All in all, I had a great time sharing what I had learnt from my time in drama and theatre, and I certainly hope everyone had a great time too. XD

Next session’s gonna be on the 1st of May, and we’ll be talking about integrating body language, actions, and pantomime into the mix.

So until then, cosplay friends, cheerio!

For great justice, let us learn to RP!

I can't say this with a straight face either.

Serene, Setsuko, Knife, and some improvisational theatre.

More photos from the workshop can be found on Facebook here.