Crafting a Gauntlet: Part II

17 Jun , 2012,
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In our previous entry, we showed you how to create a simple gauntlet base out of blue foam and a cheap pair of gloves.

Today, we’ll complete the project by building a simple bracer and armor plates to affect the Saber look.

This tutorial will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. Some blue foam

2. A concealed jacket zipper (you can get this from most tailoring supply stores)

3. Contact glue

4. Paper fasteners

Of course, you’ll also need some white glue for priming, paint and lacquer for the finish.

Step 1:

Cut out a trapezium shaped piece of foam. Because Saber’s gauntlet is flared at the top, make sure that one side is wider than the other.

Cut along the scour lines to create a trapezium.

We used the following measurements – height: 9″ tall, base: 8″ wide, flare: 12″ wide, but you should scale it to the size of your forearm.

Step 2:

Now, affix either side of the concealed jacket zipper to the slanted edges of the trapezium using contact glue. Once it has dried, join both zipper halves together and zip it up. You’ll end up with a flared tube.

Now, trim the tube down to shape, and add on the necessary detailing by cutting out two thin strips of foam and pasting it on with contact glue.

You’ll end up with something like this.

And this is how it looks like when it’s worn. ^_^

 Step 3:

Now that we’ve got both the gauntlet base and bracer done, we’re going to work on the armor plates.

Cut out four pieces of blue foam. They should be trapezium shaped, but the slant of the sides should be less pronounced than when you were making the bracer.

Make sure they’re about the same size too.

Using contact glue, paste the armor plates together, overlapping them slightly at the edges.

Next, drive paper fasteners through the foam to create the ‘rivets’. Make sure you secure the paper fasteners in place!

Paper fasteners are great for detailing! ^_^

It should look like something this on the inside.

 Step 4:

Affix the row of overlapping armor plates onto the bracer using contact glue, and hold it in place till it sets.

Next, put on the gauntlet base and bracer, and paste the extruding armor plate onto the back of your palm.

You’re almost done!

Here’s a look at it from another angle. XD

And that’s it for Saber’s gauntlet. All that’s left to do is to prime it with white glue, spray on a nice coat of metallic silver and lacquer, and you’re done.

Of course, we didn’t just settle for Saber’s gauntlet.

We decided we could afford to give it some extra details and a midnight purple paint job so it’d suit Saber Alter (Crimson’s favorite Saber) better! XD

We <3 Saber Alter! ^^;;

Wearing the gauntlet:

If you haven’t worn armor before, you might find putting on the gauntlet a little confusing.

It’s actually really easy though, and all you need to do is to pull on the glove, wrap the curves of the bracer around your forearm, and pull up the zip!

You can also do this in reverse order to quickly and easily remove the gauntlet.

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