Crimson's Chest Piece Tutorial

10 Apr , 2012,
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Now that we’ve covered helmet basics, we’re going to work on a chest piece next.

Typically called a breast plate or cuirass, this armor covers your torso, and can sport a variety of elaborate details and ornate designs.

It’s one of the most integral pieces (and sometimes the centerpiece) of armor cosplay, and this tutorial will demonstrate how you can create a basic cuirass from scratch.

Also, since we’ve been hyping about Diablo 3 all weekend, we’ll be using the Demon Hunter’s armor that Crimson’s working on this week as an example.

This tutorial will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. Some EVA foam

2. Contact Glue

3. Scissors or pen knife

4. White glue or putty

You’ll also need a chalk or a soft pencil, and a measuring tape.

Step 1:

Measure the distance from the base of your neck to the midriff, and note the value down. Do the same for the distance from the nape of your neck down to the small of your back, across your chest, and between the shoulder blades.

These values will help you gauge how big your chest and back plates need to be.

It helps if you've already got the armor pattern plotted out. ^_^

Step 2:

Next, trace out the base shapes for the front and back pieces on foam using either chalk or a soft pencil. Cut them out as cleanly as you can using either a pair of scissors or a pen knife.

The front plate...

...and the back plate.

Step 3:

Most breast plates curve outwards at the chest, and inwards towards the midriff, so we’re going to do the same. We’ll give the front plate this contoured look by making two small wedge shaped cuts on either side, close to where your armpits are when you place the front piece on your body.

Cut out the wedges like so.

Step 4:

Join the cut edges to each other using contact glue, and you’re done.

Join the edges together.

You'll end up with this.

We added additional layers for the Demon Hunter chest piece, but you can create whatever design you want!

Step 5:

Now, we need to join the front and back pieces together. You can accomplish this by creating foam straps.

Measure the distance from the base of your neck to your shoulder, and the distance across your shoulder from your chest (just above the nipple) to the back (close to the middle of your shoulder blade).

Cut out two rectangles of foam about that long, and that wide.

Make sure the rectangles fit snugly over your shoulder. Don't forget to trim to size if they're too big!

Step 6:

We’re going to cut the rectangles into curved shapes so they can go under the armpits. In this case, we’ve also made some additional cuts for detailing.

Don’t forget to also cut out a wide enough semi-circle on the inside of the shape to accommodate your head!

Cut it to shape!

When you're done, you

Step 7:

It’s time to join everything together! Use contact glue to fix the foam straps in place.

Depending on how your armor looks, the straps can either go over (like in this case) or under the front and back plates.

Apply liberally, and stick in place.

Make sure it's nicely joined in front...

... and in back.

Step 8:

Finally, stick on any details and embellishments you might have, clean up the lines with either white glue or putty, and it’s ready for a coat of primer and paint. ^_^

And we're done! ^_^ Have fun making your own chest piece! ^_^