Days of Our Lives

16 Mar , 2011,
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Days Missing - Cover Art

What if time is malleable? What if crises and disasters could be avoided, and destiny could be changed?

Days Missing, a collaborative work by some of the best minds in the industry begs this question.

It’s a story about history and missing history – that posits how we’re able to live, blithely unaware of the days excised from our collective consciousness because those were the days that something terrible happened, that the chains of causality had led, inexorably, towards the annihilation of the human race.

In this work, which brings together legendary writers such as Phil Hester, Ian Edgington and David Hine, posits the existence of an entity known as The Steward, a white haired, mirror eyed individual who dwells outside time, using his powers to fold time, to replay events over and over, until a solution could be found, a danger averted, and the world could be saved.

The Steward’s hand, this amazing graphic novel suggests, was felt in the Cortez’s conquest, in the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and in the malfunction of the Hadron Collider – and each day missing, each day stolen from our knowledge, is a day in which this unsung hero has saved us from ourselves.

Revisiting Frankenstein...

... and the end of the world, as we know it.

It’s a great read, chock full of brilliant storytelling, beautifully rendered visuals, and existential questions. A real thinking man’s graphic novel, and I’m glad I bought it when I did. Even better, Book 2’s well on it’s way, and should be hitting our shores in May.

Definitely a must read, especially if you’re gunning for something smart.

Incidentally, I picked this book up at G&B, and got got wind of a Charity Sale for Japan’s quake victims. The sale’s from 17th-19th March (until Saturday), and they’re doing a dollar for dollar deal on graphic novels at their store in Rochor Road.

So if you’re keen to snatch up a real deal, and do a little good while you’re at it, drop by G&B at Block 1 Rochor Center, #02-500 during regular opening hours.

Who knows, you might discover a gem while you’re at it.