DN101: Preparing for your Dragon Nest OBT Experience

13 Aug , 2011,
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Dragon Nest - Login Screen.

This coming Tuesday (16 Aug), the gates of Lagendia will be thrown wide, and adventurers will flock once again to Prairie Town and Mana Ridge, where they’ll be thrust into the world of of adventure and excitement that is Dragon Nest.

The Open Beta Test begins at 2 pm (local time), and if you’re not already prepared, here are some quick tips to help get you ready to tussle with the goblins, minotaurs, dragons and everything in between the minute the OBT kicks off.

1. Download the Game Client

Getting started with the OBT is as easy as starting up your game client and patching it if you were in the CBT. If you’re a Dragon Nest virgin, though, you’d want to pop over to CherryCredits to download the game client. Check out the Dragon Nest official site for more details. Once you’ve got the game installed, you’re set to move on to the next part.

2. Choosing a class

Pick a class, any class.

Like most MMOs out there, you get the pick of one of several starter classes, loosely categorized into melee and ranged archetypes. The male sprites – Warrior and Cleric, tend to be close combatants, while the female sprite (predictably) – Archer and Sorceress wield long ranged attacks.

Do you like to get into the thick of things, racking up combos and kills, or do you prefer to hang back, cast spells into enemy ranks, and watch things explode?

Picking the kinda class that suits your preferred play style will go a long way towards making your experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

This is all the more relevant since Dragon Nest’s got a steep leveling curve and an EXP fatigue system, and the last thing you want is to scrap your character after making it all the way to a major milestone. Check out the roles and powers of your advanced job classes too, because those tend to vary.

3. Abilities & Skill Trees

In Dragon Nest, you pay for new abilities in gold and skill points once you hit the appropriate level. With so many abilities, both passive and otherwise available, it’s tempting to put points into every single one of them, just to see how cool they are. But with skill points being really, really limited (you get an average of 10 per level up), you’ll want to plan ahead, just so you don’t gimp yourself later.

Some abilities are just that much more effective than others, and with certain powers being prerequisites to higher tier skills in your advanced job class (which you attain after Level 15), planning ahead is an absolute must. This is especially pertinent since there aren’t any free or easily accessible skill reset mechanics in game.

A useful tool you’d probably want to bookmark is the Dragon Nest Skill Simulator. It’s been updated to the latest edition, and I’ve found it invaluable for planning Crimson the Cleric’s abilities.

Crimson's Skill Picks - Cleric Tree

Crimson's Skill Picks - Priest Tree.

4. Partying is Invaluable

Bring your friends to Lagendia. Convince them to join you in your quest to liberate the world from dark and corrupt forces, because rather than penalizing you  for partying up with your friends, you’re actually rewarded when you don’t go at things solo.

You actually get bonuses for doing instances with your friends, and these bonuses can stack as high as 60% so long as it’s a chap on your friend list. This can be invaluable when you’re exploring the Shadow Forest and Frost Hills early on, and can get you from Level 1 to 10 much, much quicker.

The Blessings Bar, a.k.a. EXP fatigue meter. You're gonna be bummed when you run out because the leveling curve's insane!

The rate at which you burn through EXP fatigue is also reduced when you do instances, so be sure to keep your friends close, especially when you’re grinding those hard modes!

And there you have it. Some simple tips to get you started on Dragon Nest.

When Tuesday rolls around, Crimson the Cleric will be at Mana Ridge, smacking goblins around with the best of ’em, so if you see me in game, don’t forget to drop me a whisper, or add me to your friend list!

Until then, folks. Cheerio!