Fright Night: It's got bite!

22 Sep , 2011,
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Fright Night - Poster Art

Bloodsuckers these days suck.

They’re emo and effeminate, they sparkle and glitter in the sun instead of going up like a pile of dry kindling, and they’ve all got about as much street cred as Justin Bieber. It’s a sorry state of affairs (Bram Stoker’s probably gonna turn in his grave if he knew), which is why the new Fright Night is such a gem.

Helmed by Craig Gillespie, this remake of the 1985 cult classic puts a modern spin on the original though the story and despite the paradigm shift, the premise, at least, remains mostly the same.

Instead of being a complete dork, Charlie’s (played by Anton Yelchin, who nevertheless looks like a dork) a cool kid now. He hangs out with the jocks, has a semblance of a life, and it’s high school nerd Ed who thinks there’s something wrong with Charlie’s next door neighbour Jerry Dandridge (played by Colin Farrell).

Ed, of course, bites off more than he can chew, and that’s when things begin to get exciting.

Naturally, it’s Colin Farrell who steals the first half of the show. His vampire is the quintessential nocturnal predator – tall, dark, handsome, fundamentally vengeful, and incredibly dangerous. It’s a nice change, seeing as how Hollywood emasculated the vampires in Twilight.

His performance is mirrored by David Tennant, who plays Las Vegas illusionist Peter Vincent with the same kind of frenetic charm and irreverence  that made him so endearing in both Doctor Who and Hamlet.

There’s much to be said about the midori-chugging curio collector and charlatan (and also a fair bit of plot exposition to boot), but why read about it when you can actually watch it?

All in all a great movie, and probably one of the best remakes I’ve seen so far. I’m kinda keeping my fingers crossed for The Thing, but that’s another movie for another month.

Don’t forget to check this one out, folks. And that goes double if you’re a fangboy.