Gamers May Cry

1 Mar , 2011,
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Devil May Cry - Videogame Box Art

If they’ve got wind of this little snippet from Variety magazine.

Looks like Screen Gems, the company responsible for the buttload of zombie refuse known as the Resident Evil movie franchise, has just optioned Devil May Cry, that crazy Capcom title that marries demons, dicks, guns, swords and more demons.

They also picked up Kyle Ward, who is either a real scriptwriting pro, or a complete troll (it’s hard to tell since his first movie hasn’t hit Singapore’s shores yet) to deal with the screenplay.

Having played the games, seen the anime, and read the comic books, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that this film doesn’t go the way of all the other adaptations (like King of Fighters, for example) – into video game hell.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much Game Over.