Cosplay Tutorials

A collection of Cosplay Guides & Tutorials we’ve written and published on our blog.


1. Warlock Tier 5 Cosplay Piece: “Mantle of the Corruptor” Guide – [Part 1]

2. Warlock Tier 5 Cosplay Piece: “Mantle of the Corruptor” Guide – [Part 2]

3. Fantasy Wand Tutorial – [Suitable for Warlocks and Shadow Priests]

4. Cat Ear Hairband “Nekomimi” Crafting Tutorial – [Making a Kitty Ear Band to Nyan for]

5. Rogue Tier 4 Cosplay Piece: “Netherblade” – [Foam Shoulderpads/Armor Guide]

6. Enchanting your gear – [Creating a stencil for magical symbols]

7. Crafting a Tome – [Refurbishing an old book for arcane cosplay goodness]

8. Steampunk Goggles – [Ideal for any Steampunk adventurer or aspiring Aeronaut]

9. A Stage Friendly Blade – [An easy to make foam sword for the aspiring swashbuckler]

10. Creating a Helmet base – [It’s ready to wear!]

11. A Simple Cuirass – [Making Chest pieces the easy way]

12. Suspended Animation – [Making a floating orb]

13. A Big Fuckin’ Sword – [Swing it like you mean it!]

14. Crafting A Breastplate – [Something for our female fans!]

15. Chalking A Wig – [Dyeing it various shades, and then some]

16. Crafting A Gauntlet – [Part 1: The Gauntlet Base]

17. Crafting A Gauntlet – [Part 2: Creating a Bracer and Armor Plates]

18. Steampunk Vocaloid Headphones – [In a few easy steps]

19. Archer’s Bow – [Creating a bow on a budget]

20. Crafting Horns – [Also great for recycling those pesky foam scraps]

21. Priming your Armor – [It’s all PVA glue, folks!]

22. Making a Corset – [It’s an indispensable part of your wardrobe!]

23. Tattoo Sleeves – [Here’s how crafters do it.]

24. Shieldsmithing 101 – [Crafting a shield from Diablo or any other game really]

Cosplay Material Hunting/Shopping

1. Cosplay Shopping in Singapore – [Cloth, Accessories, and More]

2. Cosplay Shopping in Singapore – [Frills and Costume Jewelry]

3. Cosplay Shopping in Singapore – [Leather, Pleather, Trim and Foam Mats]


1. Dazzling the Stage! – [Preparing for a Cosplay Performance in 4 Easy Steps]

2. Dazzling the Stage! – [Scripting your Performance]

3. Dazzling the Stage! – [Roleplaying]

4. Dazzling the Stage! – [Fight Sequences]


1. CosCards Part 1 – [Creating CosCards, now with templates!]

2. Working With Styrofoam – [Crafting fun, with none of the tears.]

3. Painting Pleather – [Metallic colors, only fuss free]

4. A Shot in the Dark (The World of Warcraft Rogues Photo Shoot) – [Creating shadows with a black backdrop and bounce]

5. CosCards Part 2 – [Using Social Media Icons to streamline your design]

6. CosCards Part 3 – [Picking paper types]