It's Planerdtary

2 May , 2011,
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Harris Planerds - Store Frontage

Fanboys, rejoice, because there’s a new comic shop in town.

Situated on the 4th level of 313@Somerset, Harris Planerds is a geek’s paradise that carries a bit of everything – busts and statues, toys and collectibles, comic books, graphic novels and manga, sci-fi and fantasy literature, boardgames and RPGs (role-playing games) and more.

I visited Planerds over the May Day weekend, hoping to catch a glimpse of what the hype was about, and was amazed by just how close it was to my kinda dream comic store. It was well lit, with a comfortable ambience, meticulously labeled shelves with an intuitive layout, and a wide enough selection of books from both East and West to satisfy both my comic book and manga cravings.

An AD&D Sourcebook! I haven't seen one of these in years! XD

And this Amano book's a steal, too! XD

It helped too that there was a decent selection of Dungeons and Dragons material (including some rare, and now out-of-print Advanced Dungeons and Dragons gems), a respectable art section, and whole shelves dedicated just to private imprints, academic texts on pop culture studies, and even local, small time publications.

And this was during the store’s soft launch, with only a partial inventory. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to be like when it goes official this Saturday (7th May).

And since we’re talking about Saturday, Harris Planerds is one other venue you can go to for Free Comic Book Day (I wrote about that here).

Saturday also sees local artists such as Sonny Liew and Troy Chin making an appearance at the Planerds opening.

So if you’re a fan of their work, and if you’d care for an autograph or something, be sure to drop by Planerds.

And get this. Here’s a perk for cosplayers – especially if you’re also a big comic fan like I am. If you’re suiting up for the Gantz Cosplay Party at The Heeren on Sunday (8th May), consider popping by Planerds before, or after.

You’re entitled to a hefty 20% discount if you make a purchase while you’re in costume, especially if your costume has something to do with comic books, manga, or geek chic in general.

For more information about Harris Planerds and its opening day activities, check out their Facebook page here.

In the meantime, here’s a couple more piccies from my visit.

Just look at all those comic books! 😮

There's also a pretty extensive manga section...

...drawing guides...

...and even gaming literature! XD

Planerds also stocks character t-shirts...

...and collectibles, amongst other things. XD