It's Playtime!

27 May , 2011,
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I headed down to Suntec City earlier today for License 2 Play, the game con organized by SPH’s Sphere Communications.

Touted as the biggest game con this side of Singapore, License 2 Play featured a variety of stalls selling the quintessential games and game systems, demo booths, vendors for toys and comic books, cosplay props, and accessories of every stripe, making the con a veritable smorgasbord for anyone geek enough, and gamer enough to partake.

The biggest feature, of course, was License 2 Play Cosgames, an East vs. West game related cosplay competition drawing on both the best of US and European games, as well as games from the Japanese and Korean giants. Naturally, this warlock was the first to sign up for the West camp. After all, how could I pass up an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Horde? But more than that, be prepared to see other funky characters like the Creeper from Minecraft and Mario from Super Mario Bros. at the event too. XD

Speaking of which, here’s my entry for CosGames. XD If you’d like to vote for me tomorrow, please check out the next photo. XD

Here's my entry for CosGames! XD Remember to vote for me! XD

Just SMS W1 (capital W, numeric 1) to 83379763 (65-83379763 if you’re texting from overseas) from between 12 noon to 6 pm tomorrow (28th May) Singapore time. That’s 9 pm (27th May) PDT to 3 am (28th May) PDT, and 5 am to 11 am (28th May) GMT if you’re one of my overseas readers and supporters. XD

And here's the number to dial. Voting opens from 12 noon to 6 pm tomorrow (Saturday, 28th May). Best of all, SMSing is free! XD

Here’s a couple pics from my walkaround today.

Nintendo 3DS at L2P. XD

Creeper Spotted! 😮

Gaming Booths too. XD

G&B, always a staple for comic lovers.

And well, accessories for the discerning weeaboo. XD

Also, don’t forget to pick up a Quest Card at L2P. It entitles you to free swag, demo products, and also a chance to win a Lenovo laptop thingie in a lucky draw once you turn it in. XD

Your Daily Quest at L2P