J-Obsession: Where cosplay and J-music collides

10 Mar , 2012,
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Cosplayers at J-Obsession, hamming it up for the cameras.

Song & dance proved to be the flavor of the day when cosplayers took to the stage at Japanese music & culture fest J-Obsession at The Cathay today.

Into it’s third consecutive year, the event saw some 17 entries crooning the tunes, rocking to the beat, hip-hopping, and even doing impersonations in a bid to wow the judges and walk away with some $5,000 worth in prizes and vouchers.

The competitors portrayed characters from Japanese pop culture that ranged the gamut, including Visual Kei singers Hizaki and Kamijo, Dracule & Shanks from One Piece, software mascots for the Vocaloid range such as Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, as well as one of Tiger & Bunny‘s titular characters.

Sabrina, performing as Vocaloid Luka on stage.

Red Hair Shanks and Dracule from One Piece, being all manly and pirate-y.

Skye, who cosplayed Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED, sallied on despite glitches with the sound system to perform a capella, clinching her the grand prize.

Eden’s Barnaby Brooks Jr., the first runner-up, won the judges over with his Lonely Chaser, a full sized motorcycle prop, while Sakurazaki, who cosplayed songstress Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier was second runner-up with her routine, which incorporated quick costume changes aided by guest cosplayers Jesuke and Kirisaki into her diva act.

For videos of the cosplay competition, check out our partner in event coverage, Operation P.Ani.C’s, Youtube channel.

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