License 2 Play!

26 May , 2011,
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L2P - Logo

License 2 Play (L2P), organized by SPH’s events wing Sphere Communications is back, and this time, there’s more than just a smidge of games and wanton consumer electronics.

L2P claims to be injecting the “Play” component back into this con with the introduction of CosGames, an East vs. West game related cosplay competition. I’ll be turning up at the event naturally (since it’s a gaming con, and I’m hardcore when it comes to gaming), making my final appearance in my Warlock Tier 5 costume.

So if you’re interested in getting some photos before I retire the outfit for good, you can catch me between 2 pm to 6 pm on Friday (27th May), 12 pm to 8 pm on Saturday (28th May) and from 12 pm on Sunday (29th May).

I’ll be very, very visible (I’ve got plans to ensure that’s the case) so look out for me, especially on Saturday when I’ll be pulling a full shift canvassing for votes from con-goers! XD

So till tomorrow, cheerio! XD