Logitech G Series: When Gamers Win

24 May , 2013,
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It’s always nice to know when gaming peripherals companies have got your back.

After all, gaming is serious business, and peripherals are the tools of our trade. Logitech’s latest G Series products, which CJ and I got to play with Tuesday, is proof positive that more gaming peripherals companies are sitting up and taking our needs seriously.

The latest Logitech range, unveiled!

The latest Logitech range, unveiled!

This latest range includes four mice, two keyboards, and two headsets, and true to the tagline ‘Science Wins’, incorporates several key technological improvements designed to help gamers stay on top of their game.

The new G series mice. for example, incorporate an ergonomic design and also a snap-in weight adjustment mechanic to allow for greater control. The G19S and G510S keyboards on display were also pretty nifty, and included multiple programmable keys, as well as a key ghosting, which is definitely a plus.

A closer look at the gaming headsets.

A closer look at the Logitech headsets.

What proved the real draw for us though was definitely the headsets, which we got to test when we sat down to an LOL ARAM game.

The sounds that came through the G430S was crystal clear, and the smooth aural experience proved to be what sealed the deal for us.

We’ll be doing a more in-depth review of these products soon, so don’t forget to watch this space!

In the mean, check out these nifty commercials from the G Series ad campaign.