Rick'rolling the Stage

30 May , 2011,
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L2P - Logo and Stuff. XD

So I survived all three days of License 2 Play. It was quite a cool con overall, and the experience was kinda awesome. Big props to the creative minds at Sphere and Plum Project for putting everything together.

English version of the Disgaea WS deck, and one of the TPBs I picked up on the cheap.

I thoroughly enjoyed the CosGames (though I could be biased), meeting new cosplay folk, campaigning for votes, and generally terrorizing the public.

I managed to sneak in a couple hours just browsing and sampling the selection of convention swag, and I managed to net me an elusive Weiss Schwartz Disgaea deck in English.

Also picked up a couple trade paperbacks, and one or two trinkets. I was totally hunting for a murloc plush, but I didn’t even spot a single one.

The CosGame finals was pretty neat. The East side put up a decent showing too, with Reifes doing some awesome shuffling in his Rangurotora suit, Elmgrandmaster with his misty Zabuza smoke machine of doom, and lots of funky weapon wielding all round.

Woohoo~! Crimson's the CosGames West Champion! XD

Shyam in his Halo Rookie costume, together with Sueanne and Tim from Movie Mania rocked the stage with flashing lights and an action sequence, which netted them two tix to Korea and Japan.

Me? Well, I rick’rolled everyone like the thoroughly evil warlock I was, clinching the West Champion title in the process.

In a sense, I’ve come kinda full circle as a cosplayer. I first debuted the Warlock costume at License 2 Play last year, and this time, I’m actually retiring it with a bang.

Of course, I’m not done yet. XD There’s still Cosfest and my Netherblade Rogue to do, and the Death Knight Darkruned Plate for License 2 Play next year.

It’s also more than likely that I’ll be shooting an MV in my Corruptor’s Raiment pretty soon, so watch out for it. XD

Here’s the vid of my CosGames cosplay performance.

Until next con, cheerio!