Rockin' the Comifest

7 Mar , 2011,
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A crowded Doujin booth. It's obvious that Singaporeans don't mind merchandise. XD

I dropped by Suntec City over the weekend to check out the Singapore ComiFest.

Organized by Fullhouse Communication and Wee Tian Beng’s homegrown TCZ Studio, ComiFest was touted as a mini convention for anime, comic and game lovers.

The event promised two days of freebies, fun, and an eclectic spread of Doujin merchandise from local artists.

Furthermore, it sold itself as a cosplay friendly event, which accounted for the droves of costumers there to parade in their newest togs and strut their stuff.

As it turned out, ComiFest sparked a storm of controversy amongst cosplayers and photographers, especially those frequenting the SGCafe forums.

Many questioned the organizers’ rationale for sharing the Concourse with a wedding fair, the exhibition layout, crowd control measures, and purportedly, unoptimized use of event space.

The ever present wall of photographers. A staple at any event.

All in all, the event wasn’t that iffy.

Sure, while I did notice the relatively narrow aisles and the clump of Doujin booths sandwiched in between wedding planners, it certainly wasn’t the end of the world.

There was enough breathing space (at least more on Sunday anyway) if you didn’t mind jostling with cosplayers, photographers and generally curious members of the public.

It was also refreshing to observe that Singapore has something of a future in producing comic books and manga, if the quality of the exhibitors was to be believed.

If there’s one thing I regret, it’s that I didn’t get to snap very many pictures – just enough to paint a vignette of the event. I was totally in himbo mode, spending more time preening in my new stage costume for FightSaber, and stunting with my Ophion blade. XD

Doujin artwork for sale. XD

Despite all the negativity surrounding ComiFest and my own mixed feelings about the event, I’m actually kinda hoping that the organizers will pick it up and attempt something bigger and infinitely better next year.

ComiFest might be off to a small start now, but any event at all is still affirmation for the local Doujin publishing scene, eh?