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19 Apr , 2011,
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SP: The Motion Picture - Poster Art

Because I’m about to butcher a Japanese movie.


When I discovered that Security Police, better known as SP, was going to be dramatized as a full length motion picture, I was quite excited. Having watched the drama series, which was all about close protection – escorting VIPs, keeping an eye out for assassins, terrorists, and other nasties – I was looking forward to watching Junichi Okada (former V-6er and star of the show) flex his acting muscle on the silver screen.

Sadly, there’s little praiseworthy about the film edition, and as much as it pains me to pan something outta Sushi Land, I just gotta.

SP: The Motion Picture opens at a charity rally – a rally where psychic cop Inoue (Okada) and his fellow SP officers are posted, and in true action fashion, something dramatic happens, and there’s a foot chase. I have to admit, the chase scene was one of the highlights of the show (the entire sequence was 20 minutes long), with some excellent camera work and choreography and fighting in the face of an oncoming train (which is awesome).

However, if a film starts out that strong, then there’s an expectation that it should continue to deliver, which is where the rest of the film falls short. It soon becomes evident that Inoue’s superior Ogata is involved in an Illuminati-esque conspiracy, and after he fails to recruit Inoue to the group, bad stuff happens.

And when I say bad stuff, I mean that it’s pretty much like an escort quest in World of Warcraft, with nasties that come in phases, and that alone takes up the second half of the show.

Sad to say, while something like this might have worked on the small screen (thanks to its episodic nature, and judicious use of cliffhangers), it’s a delivery that’s sorely lacking in a movie where the screenwriter’s got to get everything all sorted out by the 93rd minute.

That meant the plot ended up being ricepaper thin, with the only thread binding the narrative together being that one conspiracy, general emo-ness, and Inoue.

The acting was kinda… meh. Meh also describes the characterization, and the lack of screen chemistry between the characters. It’s obvious somebody dropped the directorial ball on this one.

I is disappoint. :/