Spanking Shoulders! Part The First

5 Apr , 2011,
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Gotta love those Warlock shoulders. I know I do. XD

Since I started parading around in my Corruptor’s Raiment, I’ve received quite a few emails asking how I managed to fix up my shoulders. It’s arguably the trickiest part of the entire getup, but hey, making yourself some spanking armored shoulders ain’t all that hard. I’ve thrown together this little guide that shows you how. In this first part, I’m gonna reveal a really nifty secret – what to use as a base for your armored shoulders, and how to shape it. In the second part, which I’ll post tomorrow, I’ll talk about how to assemble those Tier 5 shoulders proper.

This tutorial will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

First off, you will need the following items:

Can't believe this is really all you need. Well, you'll need some nuts, bolts and elbow grease too. XD

1. One half of a hollow foam ball. The diameter of this foam ball should be about the same width as your shoulder, if you measure across. In my case, I chose one with an internal diameter of approx. 6 inches (external diameter approx. 20 cm) – $3 from Art Friend.

2. A Plastic/Polystyrene Sheet of approx 0.1 cm thickness  – about $5 from Art Friend.

3. Several pairs of nuts and 1-inch long bolts with screw threads – $2 from Daiso. In addition to the above items, you’ll also need a pair of scissors, a large pen knife, and a hand drill.

Step 1: Using the pen knife, cut the foam ball into halves.

Cut it length-wise, like so. Watch for jagged edges!

Step 2: Buff the edges of the foam half so it’s smooth.

And when you're done, it should look something like this. XD

Step 3: Cut the plastic/polystyrene sheet to shape. Using a hand drill, pierce two holes through the sheet near the edges where the sheet should be bolted to the styrofoam half.

Peel off the plastic protection, trace on your preferred shape, and get ready to do some cutting and drilling!

Step 4: Bend the styrene sheet, and stick the bolts in place. Once that’s done, tighten the nuts for a firm hold. Don’t forget to slap on a layer of paint or three in preparation for tomorrow!

Bend it like Beckham. Well, you get the idea.

And here's how it looks like when bolted the plastic sheet onto the foam half. From the front...

... and from the rear. XD

If you follow these basic techniques, you can create almost any shoulder armor piece imaginable. The foam ball half is an ideal base for any shoulder piece, and the plastic sheet can be cut into just about any shape and design.

They're made the same way. Really.

Joey’s (Lord_Angelus) Mage shoulders, for example, were crafted in a similar way, using a smaller plastic piece. XD To anchor the shoulder piece to your clothing, all you need to do is to affix a velcro strip lengthwise, and have the other velcro piece ride on your shoulders. It makes for a really snug and secure fit. XD And now that we’ve got the base out of the way, let’s get it painted and primed, and we’ll start working on the embellishments in a day or two! Until then, cheerio!