Spanking Shoulders! Part The Second

7 Apr , 2011,
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The Warlock look is in this season. Just ask my stylist. XD

If you’ve been following my quickie guide to crafting armored shoulder pieces, then you should be almost all set to put the finishing touches to your very own Corruptor’s Mantle.

In this second part, I’ll show you how to tack on the proverbial bells and whistles (and skulls, of course), so you’ll look like a regular warlock when you don this awesome get-up.

This tutorial will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Waco glass paint and some acrylic texture are gonna be your friends this project.

First off, you will need the following items:

1. Two foam coits measuring approximately 5-inches (11 cm) across.

Also called foam donuts, these are often sold in halves (or can be sliced into halves). $3 from Art Friend.

2. A Plastic/Polystyrene Sheet of approx 0.1 cm thickness  – about $5 from Art Friend.

3. Four circular mirrors of approx 3-inches diameter  – about $2 each from Art Friend.

4. Eight foam cones. These are typically 10-inches to 15-inches long  – $5 from Art Friend.

5. Two leather belts/strips. Cheap leather belts can be purchased from Daiso  – $2 each from Daiso.

6. Three styrofoam skulls. The same skulls we used in the Fantasy Wand Tutorial – $3 to $5, from Toys ‘R’ Us or a party goods store.

7. Several metal spokes/garden skewers to reinforce the foam cones. They’ll also be used to affix the skulls to the cones. – $2 for a packet from Daiso.

8. A box of long screws. $2 for a box from Daiso.

You’ll also need brushes and paints (acrylic paint, texture, and glass paint), drawing tools, a decent pen knife, a small screwdriver, a hand drill, some craft glue, and heavy duty 3M craft tape.

Step 1:

Now that we’ve got a nice, painted base, we’ll need to cut up the bits and bobs that are going on our shoulders.

First, use the foam coit as a reference to trace out several stars on the styrene sheet. Cut out the star shapes, and join them to the foam coits with craft glue.

Get some color on when the glue’s all dried up.

This is how it should look like.

Don't forget to paint 'em!

Step 2:

Cut the foam cones into the shape of those nasty, nasty spikes on the Corruptor’s shoulders. Vary their lengths, so you’ve got two long ones, and two short ones.

Yep, that's about right. And remember to paint 'em too!

Chop off the tips of two of the longer cones, and one of the shorter cones, approximately 1-inch (2.2 cm) from the top. Don’t throw the tips away, because they’re gonna be useful later.

Step 3:

Paint the mirrors with glass paint (red, in this case).

Using double sided tape and craft glue, affix the mirrors in the center of the foam coits.

On goes the tape and glue dabs...

... and the mirrors next.

Step 4:

Now we’ll work on the trim for the shoulders, and the mount for the coit-star-mirror ornaments.

Cut the leather belts to the correct lengths, then attach them to the edges of the shoulder armor pieces using heavy duty 3M tape, and reinforcing with craft glue where necessary.

Next, apply 3M tape to the front and rear of your shoulders, near the edge of the base.

The tape has it. It's really awesome for securing the belts (which serve as the leather trim), and the adornments in place.

Press it down, so it stays in place. XD

Step 5:

Let’s take a look at the spikes next. The spikes can be reinforced by thrusting a single metal spoke through it, dead center.

To attach the spikes to the shoulder armor base, use a hand drill to bore a hole through the plastic sheet, then use a screw (with screw threads) to secure them in place.

Here's how to hit the proverbial nail on the head...

...and here's a close up. XD

Step 6:

Paint your skulls so they look nice and bloody, then connect them to the shaved cones by skewering them with the metal spokes, and sticking them in place.

Cap off the skulls with the bit of styrofoam you shaved off in Step 2, using craft glue to stick them on.

Hi, I'm a skull on a spike! XD

Check the screws, tightening them where necessary (and screwing them into the styrofoam) to make sure your spikes stay in place.

Repeat for the other shoulder piece, until you have both pieces ready like so.

And we're almost done!

Touch up with paint where necessary, and voila~!

Spanking Warlock shoulders. How cool is that? XD