Steampunk Goggles: On the cheap

5 Aug , 2011,
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If you love steampunk as much as I do, then you’ll know that a pair of Steampunk Goggles are an indispensable part of every discerning adventurer’s wardrobe.

This week, we’ll create a pair of ready to wear steampunk goggles, on the cheap!

This tutorial will take you through the process, which will take approximate 1 hour to complete. You’ll need some extra time for paint to dry and glue to set though, so that’s going to take a good several more hours.

Stuff you’ll need: 

1. A pair of swimming goggles. Available on the cheap from most sports stores. I got mine for $5.

2. A can of metallic finish spray paint in your preferred color. Krylon’s great for this.

3. Glass paint. I defaulted to the bottle of red glass paint I used in my Warlock tutorial.

4. A buncha  cogs and gears. I picked apart a toy car I got from Sungei Road for these. You can also get cogs and gears from hobby stores.

5. A length of leather cord. Also from a craft or hobby store.

You’ll also need a brushes, craft glue, a pair of scissors, needle and thread.

Step 1:

First off, let’s start on the base of your Steampunk Goggles. Take the swimming goggles out of the case. Do NOT remove the plastic film over the lenses of the goggles (you’ll find out why later).

Don’t get rid of the plastic film! You’ll see why later.  ^^;;

Instead, remove the plastic clips holding the goggle strap in place, and remove the strap.

Carefully remove the clips and the strap from your pair of goggles.

Next, take out the rubberized portion of the goggles. You’ll end up with 3 sets, like so.

After dismantling the goggles, you should end up with these.

Step 2:

Using Krylon, or any other a metallic spray of your choice, paint the components you’ve dismantled and the gear parts. Make sure that you spread the color out evenly.

Here’s what we’re using to achieve our golden finish. XD

Spray! Spray! Spray! XD

Loads of gears. See how they shine when you paint em? XD

It takes approximately 3 hours for the paint to dry. Once it’s ready, carefully peel off the plastic film on the lenses.

Peel off the plastic film very carefully.

You’ll end up with something like this.

Step 3:

You’re essentially done with the goggles, but nothing beats giving it a touch of customization. We’ll start by giving the lenses of the goggles a red tint. This effect is achieved with red glass paint.

Eventually, you’ll get something like this.

Finished product. Kinda. XD

Step 4:

Thread a leather strap  through the sides to create a headband. Tuck the ends of the strap into thick pad. Using a thin needle and thread, make a few quick stitches to hold this pad together.

With this ‘wedge’ in place, your headband should be securely attached to your goggles, and won’t slip off easily.

Thread the leather strap through the sides.

Fold the ends of the strap into a thick wad before you sew it up.

Step 5:

Next, we’ll add some steampunk embellishments. You can create these by joining several gears together.

Use craft glue to join them together. You can use computer parts too! XD

Finally, affix these parts to the sides of your goggles, and voila~! Steampunk goggles! ^_^

The completed project, ready to wear! ^_^

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