Steampunk Vocaloid Headphones

26 Jun , 2012,
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Awhile ago, we showed you how to build steampunk goggles on the cheap. Today, we’re going to take steampunk a step further by building a pair of headphones; not just any headphones, but a pair inspired by Vocaloid.

This tutorial will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Stuff you’ll need:

1. A pair of old headphones

2. Some mounting board or card stock

3. Sink stoppers

4. Gears (you can get some from model kits or old clocks)

5. Metal scraps

Of course, you’ll also need contact glue, some craft wire, white glue for priming, paint and lacquer for the finish.

Step 1:

Carefully strip away the wires and electronic components from your headphones until only the base structure is left.

What you want is a bare bones setup for you to modify, like so. XD

Step 2:

Next, using sink stoppers, create two ear pieces.

You’ll be surprised just how useful this innocuous bit of kitchenware can be.

First, apply some contact glue to the back of the sink stopper to get it ready for pasting.

Next, pass craft wire through the spokes in the sink stopper, and secure the sink stopper to the headphones base structure.

Craft wire’s great for securing the sink stopper to your base structure.

You’ll end up with something that looks kinda like this.

Step 3:

Using some pencil and paper, draw a cluster of gears onto mounting board or card stock. Next, cut out the shapes carefully with an X-Acto knife. You’ll end up with two sets (one for either ear).

These are essentially embellishments for your headphones, so be as creative as you like. Be sure to paint them a steampunk-y shade too! Bronze or chrome gold is usually a good choice.

Be careful! Those X-Acto’s are sharp!

In our case, we’re cre!ting steampunk ‘wings’ for our headphones. ^_^;;

Paint those wings a golden shade! ^_^

Step 4:

It’s time to put everything together.

First, stick on gears and metal bits to your headphones using contact glue. These lend detail to your headphones, andkgive it a more steampunk-y feel.

We used some metal scraps and gems we had lying around, but you can use anything, really! XD

Complete the look by pasting on the ‘wings’ (you’ll want to tuck these behind the sink stoppers), and decorating them with more gears.

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And we’re done! Steampunk Vocaloid Headphones!

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