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STGCC 2011 Cosplay Tribute Video

29 Aug , 2011,
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We collected a chunk of footage at STGCC this year, and after a grueling editorial process, we’ve finally pieced together a tribute video of the event that’s dedicated to all things cosplay.

I’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this, our first of hopefully many convention videos, a success.

This one’s for you, cosplay fans and cosplay friends. Enjoy!

International Cosplay Day & A Certain Magical Event

27 Aug , 2011,
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The 27th of August saw two events happening – the worldwide International Cosplay Day,  and A Certain Magical Event (A.C.M.E.) III at Suntec City Convention Hall.

To quote International Cosplay Day founder Jennifer Alice, “This 27th of August will be a day like no other. You will wake up. You will put on cosplay (you will hopefully shower before hand). And you will live without regulations. It WILL be bold. It WILL be daring. But know that out there in the world, others will be joining you on this epic endeavor.”

A casual check of the event fan page revealed that there were some 8,000 participants worldwide (though there were only a token number from Singapore), so this blogger decided to throw his hat in the ring, and tossed on a casual cosplay wig for the day to celebrate the occasion. XD

But while International Cosplay Day was a non-event, A.C.M.E. III proved different. The character goods and otaku merchandise fair saw hordes of anime and manga fans thronging to the foyer of Suntec City Convention Hall’s third level, outside Halls 320, 325 and 326, where highlights included Bushiroad and Touhou Hisoutensoku tournaments, as well as booths stocking a plethora of products and merchandise.

Here are some photos from the event:

We’ve also managed to set up an interview with Collateral Damage Studios, so look out for our article soon, when we delve into the doujin publishing scene!

Until then, cheerio!

STGCC Cosplay Portraits

25 Aug , 2011,
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With STGCC in it’s fourth year, we figured it’d be a great opportunity for us to flex our creative muscle, to embark on an ambitious cosplay photography project that documents not just happenings at the convention, but also the fans and cosplayers that’ve made the occasion so colorful and vibrant.

That’s why we at The Neo Tokyo Project decided to set up a mobile photo studio outside Hall 403 (we’re hoping to set up inside the convention hall next year ^^;;) to shoot pictures of those who’ve caught the eye of our convention spies, and there were plenty from both the East and West camps.

Here’s the complete set of portraits, taken by our lensman Desmond Lui.

An STGCC Cosplay Album

23 Aug , 2011,
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We promised tons of pictures and a convention video for STGCC 2011, and here’s our first batch of images, contributed by roving convention spy and photographer Tan Kah Wee.

Check it out!

What are you watching this summer?

7 Jul , 2011,

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It’s the summer season for anime, and once again, there’s a whole buncha new series out there screaming for your attention. 

Here’s a quick round up of what I’ve got my eye on, that is, what’s cool to watch and cosplay.

1. Tiger & Bunny Season 2

After T&B’s hijinks in the first arc, how can you not want to follow up on the adventures of the heroes from Sunrise’s sleeper hit anime?

Season 2 gets off to a goofy start, but with the vigilante Lunatic still on the loose and Tiger’s powers in flux, there’s more danger, thrills and spills to be had for sure.

2. Blade

Blade anime - Web image

The fourth and final installment in Madhouse & Marvel’s collaboration, Blade brings tall, dark and deadly to Japan in pursuit of nemesis Deacon Frost.

The anime introduces a vampire conspiracy that spans the Land of the Rising Sun, and is replete with the usual cliches like vampire dives and the requisite monster-a-week.

Still, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a nice series, especially where the supporting characters are concerned.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

3. Sacred Seven

Sacred Seven - Web image

Another Sunrise project, Sacred Seven combines the best of Robot Unicorn Attack with Greek mythology, a spiky haired protagonist with a dark past, and mystical alien jewels that grant unlimited power.

Episode 1 introduces everyone to Arma, abovementioned emo kid, and gives a hint of his power. Seems there’s not a whole lot of story in the pilot, but as I understand it, that might change.

Kudos to the artists for cool character designs (well, they’re quite cool), and unique monster creations. The shadowy villain’s armor is hot, and it’s tempting as hell to cosplay ’em (I just might). XD

4. Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian

I was actually excited when I saw the PV for this. It’s got a nice, fantasy vibe to it with the ancient grimoires and phantasms.

Dantalian - PV Capture

Based off the light novels, Dantalian’s about a young nobleman who inherits his bibliophile grandad’s stash of tomes, as well as the adventures he has while delving into the secrets of Dantalian’s Bookshelf.

Character designs seem fairly run-of-the-mill, but hopefully, with an illustrious pedigree and a decent writer at the helm, this anime’s going to count for something.

The main bloke’s outfit isn’t too tough to throw together either, if you’d like to try your hand at Victorian cosplay.

And there you have it.

Summer season’s sure going to be hot. Which anime series are you going to watch or cosplay from this season? Be sure to leave a comment! XD

Loofing it with the STGCC Team

3 Jun , 2011,
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Just got back from Loof, where I met the fine peeps from Reed Exhibitions, the brains behind the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC). It was great meeting with the team, especially Peter Tatara and Mike Armstrong from New York and getting a feel of what pop culture fans can expect this year round.

First off, a bit of news for cosplay friends.

The cosplay competition’s on again, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement to that effect.  There’s even gonna be a celebrity cosplayer who’ll be flown in to judge the event, and something of an extra special surprise in the works. If you’re keen to join the competition, be sure to watch this space for more details.

Next, the portfolio review’s on the cards again, so artists rejoice. Also, there’s gonna be returning panelists and guest speakers, so if you’re keen to glean some pearls of wisdom from the comic giants, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Peter Tatara, chilling with us as we chatted about STGCC. XD

Gamers will get to share in the fun too, with big names like Nintendo putting in a stronger showing this year. Same for toy collectors, who can expect popular toy designers to put in another appearance.

For more information about STGCC 2011, check out the official site, or track ’em on Facebook.

Gantz Cosplay Party

5 May , 2011,
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Gantz - Movie Poster

The good folks at Encore Films called me today, telling me that I’d been shortlisted for the Gantz Cosplay Party contest. XD

The event, to drum up publicity for the upcoming Gantz movie opening on Singapore’s screens on the 12th, is gonna be held at the Heeren this coming Sunday (8th May), and I’ll be making my second-to-last appearance in my Corruptor’s Raiment Warlock armor.

It’s also an event that promises fun and entertainment for all and sundry, at least according to the Encore Films/Gantz Singapore & Malaysia Facebook updates.

I’m counting on everyone’s support for the contest, so if you’re in the vicinity of Orchard, please, please, please, come vote for me during the stage segment from 4.30 pm to 5 pm at the Level 1 Stage area at The Heeren.  XD

An STGCC Quickie

14 Apr , 2011,
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Guess what? STGCC this year's in August! - Web Cap from STGCC Official Site

Just a quick head’s up for peeps interested in hopping down for this year’s STGCC again. If the official Facebook page is to be believed, it’s gonna be held at Suntec City from 20th to 21st August, 2011.

So mark that weekend down on your calendar, folks. I’ll be making an appearance in my Rogue costume, and maybe debuting another surprise costume just for this event.

Peeps can find out more about STGCC and it’s line-up here.

What are you watching this season?

2 Apr , 2011,

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Spring. It’s a great time for anime lovers. Spring’s always laden with fresh, new picks, and this year’s no exception.

With a veritable buffet out there, fans will be hard pressed to choose what to follow. But for those with a discerning palate (and by discerning I mean those who don’t care for run-of-the-mill moe and death-by-cuteness), here are my recommendations.

Stein's Gate - Promo Pic

1. Stein’s Gate

Time travel, mystery and murder. What’s not to love about this latest offering from the peeps that brought us the head-trip that was Chaos;Head?

Stein’s Gate is an awesome, existential adventure combining the very best in Wellsian pulp with the unique storytelling style that only 5pb.and Nitroplus can provide.

Set in the summer of 2010, this series follows Rintaro Okabe, a self-styled mad scientist, in his quest to unravel a conspiracy involving an Illuminati-esque scientific organization, a murder, falling satellites from outer space, and other such oddities which, he realizes, are intrinsically linked by a common thread.

It’s got some really kooky characters, and if the visuals are anything to go by, this one’s a keeper.

An obvious must watch for any sci-fi or conspiracy theory fan.

Tiger & Bunny - Promo Pic

2. Tiger & Bunny

Nevermind the ridiculous title. Tiger & Bunny is set to turn the superhero genre on it’s head.

Set in futuristic Stern City (Star City much?), this parody paints a delightful mockery of the protagonists’ costumed capers by framing it in the context of a popularity contest.

Nothing beats reality TV, especially if it’s Hero TV Live, and in Stern city, the only way for a superhero to pay the bills (especially with the amount of collateral damage they cause) is to rent themselves out as walking billboards as they prance and zoom around, all televised and stuff as they fight crime and nasty super villains. There’s even a point system for rankings, making it all glitzy and showy and fun.

Enter Kotetsu, a.k.a. Wild Tiger, a superhero who’s well past his prime. He’s got very real issues, being a single parent and all, and when his agent decides to fold, he’s co-opted into joining a mega-corporation that provides him with a brand new suit (it’s not spandex) and a partner (the dashing Barnaby), making them the first ever, marketable dynamic duo on Hero TV.

What ensues is a comic romp that’s both a critique of capitalism, commercialism and the whole superhero business, but also something fun. It’s a show that knows when not to take itself seriously, and the jokes are *gasp* intelligent.

Then again, Sunrise often doesn’t disappoint.

X-men anime - EV cap

3. X-men

Scream if you’re lucky enough to get X-men in your region.  This series, the third in Marvel’s collaboration with Madhouse Studio, sounds really promising (as compared to the Wolverine anime, which wasn’t quite as sharp or polished).

Set a whole year after the death of Phoenix, X-men reassembles the core of the original Blue Team (and Storm) as they travel from New York City to Japan to hunt for the people responsible for the disappearance of budding mutant Hisako (Armor).

It’s a good pick alone for the stylistics, and if you’re an X-men fan, you’ll probably want to take a good, long look at how the characters are re-imagined and characterized. I’m already digging the new outfits and Emma Frost (White Queen) already.

Ao no Exorcist - Webby cap.

4. Ao no Exorcist

I’ve always been big on supernatural anime, but Ao no Exorcist is the only one that vaguely piqued my interest. I don’t care much for the art style (it’s a typical shounen urban fantasy romp), but there’s something to be said about the spawn of the devil going up against mean ol’dad with friends in tow.

It’s a whole lot like Supernatural (one brother’s a demon half-breed, the other’s a straight out hunter), so I’m a little ambivalent about this, but hey, slim pickings on the supernatural front right?

Deadman Wonderland - Webby cap.

5. Deadman Wonderland

Another shounen title, but at least this one’s got some verve.

Deadman Wonderland’s set in a Japan ravaged by an earthquake (ooh, touchy), and the protagonist, Ganta, is an average student whose life is turned upside down when he gets framed for a mysterious massacre, and is sent to a maximum security prison with a carnival like atmosphere (the Deadman Wonderland that defines the series title), and is forced to fight for his survival.

Naturally, he discovers that he’s got mysterious powers that allow him to manipulate his blood, and things come to a head as he struggles against all odds to escape from the prison’s deadly grip and to exact his revenge.

So which of the above titles are you gunning for? Drop me a note. I’d love to find out! XD

X, Japan. Part Deux

2 Mar , 2011,
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Latest line-up, guys. Now, where's the villain's gallery?

Guess what, folks? It looks like my earlier guess was right on the money.

Animax Japan and Madhouse just revealed their character line up for the X-men anime, and it’s gonna be Beast, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine.

They’ve also included Armor (who can project a pretty psychic armor suit around her body) as the token Japanese member of the group. I was rather hoping for Psylocke, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Of course, the baldy Professor is gonna be in there too, but I’m really more interested in the villains.

Who are the X-men gonna go up against, I wonder?