The Griff

11 Oct , 2011,
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The Griff - Cover Art.

What happens when the world goes to pot courtesy of a horde of ravenous flying lizards?

That’s the nightmare scenario Christopher Moore and Ian Corson paint in The Griff, a graphic novel that’s got all the hallmarks of an action-adventure movie.

In The Griff, aliens have invaded the Earth, descending from the atmosphere in a mothership that spews deadly… well death in the form of creatures resembling the griffins from folklore (they’re really more like wyverns, but you can’t always expect the writers to be big on D&D).

They’ve¬†destroyed all civilization as we know it, leaving only scattered remnants alive, and this graphic novel charts their struggle for survival.

Thanks to Moore’s unique style and Corson’s film roots, this wonderful volume transcends what might have been an otherwise mundane plot.

Sure, it’s about a bunch of unlikely people (the male lead’s a sk8ter boy, and one of the supporting cast is a middle-aged chain-smoking ¬†guy in a hamster suit) banding together against the alien threat, but hey, there’s plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep things fresh.

The characters too, while archetypal, grow as the story progresses. They’re not flat caricatures to say the least.

In terms of the art, Jennyson Rosero puts on a decent showing.

Nothing says "I love you" better than a BFG.

That's one ugly Griff.

Character designs are strong (I especially loved the goth programmer girl), and there are some really impressive full-page spreads in there.

I spotted some continuity issues however, and the art’s not always consistent in the more complex scenes, but those weren’t significant.

Simply put, it didn’t really detract from the overall appeal of the plot, and that was what mattered the most to me.

A great read for an independent title. Be sure to put this one on your reading list.