The Instant Plot-omatic!

13 Feb , 2011,
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Magnetic Poetry, or as I'd like to call it, the Plot-omatic!

Don’t you wish that sometimes, when you’re sucking for plot and need a little push to get you started, you can just reach into a grab bag of ideas, and pull something out?

It’d be great, right?

Now, with a handy set of magnetic poetry, and some imagination, you can.

Here’s a shout out to Yan Sin, who gave me this wondrous item at D&D yesterday, as something of an early birthday present.

The minute I opened that smooth metal box, I instantly knew it’d make a really good writer’s tool.

It’d also make for a fun game at literary parties, writers’ meets, and creative writing classes, especially if you fancy a more interactive approach to storytelling.

Writing plot has never been this easy. XD

Using your Plot-omatic

1. Toss your magnetic poetry strips into a container.

2. Give it a good shake!

3. Close your eyes, and pull out 15 to 25 words…

4. Arrange them to form a character or story blurb!

Pretty cool, eh? XD