The Neneko Interview

29 Jun , 2012,
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Taiwanese cosplay girl Neneko will be gracing the parade as it’s guest-of-honor, and thanks to the good folks at COSMO, our team managed to sneak in an interview with her despite her busy schedule.

In today’s article, we get up close with Taiwanese cosplay sensation Neneko.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Neneko burst into the international scene in a big way with her portrayal of Ahri, the 9 Tails Fox from League of Legends.

She’s also a household name in her home country, having portrayed characters otakus would die for, such as Yui from K-On! and Tsukihi from Nisemonogatari.

What’s more, this 16-year-old packs close to four years of cosplay experience under her belt, making her one of the world’s most prolific cosplayers her age.

In this interview, she shares her thoughts on being a cosplay celebrity with us.

Crimson: Hi, Neneko. Welcome to Singapore. How do you feel about being COSMO Youth Parade’s cosplay ambassador, and what’s your first impression of the local cosplay scene?

Neneko (in mandarin): Coming here’s a brand new experience for me. I’ve also heard good things about the scene here and I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

Neneko’s Ahri cosplay.
Replicated from Neneko’s Official Facebook Page.
Photo used with permission.

Crimson: Many fans here are excited to know why you decided to cosplay Ahri from League of Legends (LOL). What inspired you to choose her, of all characters? 

Neneko (in mandarin): I find fox-like characters appealing. A while ago, I did a character from a Japanese visual novel with similar traits, and when I saw Ahri’s character design, I was hooked. She’s very sensual, and her abilities and characteristics are also very unique.

Crimson: Sounds like you know quite a bit about Ahri. Does that mean you play League of Legends too? 

Neneko (in mandarin): Yes. I play a lot of games in my free time.

Crimson: So we can expect more game related costumes in the future?

Neneko (in mandarin): I think that really depends on the overall difficulty of the costume. Game costumes, especially armor, can be time consuming to create.

Crimson: Let’s talk a little bit about Taiwan. What’s cosplay like over there? Is it very competitive? 

Neneko (in mandarin): The cosplay scene in Taiwan is booming right now. There are a lot more events, and increasingly, more Taiwanese cosplayers are interested in showcasing their talents on the wor,d stage. There’s bound to be competition, but I think it’s healthy competition. It’s definitely not as competitive as it is in China, Japan or Hong Kong. We’re all just hoping to put Taiwan on the world map.

Crimson: Do you tailor your costumes, or do you make them yourself?

Neneko (in mandarin): I used to just commission them, but now I sew my own costumes. It’s actually a lot more economical… I also make my own props and armor out of foam. It’s a very flexible material… You feel a great sense of satisfaction you’re done. When you create your own costumes, you don’t just learn and improve from the experience. Any money you save by doing it yourself can be used to fund your next cosplay.

Nothing like having a chat over tea and crumpets. XD

Crimson: Do you have a dream cosplay?

Neneko (in mandarin): Yes, I want to do a character from Queen’s Blade. While the costumes are very provocative and revealing, the details and props are quite detailed and complex.

Crimson: Which character did you have in mind?  

Neneko (in mandarin): I’d like to cosplay Aldra, the Bewitched Queen. I think she’d be a fun and challenging character to attempt.

Crimson: And finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans here? 

Neneko (in mandarin): Ummm… Singapore seems like a friendly place. I feel very welcome and excited to be here. I hope to meet everyone tomorrow!

Neneko’s maturity and versatility sure shines through during the interview.

If you’d like to catch a glimpse of her tomorrow, be sure to drop by the parade at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza for her meet-and-greet sessions at 2 pm and 4 pm!

Limited edition DVDs and A4 sized prints of Nenek/’s cosplay will be on sale (priced at $15 and $10 respectively), and each purchase entitles you to an autograph, handshake, photo op with this teen cosplay star.

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