Walking the Warlock Walk

10 Apr , 2011,
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Nothing makes a real Warlock's day like a herd of fawning sycophants (photographers). That, and the dramatic lighting. Photo courtesy of Jasper Fay.

After close to three months, I decided to pull my staff and warlock suit out of storage for the Funan Cosplay Engage competition by Movie Mania.

I figured it’d be a good opportunity for me to strut my warlock stuff again, shake some of that old grave dust off my Corruptor’s Raiment and maybe WOW the audience, what with Funan being geek heaven and all.

The competition proper kicked off at 2 pm, and I was the 5th contestant (out of a total of 21), and one of less than half a dozen actually doing game characters. The rest were the usual, run-of-the-mill Sentai TV characters, anime characters, and a token Vocaloid.

I managed to clinch one of the top ten spots (and walked away some shiny gps). so it wasn’t bad at all. I’ll post photographs from the event as I get my warlock-y mitts on them.

Until then, cheerio!