World of Warcraft: Rogues Studio Shoot

23 Jul , 2011,
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Joey and I had a great time setting up, styling, and modelling for our second World of Warcraft photography session yesterday.

It was fun to be behind the camera again, and nothing beats the kind of control you have in a studio environment – it’s so easy to bend light to your will, to determine every angle, and shape every variable to craft a pretty picture.

Since we were both rogues this year, we decided to go with a black backdrop, the better to simulate the rogue’s ability to blend into and step out of the shadows. We also decided that we would try something a little more experimental, illuminating only one side of the body, while leaving the other obscured to heighten the dramatic quality of the shoot.

To execute this concept, we went with 2 flash units in soft boxes – one (1) was a vertical strip light, while the second (2) was standard fare. A black bounce (a large, rectangular styrofoam board, painted black on one side) was placed parallel to the strip light, to absorb excess fill from our light sources.

Here’s a diagram showing the studio set-up:

Our lighting setup.

In many of the photos, the second light was either dimmed, or triggered only when there was insufficient light cast on the face. It was switched off otherwise.

Here’s a look at the results of the shoot: