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The Mysterious Circumstances of an Irregular Otaku Living in Tokyo — Ep03

14 Jul , 2015,
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It took me almost a week to get put things into place since arriving in Tokyo. After a luggage delay thanks to some shenanigans from Scoot (I would not patronise them in the future). So what happened?

Living in a country for an extended period of time require a bank account, and a mobile phone. Sounds simple?

Registering for a bank account is a daunting task. Most banks in Japan would only consider your application only if you have been in the country for more than 6 months. Mizuho Bank was my first attempt and was politely shown the door when they found out I arrived the week earlier; and so would most major banks.

Other than Japan Post Bank, Shinsei Bank is the other foreigner friendly with their English speaking staff without the 6 months rule. Moreover, the bank doesn’t charge clients a fee to use the ATM. That’s another perk to leave your hard earned cash with them. A Hanko is optional for registration. If you do not have one made by this point, you are fine.


Shinsei Bank’s Ikebukuro Branch.

Documents Required:

  1. Residence Card and Passport
  2. Home Address and Contact Number
  3. Hanko (if you already made one; or bad at signing)

Oh wait, they need a local phone number. Not just any phone number but one registered to your name. The “Mobile Phone Improper Use Act” passed in 2006 made it impossible for anyone staying on a short-term visa to register for a phone number. A phone plan requires a bank account or a credit card (which I lack). Right… I’m so $%#@ed…

– To be continued –

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