The Guild is our newly revamped tabletop gaming studio, where we create epic gaming experiences for fans who want to play the world’s greatest roleplaying game the same way we do.   

This space is an exclusive, members-only location where you can make use of our full range of 3d printed miniatures, terrain, and resources to run exciting adventures with your friends, or participate in one of our specially curated campaigns and storylines written by our team of experienced creators and professional game masters.  

What’s at The Guild?

We believe in making the D&D experience an interactive one, and that’s why we have lots of cool toys in the studio. On top of our ever-growing miniature and terrain collection, we have a fog machine, lights, props and other gadgets to level up those games. 

We’ve got what it takes to make games immersive!

Professional Game Masters

We’ve clocked thousands of hours of D&D time, and are intimately familiar with the game, storytelling, and ways to engage and excite. Have we also mentioned that our lead game master is the only Singaporean to be nominated for an ENnie Award? That’s gotta count for something, right?  


Our studio offers:
  • Venue rental for private D&D games
  • Curated game experiences (single-session or campaigns) on demand
  • Introductory games for beginners (D&D Open House)
  • Painting Workshops & Paint Club sessions
  • Workshops for Players and Game Masters

We are also available for hire for corporate training and cohesion sessions using D&D as a medium. 

Join us, and experience the difference!


Our monthly membership program offers discerning fans and enthusiasts a brand new way to play. Simply sign up for one to have access to everything our studio has to offer. Higher tiers come with additional perks including access to our campaigns on D&D Beyond! 

Sign up for a Membership through our Ko-fi, and you’re all set to play!

Building Community

Join us on Discord, connect with other D&D fans, form playgroups to adventure together, or just geek out with us as we chat about our favorite tabletop RPG and other games.

We’ll also be happy to answer any questions about our membership program or activities!