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Building a Tiamat Themed Commander Deck

Let’s build a Tiamat-themed EDH deck using the latest cards from Magic: The Gathering’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set!

27 Jul, 2021 Crimson

Building a Volothamp Geddarm themed Commander Deck

Let’s build a Volo-themed EDH deck using the latest cards from Magic: The Gathering’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set!

20 Jul, 2021 Crimson

Building a Xanathar’s Guild Themed Commander Deck

Let’s build a Xanathar-themed EDH deck using the latest cards from Magic: The Gathering’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set!

13 Jul, 2021 Crimson

MTG x D&D Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Modules

Check out some of the adventures published by the Wizards team to celebrate the launch of D&D Adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

11 Jul, 2021 Crimson

MTG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Gather Previews

We aced the MTG AFR Gather event, and previewed 10 cards from the latest card Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set!

7 Jul, 2021 Crimson
Cover Image

C97 – A Changed Battlefield (Winter 2019)

Oh man! What a game changer! Thanks (or no thanks actually) to the Tokyo Olympics this year, Winter Comiket (and the summer one as well!) has not been able to use a large portion of the halls available at Tokyo Big Sight. 東1~ 東8 were all being reserved as they prepare for the Olympics! It’s […]

1 Feb, 2020 Levin Tan
C95 Winter Comiket (2018)

C95 – Unusual Guest! (Winter 2018)

Breaking the record of all previous Winter Comikets, this year’s C95 brought in over 570,000 people over three days!!! (D1:170,000 + D2:190,000 + D3:210,000) This is a good 20,000 more than last year. I don’t know about you, but these numbers never cease to amaze me. Here at the Neo Tokyo Project, we also organise […]

1 Feb, 2019 Levin Tan

Tokyo Game Show 2018 – 4 Days Report

Over the 4 days between September 20th ~ 23rd, Makuhari Messe hosted the largest annual gaming convention of East Asia, Tokyo Game Show (TGS). This year saw a huge influx of visitors from the previous years ー A good 298,690 showed up over the 4 days, compared to 254,311 in 2017, and 271,224 in 2016. Likewise, exhibitors […]

2 Oct, 2018 Haruta

AFA and GameStart team up to bring fans more awesome content

It’s always amazing when conventions collaborate, and we were thrilled when we got wind that our two favorite shows – Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and GameStart Asia – are planning to join forces. In a press release issued today, Japanese pop culture powerhouse SOZO and Eliphant, the organizers of SEA’s premier gaming event, formalized their […]

28 Feb, 2018 Crimson

C93 – A Cool One (Winter 2017)

This year’s Comiket was cooler (literally) than average and it actually snowed a little before the doors opened on one of the days! The snow turned quickly into sleet and then a light drizzle though, so it wasn’t that memorable compared to the recent heavy snow that it received. With 550,000 attendees (D1: 180,000 + […]

1 Feb, 2018 Levin Tan

7 FGO Tips for First-time Masters

Fate/Grand Order has been out in the US for close a month now, but if you’ve only just jumped aboard the Fate fandom and started trying your hand at this game, here are some quick tips to help you maximize your play experience and get to a respectable level where you can enjoy both the […]

26 Jul, 2017 Crimson

C91 – The Depth of Comiket (Winter 2016)

Comiket (コミケ) is “Comic” + “Market”, but having experienced a few, we felt that it definitely extends to more than that. Thinking about comics and doujinshi is just the surface, and so Haruta and I decided to plunge deeper. This is what this year’s coverage is mostly going to be about. Firstly, let’s get the […]

1 Feb, 2017 Levin Tan

6 Things You Should Know While Cosplaying at GameStart 2016

Pumped up for GameStart 2016 tomorrow? So are we! Once again, we put together a handy guide for cosplayers who intend to visit the event. Don’t forget to like the official event page for a look at show-exclusive special offers too! Oh and check out this post to see what booths will be at the […]

6 Oct, 2016 Jazion

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Producer Interview

You might have seen me talking about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and posting screenies of my adventures this mobile RPG awhile ago. It’s one of Square Enix’s more recent offerings, and rather than just a mindless grind with gacha elements, it’s got a rather compelling story in the vein of old 16-bit classics. Add to it retro sprites and a […]

22 Aug, 2016 Crimson

Wanna level in PoGo like a pro? Here’s how.

PoGo’s been out for over a week, and it’s sure been a busy week for us at NTP. Because we want to be the very best, like no one ever was, we’ve been searching far and wide for the very best grinding spots in Singapore. It’s been a helluva journey, and we’ve managed to break […]

16 Aug, 2016 Crimson

Pop-Culture Marketing: Banking on the Action

In last week’s column, we talked about how Japan was using manga to educate pop-culture fans about their moving options. This week, we examine how pop-culture is changing the way several banks in Japan – traditionally known to be staid, stuffy, and uninterested in the geek dollar, are selling their credit card and loan products. Known as the […]

28 Jun, 2016 Crimson

Pop-Culture Marketing: Telling Moving Stories

Geeks have been identified as one of the biggest spenders globally. They’ve got plenty of disposable income, are incredibly brand loyal when hooked, and as creatures of the Internet, are excellent mouthpieces for your products if you hit all the right notes. This has led companies to devise new strategies for engaging with a geek audience […]

23 Jun, 2016 Crimson

C89 – Winter Comiket 2015

Comiket is war. Anyone without a mission, without a strategy, will accomplish nothing on this battlefield. After C84 with Arvin back in 2013, I certainly was raving to go for another one, so when I finally got another opportunity, I went back to Tokyo once more – for C89. I cannot emphasise enough how big […]

16 Jan, 2016 Levin Tan

Monniker: Serving up Steampunk with a Twist

We’re always on the lookout for new pop-culture inspired hangouts, and the latest one on the block – the one-month old Monniker – makes for both a fantastic chill-out spot and a place to satisfy your food cravings. With it’s Steampunk inspired decor, tungsten lighting and wooden furniture, this cozy cafe on Balestier Road is every would-be aeronaut’s […]

28 Oct, 2015 Crimson

Fate/Grand Order – Gold, Leveling and Progression Guide

“Fate/Grand Order is easy”, said no weeaboo over. While the interface itself is fairly straightforward, the shitty RNG that plagues the Grand Summon system often results in erratic rolls, and has the tendency to screw you over with a whole bunch of Craft Essences rather than fresh Servants. This can often mean that if you’re not a […]

9 Aug, 2015 Crimson

Fate/Grand Order

I don’t usually play mobile phone games, but for Fate/Grand Order (mostly because the Fate series is my one weeb indulgence), I decided to make an exception. Grand Order is the latest in Type Moon’s long running Fate franchise. For those of you who have not been exposed to the awesomeness that is Fate, well, think of […]

3 Aug, 2015 Crimson

Heroes of the Storm Enters Open Beta, World Championship Announced

If you’ve been following our recent adventures in the Nexus and have been itching to play, then you’ll be happy to know that Heroes of the Storm has officially gone into Open Beta! What this means is that you’ll be able to log into Battle.net, download the game here, and instantly brawl to your hearts […]

21 May, 2015 Crimson

Event Alert: Gundam Docks at Singapore

If you’re a fan of the Gundam franchise, then you’re in for a treat. Come June, Bandai Namco Asia and Takashima Department Store will be holding Gundam Docks at Singapore, a 4,000 sqm showcase featuring more than 200 Gundam plamo at Takashimaya Square, B2 and the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. There will also be […]

7 May, 2015 Crimson

REG in Singapore Vol. 9: More immersive than ever!

If you’ve been following some of our posts about Real Escape Game in Singapore‘s events, then you’ll know we’re suckers for immersive reality games. Vivid Creations and SCRAP, the creators of Real Escape Game in Japan, first teased their plans for an island-wide event sometime last year during the press preview for their Shingeki no Kyojin inspired […]

4 May, 2015 Crimson

Heroes of the Storm Open Beta announced

If you’ve followed our work, then you know that we’re huge Blizzard fans. That’s why we’re super excited that Heroes of the Storm is finally going into OBT, and that’s news we wanna share. Recently, Blizzard announced that the OBT is set for 20.05.15, with the official launch on June 3. We’ve also caught wind that AsiaSoft, […]

22 Apr, 2015 Crimson

Catching The Avengers: Age of Ultron with Subway Singapore

The Subway brand has always been pretty forward looking with their marketing, having supported fashion shows, concerts and independent film makers. That’s why we weren’t surprised, and were even a little impressed when Subway Singapore decided to work the pop-culture angle. Apart from releasing a hilarious TVC featuring their latest tuna bacon melt, the company also called upon fans to […]

22 Apr, 2015 Crimson

REG Vol. 8: The Last Garden

We’ve supported Real Escape Game in Singapore since it’s inception several years back, and they’ve never ceased to impress. Now into it’s 8th edition, they look set to wow us even further with The Last Garden, which appears to be their most ambitious adventure yet! This time, the story revolves around a futuristic Singapore in […]

9 Feb, 2015 Crimson

2015 Events and a Site Overhaul

Can you believe it? It’s been four years since we’ve been in operation. That’s why it’s no surprise our site is due for a massive, massive revamp. While we’re retooling the corporate site, we’re keeping the blog up and running so we can keep you apprised of the latest news and happenings at NTP, and […]

14 Jan, 2015 Crimson

Game Review: Hakuoki (Mobile)

Something that caught our eyes at Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2014 was the English port of hit Otome game Hakuoki for mobile by digital company Gloczus. Here’s our initial impressions: Content: Thankfully they left the Japanese voices in the game with English subs, and this would no doubt please many fans. Whilst trying out […]

20 Dec, 2014 Arvin

Terror in Resonance Preview

I have to confess that I’m something of an elitist when it comes to anime. I pick series for concept and auteurial direction rather than cheesy character designs (flat-chested moeblob girls and overly whiny boys of destiny with chips on their shoulders simply don’t appeal to me), and that’s why I’m always excited when something […]

10 Jul, 2014 Crimson

Guest DJs and Artists announced for STGCC

Be prepared to be wowed this year, as STGCC returns with fresh content and personalities set to appeal to pop-culture fans. In a press release yesterday, Reed Exhibitions announced three renowned DJs from Japan – Inu, D.watt and sasakure.UK, who will be spinning the latest hits from popular Japanese games and anime at a one-of-a-kind […]

12 Jun, 2014 Crimson

Real Escape Game Vol. 6: Escape From the Moon Base

If you’ve been following the great folks at Real Escape Game in Singapore, you’ll know that they’ve been doing some pretty amazing stuff. These guys popularized Escape the Room games in Singapore, and in just a couple weeks, will be returning with a sixth installment in their line-up. Dubbed Escape From the Moon Base, this iteration will […]

25 May, 2014 Crimson

Game Review: Million Arthur

Million Arthur, an immensely popular mobile card collecting game in Japan, has finally hit the app stores of out mobile phones here in South-East Asia. Whether you’re a fan of anime, card games or just like a well fleshed out story in general, there’s something in Million Arthur for you. Fantastic art is what makes […]

4 Apr, 2014

PSO2 goes English, and we love it!

Asiasoft announced that they were publishing Phantasy Star Online 2 in English (PSO2) about a week ago, and just this afternoon, I got several hours hands on with the game during a closed door media preview. Having already tried the Japanese service, I had some high hopes. This was a Sega title, after all. For the […]

3 Apr, 2014 Crimson