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C97 – A Changed Battlefield (Winter 2019)

Oh man! What a game changer! Thanks (or no thanks actually) to the Tokyo Olympics this year, Winter Comiket (and the summer one as well!) has not been able to use a large portion of the halls available at Tokyo Big Sight. 東1~ 東8 were all being reserved as they prepare for the Olympics! It’s […]

1 Feb, 2020 Levin Tan
C95 Winter Comiket (2018)

C95 – Unusual Guest! (Winter 2018)

Breaking the record of all previous Winter Comikets, this year’s C95 brought in over 570,000 people over three days!!! (D1:170,000 + D2:190,000 + D3:210,000) This is a good 20,000 more than last year. I don’t know about you, but these numbers never cease to amaze me. Here at the Neo Tokyo Project, we also organise […]

1 Feb, 2019 Levin Tan

Tokyo Game Show 2018 – 4 Days Report

Over the 4 days between September 20th ~ 23rd, Makuhari Messe hosted the largest annual gaming convention of East Asia, Tokyo Game Show (TGS). This year saw a huge influx of visitors from the previous years ー A good 298,690 showed up over the 4 days, compared to 254,311 in 2017, and 271,224 in 2016. Likewise, exhibitors […]

2 Oct, 2018 Haruta

AFA and GameStart team up to bring fans more awesome content

It’s always amazing when conventions collaborate, and we were thrilled when we got wind that our two favorite shows – Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and GameStart Asia – are planning to join forces. In a press release issued today, Japanese pop culture powerhouse SOZO and Eliphant, the organizers of SEA’s premier gaming event, formalized their […]

28 Feb, 2018 Crimson

C93 – A Cool One (Winter 2017)

This year’s Comiket was cooler (literally) than average and it actually snowed a little before the doors opened on one of the days! The snow turned quickly into sleet and then a light drizzle though, so it wasn’t that memorable compared to the recent heavy snow that it received. With 550,000 attendees (D1: 180,000 + […]

1 Feb, 2018 Levin Tan

7 FGO Tips for First-time Masters

Fate/Grand Order has been out in the US for close a month now, but if you’ve only just jumped aboard the Fate fandom and started trying your hand at this game, here are some quick tips to help you maximize your play experience and get to a respectable level where you can enjoy both the […]

26 Jul, 2017 Crimson

C91 – The Depth of Comiket (Winter 2016)

Comiket (コミケ) is “Comic” + “Market”, but having experienced a few, we felt that it definitely extends to more than that. Thinking about comics and doujinshi is just the surface, and so Haruta and I decided to plunge deeper. This is what this year’s coverage is mostly going to be about. Firstly, let’s get the […]

1 Feb, 2017 Levin Tan

6 Things You Should Know While Cosplaying at GameStart 2016

Pumped up for GameStart 2016 tomorrow? So are we! Once again, we put together a handy guide for cosplayers who intend to visit the event. Don’t forget to like the official event page for a look at show-exclusive special offers too! Oh and check out this post to see what booths will be at the […]

6 Oct, 2016 Jazion

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Producer Interview

You might have seen me talking about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and posting screenies of my adventures this mobile RPG awhile ago. It’s one of Square Enix’s more recent offerings, and rather than just a mindless grind with gacha elements, it’s got a rather compelling story in the vein of old 16-bit classics. Add to it retro sprites and a […]

22 Aug, 2016 Crimson

Wanna level in PoGo like a pro? Here’s how.

PoGo’s been out for over a week, and it’s sure been a busy week for us at NTP. Because we want to be the very best, like no one ever was, we’ve been searching far and wide for the very best grinding spots in Singapore. It’s been a helluva journey, and we’ve managed to break […]

16 Aug, 2016 Crimson

Pop-Culture Marketing: Banking on the Action

In last week’s column, we talked about how Japan was using manga to educate pop-culture fans about their moving options. This week, we examine how pop-culture is changing the way several banks in Japan – traditionally known to be staid, stuffy, and uninterested in the geek dollar, are selling their credit card and loan products. Known as the […]

28 Jun, 2016 Crimson

Pop-Culture Marketing: Telling Moving Stories

Geeks have been identified as one of the biggest spenders globally. They’ve got plenty of disposable income, are incredibly brand loyal when hooked, and as creatures of the Internet, are excellent mouthpieces for your products if you hit all the right notes. This has led companies to devise new strategies for engaging with a geek audience […]

23 Jun, 2016 Crimson

C89 – Winter Comiket 2015

Comiket is war. Anyone without a mission, without a strategy, will accomplish nothing on this battlefield. After C84 with Arvin back in 2013, I certainly was raving to go for another one, so when I finally got another opportunity, I went back to Tokyo once more – for C89. I cannot emphasise enough how big […]

16 Jan, 2016 Levin Tan

Monniker: Serving up Steampunk with a Twist

We’re always on the lookout for new pop-culture inspired hangouts, and the latest one on the block – the one-month old Monniker – makes for both a fantastic chill-out spot and a place to satisfy your food cravings. With it’s Steampunk inspired decor, tungsten lighting and wooden furniture, this cozy cafe on Balestier Road is every would-be aeronaut’s […]

28 Oct, 2015 Crimson

Fate/Grand Order – Gold, Leveling and Progression Guide

“Fate/Grand Order is easy”, said no weeaboo over. While the interface itself is fairly straightforward, the shitty RNG that plagues the Grand Summon system often results in erratic rolls, and has the tendency to screw you over with a whole bunch of Craft Essences rather than fresh Servants. This can often mean that if you’re not a […]

9 Aug, 2015 Crimson

Fate/Grand Order

I don’t usually play mobile phone games, but for Fate/Grand Order (mostly because the Fate series is my one weeb indulgence), I decided to make an exception. Grand Order is the latest in Type Moon’s long running Fate franchise. For those of you who have not been exposed to the awesomeness that is Fate, well, think of […]

3 Aug, 2015 Crimson

Heroes of the Storm Enters Open Beta, World Championship Announced

If you’ve been following our recent adventures in the Nexus and have been itching to play, then you’ll be happy to know that Heroes of the Storm has officially gone into Open Beta! What this means is that you’ll be able to log into Battle.net, download the game here, and instantly brawl to your hearts […]

21 May, 2015 Crimson

Event Alert: Gundam Docks at Singapore

If you’re a fan of the Gundam franchise, then you’re in for a treat. Come June, Bandai Namco Asia and Takashima Department Store will be holding Gundam Docks at Singapore, a 4,000 sqm showcase featuring more than 200 Gundam plamo at Takashimaya Square, B2 and the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. There will also be […]

7 May, 2015 Crimson

REG in Singapore Vol. 9: More immersive than ever!

If you’ve been following some of our posts about Real Escape Game in Singapore‘s events, then you’ll know we’re suckers for immersive reality games. Vivid Creations and SCRAP, the creators of Real Escape Game in Japan, first teased their plans for an island-wide event sometime last year during the press preview for their Shingeki no Kyojin inspired […]

4 May, 2015 Crimson

Heroes of the Storm Open Beta announced

If you’ve followed our work, then you know that we’re huge Blizzard fans. That’s why we’re super excited that Heroes of the Storm is finally going into OBT, and that’s news we wanna share. Recently, Blizzard announced that the OBT is set for 20.05.15, with the official launch on June 3. We’ve also caught wind that AsiaSoft, […]

22 Apr, 2015 Crimson

Catching The Avengers: Age of Ultron with Subway Singapore

The Subway brand has always been pretty forward looking with their marketing, having supported fashion shows, concerts and independent film makers. That’s why we weren’t surprised, and were even a little impressed when Subway Singapore decided to work the pop-culture angle. Apart from releasing a hilarious TVC featuring their latest tuna bacon melt, the company also called upon fans to […]

22 Apr, 2015 Crimson

REG Vol. 8: The Last Garden

We’ve supported Real Escape Game in Singapore since it’s inception several years back, and they’ve never ceased to impress. Now into it’s 8th edition, they look set to wow us even further with The Last Garden, which appears to be their most ambitious adventure yet! This time, the story revolves around a futuristic Singapore in […]

9 Feb, 2015 Crimson

2015 Events and a Site Overhaul

Can you believe it? It’s been four years since we’ve been in operation. That’s why it’s no surprise our site is due for a massive, massive revamp. While we’re retooling the corporate site, we’re keeping the blog up and running so we can keep you apprised of the latest news and happenings at NTP, and […]

14 Jan, 2015 Crimson

Game Review: Hakuoki (Mobile)

Something that caught our eyes at Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2014 was the English port of hit Otome game Hakuoki for mobile by digital company Gloczus. Here’s our initial impressions: Content: Thankfully they left the Japanese voices in the game with English subs, and this would no doubt please many fans. Whilst trying out […]

20 Dec, 2014 Arvin

Print Transfers onto EVA

Update: Due to bandwidth issues, this tutorial has been replicated on Facebook.  You can access the complete tutorial here. Recently, we discovered a simple method to transfer printed images onto EVA and we’re pretty excited since it makes replicating filigree and complex patterns so much easier. If you’d like to try your hand at it too, […]

23 Oct, 2014 Crimson

Terror in Resonance Preview

I have to confess that I’m something of an elitist when it comes to anime. I pick series for concept and auteurial direction rather than cheesy character designs (flat-chested moeblob girls and overly whiny boys of destiny with chips on their shoulders simply don’t appeal to me), and that’s why I’m always excited when something […]

10 Jul, 2014 Crimson

Guest DJs and Artists announced for STGCC

Be prepared to be wowed this year, as STGCC returns with fresh content and personalities set to appeal to pop-culture fans. In a press release yesterday, Reed Exhibitions announced three renowned DJs from Japan – Inu, D.watt and sasakure.UK, who will be spinning the latest hits from popular Japanese games and anime at a one-of-a-kind […]

12 Jun, 2014 Crimson

Real Escape Game Vol. 6: Escape From the Moon Base

If you’ve been following the great folks at Real Escape Game in Singapore, you’ll know that they’ve been doing some pretty amazing stuff. These guys popularized Escape the Room games in Singapore, and in just a couple weeks, will be returning with a sixth installment in their line-up. Dubbed Escape From the Moon Base, this iteration will […]

25 May, 2014 Crimson

Game Review: Million Arthur

Million Arthur, an immensely popular mobile card collecting game in Japan, has finally hit the app stores of out mobile phones here in South-East Asia. Whether you’re a fan of anime, card games or just like a well fleshed out story in general, there’s something in Million Arthur for you. Fantastic art is what makes […]

4 Apr, 2014

PSO2 goes English, and we love it!

Asiasoft announced that they were publishing Phantasy Star Online 2 in English (PSO2) about a week ago, and just this afternoon, I got several hours hands on with the game during a closed door media preview. Having already tried the Japanese service, I had some high hopes. This was a Sega title, after all. For the […]

3 Apr, 2014 Crimson

Strife: Crimson’s MidKnight Cosplay

When we were invited to help S2 Games bring characters from their second generation MOBA Strife to life through our cosplay,  we were thrilled. We’d read the Strife comic preview, and while Angelus had gravitated towards Minerva, I’d fallen instantly in love with MidKnight. The High Marshall from Tempra had made a pretty big impression. Here was a […]

3 Apr, 2014 Crimson

Crafting a Shield

With Diablo being one of our favorite series, we were really excited about trying our hands at building something related to the new Crusader class. So when Vaeflare, who also featured our Demon Hunters awhile back put up some incredible visuals by Hungarian digital painter István Dányi, we were sold. This amazing piece, titled ‘Crusader – […]

28 Mar, 2014 Crimson

Strife: Angelus’s Minerva Cosplay

We’ve been working on new costumes non-stop this year, and two of our most fun and challenging ones are from American developer S2 Games latest 2nd-gen MOBA title, Strife. The game recently entered Closed Beta, and boasts an array of impressive character designs reflective of it’s meta world – five different planes with varying thematics ranging […]

22 Mar, 2014 Crimson

Quick and Easy Tattoo Sleeves

If you’ve got a hankering to cosplay a character with tats, but don’t want to go with body paint or more painfully, the real thing, we’ve got some news for you. Angelus was working on some new costumes recently, and chanced upon a pretty quick and easy method for making some fairly credible tattoos out […]

9 Mar, 2014 Crimson

Follow up to The Otaku House Fiasco

We were contacted by the Otaku House Marketing team following our article about a brewing PR incident after several posts were made on their Facebook page. The posts were found to be disparaging and deemed offensive by the cosplay community. The Otaku House Marketing team drew our attention to a statement they had issued on Facebook (refer […]

6 Dec, 2013 Crimson

The Otaku House Fiasco

I’m always heartened when corporations decide to embrace cosplay and pop-culture. With corporate backing, cosplay has evolved from mere hobby into a viable career for those who have managed to distinguish themselves through their craft. Some companies have done this well, engaging cosplayers as ambassadors and endorsers for their products and services, allowing them to […]

5 Dec, 2013 Crimson

GE3: Gaming Cosplay Colosseum

JOIN THE GAMING COSPLAY COLOSSEUM Celebrate cosplay at GE3 as we bring you an epic competition featuring attractive CASH and computer peripherals prizes! RULES & REGULATIONS PRIZES Grand Champion: $1,000 in CASH and Gaming Peripherals Hamper 1st Runner Up: $750 in CASH and Gaming Peripherals Hamper 2nd Runner Up: $500 in CASH and Gaming Peripherals […]

28 Nov, 2013 Crimson

Comiket 84 2013

From Comiket, Tokyo Big Sight Japan. Report from Arvin (Reporter) and Levin (Photographer) We had the great opportunity to visit Comic Market 84(Also known as Comiket), a hallowed pilgrimage for Otakus from all over the world. Comiket is first and foremost a doujin event. It is a place to get fan made works from many […]

3 Sep, 2013 Arvin


So recently, we started looking for a new platform to share our cosplay photos (especially the ones from our League of Legends shoot), and Angelus kinda stumbled upon a Japanese website called AMPLE! The site quietly made it’s appearance in late 2012, and already boasts a ton of users from 47 countries around the world. […]

29 Jul, 2013 Crimson

Cosplay, gaming and more at STGCC

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2013 is certainly upping it’s game this year, with not one, but two awesome cosplayers. Just this morning, it was announced that Aza, formerly known as SPCats Miyuko, will be coming to this little red dot for the first time. According to STGCC, she’ll be cosplaying a League […]

25 Jul, 2013 Crimson

STGCC 2013 welcomes Joe Madureira

Don’t know ’bout you guys, but I’ve been a big fan of Joe Madureira’s work since I first got my hands on Battle Chasers in 1998. That’s why the fact that Joe’s coming to Singapore for Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) this year’s really big. Joe’s a renowned Marvel Comics book writer/artist who’s […]

11 Jul, 2013 Crimson

Vampy at STGCC 2013

For cosplay fans who’ve been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of this year’s cosplay guests for Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC), here’s your first bit of good news. In a daring move, the good folks at Reed have decided to bring in Linda Le, better known as Vampy Bit Me. Unless you’ve been […]

17 Jun, 2013 Crimson

An EVA foam Corset

The corset is an indispensable part of a female cosplayer’s wardrobe and it’s perfect for a variety of genres – be it fantasy, steampunk, swashbuckling on the high seas. In this tutorial, Angelus shows you just how easy it is to craft a corset of your own, out of a single sheet of blue EVA […]

10 Jun, 2013 Crimson

Logitech G Series: When Gamers Win

It’s always nice to know when gaming peripherals companies have got your back. After all, gaming is serious business, and peripherals are the tools of our trade. Logitech’s latest G Series products, which CJ and I got to play with Tuesday, is proof positive that more gaming peripherals companies are sitting up and taking our […]

24 May, 2013 Crimson

Anatomy of a Photo shoot: Kerrigan & Nova

Working with a company that you’ve fanboyed over is a geek’s dream come true. In March  this was made reality when our team, together with our friends from The Art of Mezame, collaborated with Razer to create a series of images featuring Angelus’s Kerrigan and Jazion’s Nova cosplay together with Razer’s new StarCraft II: Heart of the […]

5 May, 2013 Crimson

How to prime your armor

Blue EVA’s really great for making fantasy armor, but achieving the fantasy look and affecting the feel of  metal, scales or stone can be tricky, especially for novice crafters and first-time foam builders. As we’ve discovered, one way to enhance the illusion is priming, which not only minimizes the pores on your EVA and evens […]

20 Apr, 2013 Crimson

Manga Festival 2013

Singapore’s inaugural Manga Festival took place over the weekend, with a series of activities that catered to the otaku palate. Organized by key Japanese publishers, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and partners including Kinokuniya bookstore, Manga Festival saw both an exhibition of manga titles and artwork at The Arts House, as well as […]

17 Feb, 2013 Crimson

Crafting Horns

We’ve had quite a few of you writing in to ask how we build horns and other such objects out of blue foam, so Angelus decided to prepare a short tutorial to help you guys out. Building horns, just like the type Angelus has on her Alexstrasza costume is pretty easy, and takes only several […]

6 Feb, 2013 Crimson

It’s time for Chess!

It’s once again time for auditions for Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess, and this year, we’re pitting the forces of Science vs. Magic! Official auditions will take place at: Venue: *SCAPE – Hubquarters (Level 4) (formerly Grid MMS) Date & Time: 2nd Feb (1 pm to 6 pm) and 3rd Feb (1 pm to 6 pm) Walk-in registrations […]

21 Jan, 2013 Crimson

Happy birthday to us!

It’s 1 Jan 2013, and it’s our birthday! This site was founded on New Year’s Day two years ago, and thanks to everyone’s support, we’ve grown exponentially from being just a humble cosplay blog into a pretty successful community events and media start-up! Yes, 2012 was a super exciting year for us to be sure. […]

1 Jan, 2013 Crimson

RO2: Legend of the Second

My love affair with Rune-Midgard started more than a decade ago, when I first spotted Lee Myung-jin’s Ragnarok manhwa on the shelves of a corner bookstore. There were scant few high fantasy titles back then, and the instant I turned the pages, I was hooked. Little wonder then, that when Gravity announced Ragnarok Online (RO) […]

12 Dec, 2012 Crimson

Licence2Play 2012

Come this weekend, gamers and cosplayers are in for a treat. Licence2Play (L2P) returns in a big way from 7 to 9 December, and it’s set to break new ground with a slew of exhibitors and fresh content that will lend new meaning to the term gaming con. For one, our fave gaming company Blizzard […]

3 Dec, 2012 Crimson

Hyper Japan 2012

A Japanese cultural exhibition in the UK. Our correspondents Arvin (reporter) and Levin (photographer) report. About one month after the MCM Expo, we decided to go to Hyper Japan UK to get our convention fix. Being unable to enjoy AFA as we are still in the UK, we had to do something and Hyper Japan […]

1 Dec, 2012 Arvin

We're going to Hyper Japan!

With Hyper Japan being just a week away, we’re all super excited! I mean who wouldn’t be, considering it’s the UK’s biggest Japan-oriented pop-culture event. Our UK correspondents Arvin and Levin will be bringing us some awesome coverage of the con again, that’s for sure. Of course, Hyper Japan’s also playing host to the selection […]

18 Nov, 2012 Crimson

Garena Premier League Playoffs

Thanks to nuffnang, we were given a rare opportunity to witness e-sports history in the making at Garena‘s swanky new flagship store, when it played host to some of the best League of Legends teams in Asia at the Garena Premier League play-offs yesterday. The event saw top teams on the Season 2 ladder – […]

18 Nov, 2012 Crimson

Introducing the Otaku Camera!

Remember our friends from Tokyo Otaku Mode who did some really amazing coverage at International Cosplay Day Singapore? They’ve recently released a mobile app called Otaku Camera on the iOS. Otaku Camera functions like most other camera apps out there, but instead of giving it a pretty LOMO feel or a range of filters, you get to […]

16 Nov, 2012 Crimson

MCM Expo London Comic Con – Cosplay

What’s a pop-culture con without cosplay? Our correspondents Arvin (reporter) and Levin (photographer) report.  The early morning temperature of 6 degrees sure didn’t stop cosplayers  from wearing their best, even if they were feeling a little chilly. We were greeted by Yokos (from Gurren Lagann) and Black Rock Shooters aplenty who braved the cold in […]

2 Nov, 2012 Arvin

MCM Expo London Comic Con – Impressions

While Cosplay Zombie Walk was going on, I was away in the land of Kuroshitsuji, Steam Punk and Sherlock Holmes – the United Kingdom. Another year, another London Comic Con MCMExpo. This year, however, we managed to get media accreditation (and that’s a first for a local cosplay blog!). Again it was held at EXCEL, the […]

1 Nov, 2012 Arvin

We're going to London MCM Expo!

Well, not Crimson & Angelus per se, but we’ve managed to get some media passes for this awesome overseas con, and that means plenty of snaps and geeky coverage on the ground! If you haven’t heard of London MCM Expo before, it’s only the biggest comic con in Merry ol’ England, and you can be […]

16 Oct, 2012 Crimson

Join the Zombie Apocalypse

Yep, you heard that right. We’ve been a little quiet on the cosplay side of things these couple weeks because we’ve been working hard on preparing a little cosplay related surprise. Thanks to the very gracious support of our friends from Fish & Co. and RobotsGoneBad, we’ll be organizing a Cosplay Zombie Walk this Halloween. […]

12 Oct, 2012 Crimson

Real Escape Game comes back with Vol. 3

The immersive, alternate reality game that is Real Escape Game’s back, and this time, Vol. 3 takes you into the mind of a crazed physicist who claims to have unraveled the secret to human prosperity. Dubbed “The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad”, this installment will take place at Power House @St. James Power Station, […]

20 Sep, 2012 Crimson

Dragon Age III: Inquisition formally announced

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to jump into the continent of Thedas again, wait no longer. BioWare and EA announced the third Dragon Age title yesterday after months of leaks and speculation, making the existence of Dragon Age III: Inquisition, pretty much official. The game will be “coming in late 2013” and will […]

19 Sep, 2012 Crimson

Review: Abbott RevitaLens Ocutec

Wearing contacts lenses is part and parcel of being a cosplayer. Unless you’re portraying Joe Average, chances are the characters you pick have eye colors that are anything but the same shade as your own. I know, because I’m a compulsive game & fantasy cosplayer, and characters I gravitate to have increasingly outrageous eye colors […]

15 Sep, 2012 Crimson

STGCC 2012 Cosplayers Tribute Fan Video

Every year, we put out a video featuring cosplayers at STGCC, and this year’s no different. So here it is, and it’s the product of hours of blood, sweat and tears by our much abused resident Pack Elk, who sacrificed hours of potential cosplay fun to put this video together. (It’s…it’s not like I’m praising […]

12 Sep, 2012 Crimson

Mezame's STGCC "Call Me Maybe" Lipdub

We’re still putting together our Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2012 package, so here’s something our friends from FightSaber Singapore – Mezame and his partner MizDesert did for the event to tide you over the slow spell. Yes, FSSG’s Holocam Droid made this little red dot’s first ever cosplay lip dub video, and […]

10 Sep, 2012 Crimson

Tyrael, Angel of Justice

It’s been a whirlwind few months, with preparations for International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS), a whole buncha crafting projects on the back-burner, a string of media interviews, and conventions to prep for. That’s why it’s something of a miracle that we’ve actually managed to complete my latest costume – Tyrael, Angel of Justice from Diablo […]

7 Sep, 2012 Crimson

Archer Bow Tutorial

Singapore’s 2nd Annual Cosplay Chess is playing at International Cosplay Day Singapore this weekend, and one of the requests we had was for a bit of help with our Black Pawn – Archer’s bow. After using our own “Reinforcement” and “Projection” magecraft to create the bow, we decided to put this tutorial together so anyone […]

21 Aug, 2012 Crimson

Itou Noizi to grace STGCC

Singapore’s rabid anime fan base has something to be glad about this Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC). Organizers Reed Expo announced yesterday that Itou Noizi, character designer for red-hot otaku titles “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “Shakugan no Shana” will be gracing the event! Noizi-san’s also got illustration credits in “Another”, which aired a […]

16 Aug, 2012 Crimson

10 Reasons Why You Should Check Out STGCC '12

Hey there, pop-culture fans! We’re back again with another Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC)  Roundup! It’s less than a month till the big day, so just like last year, we’re giving you more reasons why you should be popping down to the con! Are you ready? Here we go! 1. COSMODE Cosplay friends rejoice, because […]

10 Aug, 2012 Crimson

Necomimi: Unboxing hours of nyan~!

When Japanese company neurowear first announced the necomimi in their promo vid last year, we were a little skeptical. Like you know, cute model and concept aside, cosplay kitty ears that wiggled and perked up according to your mood was just too good to be true, right? XD Well, we decided to put in a mail order for one […]

11 Jul, 2012 Crimson

COSMO Youth Parade 2012

Saturday saw COSMO Youth Parade 2012 kick off with a bang. The annual costume parade down Orchard Road saw revelers and cosplayers taking to the streets, and our team was in the thick of it, soaking in the festival atmosphere together with our friends from Project Zen (who were official event partners for cosplay), as well as […]

2 Jul, 2012 Crimson

The Neneko Interview

Taiwanese cosplay girl Neneko will be gracing the parade as it’s guest-of-honor, and thanks to the good folks at COSMO, our team managed to sneak in an interview with her despite her busy schedule. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Neneko burst into the international scene in a big way with her […]

29 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Cosplay: When it makes cents

Recently, our friend Kaika made a compelling case against cosplayer exploitation on her blog, ‘The Cosplay Chronicles‘, and it echoes many of our sentiments about the sordid state of affairs on this little red dot. All too often, commercial entities attempt to inveigle cosplayers, especially novices fresh to the scene, into working gigs that have […]

27 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Steampunk Vocaloid Headphones

Awhile ago, we showed you how to build steampunk goggles on the cheap. Today, we’re going to take steampunk a step further by building a pair of headphones; not just any headphones, but a pair inspired by Vocaloid. This tutorial will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. Stuff you’ll need: 1. A pair of old headphones 2. Some mounting […]

26 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Doing A Little Good: Charity Cosplay Walk for Make-A-Wish Foundation

We’ve witnessed the transformative power of cosplay and pop-culture firsthand, and we know that it’s empowering. We understand that it’s capable of propagating change and dramatically improving the lives of those it touches, and that’s why the team here at The Neo Tokyo Project is committed to cosplaying for social causes. Most recently, together with our […]

24 Jun, 2012 Crimson

A Convention Kit Bag

Say you’re on location at a photo shoot, or you’re on the show floor, and suddenly there’s a costume malfunction. A strap might break, a bit of armor snap off, or an enthusiastic fan might glomp you a little too hard and accidentally something. We’ve experienced it all before, and that’s why it pays to […]

20 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Crafting a Gauntlet: Part II

In our previous entry, we showed you how to create a simple gauntlet base out of blue foam and a cheap pair of gloves. Today, we’ll complete the project by building a simple bracer and armor plates to affect the Saber look. This tutorial will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Stuff you’ll need: 1. Some […]

17 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Crafting a Gauntlet: Part I

With Fate being such a popular series, it’s inevitable that someone would pop the question – how exactly do you make Saber’s gauntlets? In today’s tutorial, we’ll attempt to answer that question. Saber’s gauntlet is actually pretty generic. It’s fairly reminiscent of plate gauntlets popularized by knightly fiction and fantasy stories, and that’s exactly why […]

16 Jun, 2012 Crimson

STGCC 2012's Cosplay Stars Announced

Singapore’s sure turning into a cosplay hot spot, considering how con-goers here have been wowed by a string of cosplay stars in the past six months. Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) just added two more big names to that list, when they announced Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun as this year’s cosplay stars. Unless […]

13 Jun, 2012 Crimson

ACM Thailand (in Singapore)

Asia Cosplay Meet (ACM) Thailand took place at Funan DigitaLife Mall last weekend, with a spectacular line-up of  performances by some 15 cosplayers from the ‘Land of Smiles’, vying for the right to represent their country in the ACM Finals. Organized by Singapore Cosplay Club, the two-day event was also graced by Yuegene Fay, a […]

12 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Chalking a Wig

Recently, our part-time warrior Angelus decided she wanted to cosplay Grace from Soulfire, but when we started dissecting the character, we were at a loss. The costume was easy enough, but there were simply too many shades in Grace’s wig, and that meant we had to figure out a way to dye it by hand. After […]

7 Jun, 2012 Crimson

We Want You! To be a part of ICDS!

Are you a fan of anime, cosplay and pop-culture? Do you have a burning passion for all things geek? Do you want to be a part of the team that puts Singapore on the map as a choice cosplay destination for pop-culture lovers, not just in Asia, but around the world? If you think you’re […]

6 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF) II Coverage

Saturday saw Dunman High School’s Yutaka Japanese Cultural Club hosting it’s second Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF), and both Crimson and Elk (our new pack mule) were there to case out the joint. We arrived after lunch (no thanks to the morning squall), and the event was already in full swing, with booths set up to […]

3 Jun, 2012 Crimson

Demon Hunter Studio Shoot

Since it was Geek Pride Day last Friday, Angelus and I decided to get with the program and geeked out Diablo style in the green screen studio at Camwerkz. XD I was itching to shoot my Demon Hunter in studio, since I wanted to work on some dynamic poses and to test out the suit’s flexibility and stunt […]

31 May, 2012 Crimson

We're in the running for Singapore Blog Awards 2012!

Imagine waking up one day, checking your e-mail, and discovering that hey, you’re in the running for Omy.sg’s Singapore Blog Awards 2012. That’s kinda what happened here at The Neo Tokyo Project, when I received my nomination for the Sold.sg Best What-the-hell blog category. I’m really, really grateful for this awesome vote of confidence. It’s neat how we managed to […]

28 May, 2012 Crimson

Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF) II

Dunman High School’s Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF) marks its return next Saturday, with the campus transformed into a playground for cosplayers and fans of Japanese animanga alike. Helmed by the Yutaka Japanese Cultural Club (DHS YJCC) this year, the event promises more fun and excitement thanks to a the new team promises more fun and […]

27 May, 2012 Crimson

Angelus's Breastplate Tutorial

We know that you, our cosplay friends, have been clamoring for an armor tutorial for the ladies, so we decided that ‘Hey, since we’ve got such great ratings in the Singapore Blog Awards, why don’t we do something to thank the fans?’ And here it is. Angelus put together this nifty tutorial, demonstrating an easy […]

23 May, 2012 Crimson

A Big Fuckin' Sword

Let’s face it. Big swords are cool. Practically every character in Japanese games, anime and manga has one. In this back-to-basics tutorial, we’ll teach you how to craft a stunt-ready greatsword for cosplay that’s as tall as you are, but light enough that you can tote it without looking like a complete klutz (unless that’s what […]

22 May, 2012 Crimson

It's time for SPORE!

Block off May 26 and 27 on your calendars, especially if you’re of the geeky persuasion. That’s because SPORE Con is back for its fifth year running! Organized by our friends at Paradigm Infinitum, there’s plenty going down for fans of miniature and tabletop and board-gaming like Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and Warmachine. Check out SPORE […]

20 May, 2012 Crimson

Marvel's The Avengers

After banging out so many superhero movies, you know that sooner or later, Marvel’s going to get their formula right. And true enough, they’ve got it spot on with The Avengers, which I had the opportunity to catch when the team was invited to the grand re-opening of the newly renovated and refurbished GV Jurong […]

4 May, 2012 Crimson

Free Comic Book Day 2012

It’s time for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) again, and this year, we’ve got not one, not two, but five players in the market itching to give you, my geeky friends, loads and loads of freebies. So what’s the game plan, and where should you head to get your comic fix Saturday? For a start, […]

3 May, 2012 Crimson

ICDS: A celebration of cosplay and pop-culture diversity

International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) is less than four months away, and as we promised in a previous post, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s festivities! 1. Event Theme ICDS 2012 celebrates “Cosplay & Pop-Culture Diversity”. It’s an all-inclusive convention that transcends barriers by immersing convention goers in an eclectic fusion of Eastern and […]

1 May, 2012 Crimson

Liang Court "It's Anime Fair"

When cosplay’s the new marketing in-thing, it’s inevitable that someone somewhere’s bound to jump on the bandwagon. Even malls are getting in on the act, as today’s Liang Court’s It’s Anime Fair (otherwise known as Liang Court Anime Week) would attest. The event was held as part of an ongoing Japanese fair that featured a handful […]

21 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Announcing International Cosplay Day Singapore!

Yes, you heard that right. The Neo Tokyo Project is proud to be the organizers of International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS), in conjunction with Cosplay Chess 2012! Supported by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film and Media Studies, partners and stake-holders in the local pop-culture scene, this celebration of cosplay and pop-culture will take place […]

20 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Diablo III Preview

Mark May 15 down on your calendars, people, because that’s when the Lord of Terror walks the earth once more. Yes, I’m talking about the launch of Diablo III (D3), and it’s been a long time coming. 12 years have passed since we last saw the big D’s second incarnation, and like many a fan, […]

15 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Real Escape Game Vol. 2

When we got a taste of Real Escape Game in January, we were hooked. It was a mind-twisting, nerve-wracking hour of pure awesome, and get this! There’s going to be a second installment in a little less than a month’s time! Originally conceived by Mr. Takao Kato and played in more than five countries around […]

11 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Crimson's Chest Piece Tutorial

Now that we’ve covered helmet basics, we’re going to work on a chest piece next. Typically called a breast plate or cuirass, this armor covers your torso, and can sport a variety of elaborate details and ornate designs. It’s one of the most integral pieces (and sometimes the centerpiece) of armor cosplay, and this tutorial will demonstrate how you […]

10 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Crimson's Floating Orb Tutorial

Just last week, we received a request to create Rin Kagamine’s staff from the Boss Death PV, which featured a floating orb suspended in the center of several golden hoops. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the principles behind this bit of cosplay magic, and how you can adapt it to  arcane props and paraphernalia of […]

7 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Girl Genius (Omnibus Vol. 1)

Steampunk lovers will be no strangers to Girl Genius, the seminal, award winning comic series created by the amazing Foglios. Since its inception in 2001, Phil and Kaja’s amazing world of gaslamp fantasy has captured the hearts and minds of readers around the world, introducing them to a spunky heroine whose coming of age story […]

5 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Oh! To be a Panda(ren)!

As a long time World of Warcraft player, I was curious when I got wind that Mists of Pandaria was in the works. It was slated to be WOW’s fourth expansion (following The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and last year’s Cataclysm), and that begged the question – what else can the MMORPG […]

1 Apr, 2012 Crimson

Wrath of the Titans

I was practically cringing when Sam Worthington played Perseus in the 2010 Clash of the Titans, but after his recent outing in the surprisingly good Man on a Ledge, I was half-expecting a decent showing. Sadly, Wrath of the Titans, which plays fast and loose with Greek mythology, proved utterly disappointing thanks to Jonathan Liebesman’s treatment, a […]

29 Mar, 2012 Crimson

The Hunger Games

Many films promise a veritable buffet for movie lovers – cool visuals, competent acting, a watertight plot – and many films fall short. The Hunger Games, a big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s dystopic science-fiction novel, is no exception. The film paints an image of a bleak future ruled by decadent corporate bigwigs in The Capitol, […]

23 Mar, 2012 Crimson

Angelus's Helmet Base Tutorial

It’s a brand new year, and we’re taking our cosplay tutorials in a new direction. Rather than focusing on specific craft projects, we’re going back to basics with a series of simple guides that will arm you with the knowledge to create foam armor forms and patterns you can adapt to your cosplay needs. And […]

13 Mar, 2012 Crimson

Cybertron Con

It’s been hyped about for months, and just yesterday, Cybertron Con kicked off to a rousing start with fans thronging the Resorts World Sentosa Convention Center to catch a glimpse of toys and products from the Transformers franchise. Organized by Hasbro, the event featured convention exclusive swag, panel discussions and workshops by special guests from […]

12 Mar, 2012 Crimson

J-Obsession: Where cosplay and J-music collides

Song & dance proved to be the flavor of the day when cosplayers took to the stage at Japanese music & culture fest J-Obsession at The Cathay today. Into it’s third consecutive year, the event saw some 17 entries crooning the tunes, rocking to the beat, hip-hopping, and even doing impersonations in a bid to […]

10 Mar, 2012 Crimson

John Carter (of Mars)

Disney’s been pumping out big budget hits for awhile now, so it comes as no surprise that the company would fund the gloriously pulpy romp that is John Carter. Directed by Andrew Stanton (who helmed several Pixar projects including Wall-E), this big screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs turn-of-the-century interplanetary opera casts Taylor Kitsch (Gambit […]

8 Mar, 2012 Crimson

J-obsession 2012 @ The Cathay

For three days next weekend, The Cathay will be transformed into a Japanese pop-culture haven with J-Obsession 2012. From 6.30 pm next Friday to 8 pm on Sunday, the venue will be rocked by a variety of non-stop Japanese music performances by J-pop and J-rock bands such as Balloon Wings, Ryuusei, Grover, Shiro & Friends […]

2 Mar, 2012 Crimson

Cosfest X.2 & Singapore's WCS 2012 Qualifiers

Cosplayers and Japanese pop-culture fans alike were in for a treat when Cosfest X.2 hit D’Marquee at Downtown East last weekend. Touted as a follow-up to the success that was Cosfest X, this year’s event saw special guests from Korea that included Internet cosplay celebrity Eki Holic, the Korean ACM (Asia Cosplay Meet) champions, and […]

28 Feb, 2012 Crimson

Mark Torres Invades! Singapore

Turtle Power’s hitting Singapore this March, and Invasion! Toys & Collectibles will be playing host to the artist that’s bringing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to life in IDW’s latest comic series – Mark Torres himself. Mark’s the man who jazzed up IDW’s TMNT and Zombies vs. Robots with his rockin’ art style, and he’ll […]

23 Feb, 2012 Crimson

Spotlight On: Angelus

Cosplay isn’t just about Japanese anime and manga. Characters from American comic-books, games, movies and novels have been a staple at major conventions since the 80’s, and with the resurgence of the Western wave on this Little Red Dot, the trend’s been gaining ground. This month, we train the Spotlight On Singaporean cosplayers who’ve braved […]

14 Feb, 2012 Crimson

Ani-Buzz: The Prince of Tennis

We know our readers aren’t just big on comic-books, games and movies. They’re anime and manga addicts too! That’s why in Ani-Buzz, we’re tracking down some of anime fandom’s cult classics by the greatest Japanese directors of all time. We’ll also have a peek at hot titles each season, courtesy of the good folks at […]

11 Feb, 2012 Crimson

Stan Lee's Romeo & Juliet: The War

Romeo & Juliet’s been on the big screen. It’s also been adapted into an anime, and now, with comic legend Stan Lee’s sci-fi re-envisioning of this tale, it’s also a graphic novel. Set against a backdrop of glowing neon, naked steel and harsh concrete, Romeo & Juliet: The War infuses this classic tale about star-crossed lovers […]

6 Feb, 2012 Crimson

Underworld Awakening

You’d think that after 3 movies, the Underworld franchise would go to pot. After all, there’s only so much you can do with vampires, werewolves, and their perennial war in the shadows. And then suddenly, humans come along, and you realize that hey, they’re really trying their damnedest to milk the franchise. Now, don’t get […]

2 Feb, 2012 Crimson

Escape from Reality: Real Escape Game in Singapore

Excitement, trepidation, and a whole lot of awesome. That was what the NTP crew experienced when we checked out Singapore’s inaugural Real Escape Game at CHIJMES Hall last Friday. For an hour, we were invited to immerse ourselves in an interactive production filled with puzzles galore, to beat the clock and to find a means of […]

30 Jan, 2012 Crimson

It's audition time!

We’ve been talking about Cosplay Chess 2012 for awhile now, and we’re glad to announce that we’ll be holding auditions for this year’s epic clash in about a week’s time! This year, we’ll be pitting everyone’s favorite comic-book heroes and villains, computer game, movie and pop-culture protagonists against their anime and manga counterparts in a titanic battle […]

19 Jan, 2012 Crimson

Anibee TV: What's abuzz in Anime land?

Recently, we interviewed Anibee Ambassador Hunt finalist Mika Matsuri and our chat got us wondering: what’s Anibee TV, and what’s all the buzz about? Well, let’s find out. Anibee TV (or anibee for short) is literally Singapore’s first and only anime video portal. Since it’s inception in May 2011, it’s been streaming top-rated anime titles online,  as well […]

16 Jan, 2012 Crimson

Spotlight On: Mika Matsuri

We’re back with another Spotlight On column, and this week, we interview Anibee Ambassador Hunt hopeful Mika Matsuri, better known on the web as Mikaka. This bubbly and energetic teenager’s a newcomer to the scene, but she’s certainly made a name for herself, both as a cosplayer and aspiring entertainer. She was a finalist at […]

11 Jan, 2012 Crimson

It's a pop-culture Invasion!

Get ready for a pop-culture invasion this weekend when Invasion! Toys & Collectibles opens its new retail outlet at Funan DigitaLife Mall. The computer hub’s getting jazzed up by the entry of this new player, which joins Battle Bunker, Black Tactical,  La Tendo, and Rapid Culture on level 5. Invasion!’s set to infuse the place with […]

5 Jan, 2012 Crimson

Happy Anniversary To Us!

The Neo Tokyo Project went live on New Years Day last year, and as of today, this baby’s officially 1! It’s been a great year, really. We’ve had a chance to get into tons of cool stuff, covered some of Singapore’s biggest cons, and hobnobbed with the who’s whos of geekdom. We also managed to pull […]

1 Jan, 2012 Crimson

Spotlight On: Maverick

Hot on the heels of our Ashe ShadeSki interview, we catch up with the multi-talented Maverick, a cosplayer with a real performance streak. This spunky lad first wowed the audience at Teenage Big Day Out 2010 and since then, he’s cosplayed a veritable host of characters from anime, games and manga. Just last month, he dazzled the […]

28 Dec, 2011 Crimson

Raising the (Cosplay) Bar: T-ARA Cosplay Bar & Cafe Reviewed

Every now and then, a buncha wiseguys will decide that cosplay’s the next in-thing, and jump on the bandwagon with a cosplay-related F&B concept and a wagon-load of misconceptions. And while that might have been the case with T-ARA Cosplay Bar & Cafe at first, the owners have certainly wisened up since their opening in […]

27 Dec, 2011 Crimson

Real Escape Game in Singapore

If you’ve tried your hand at games like Escape The Room, love complex puzzles, and relish cerebral challenges, then you’ll love Real Escape Game, an interactive production that brings all these elements, and more, to life. Since it’s inception in 2009, the Real Escape Game has graced places like Japan and China, and this time […]

26 Dec, 2011 Crimson

Spotlight On: Ashe ShadeSki

In our second installment of Spotlight On, we talk to Ashe ShadeSki, who made waves at Anime Festival Asia (AFA) this year when he debuted Singapore’s first Wild Tiger (Apollon Media version). This 20-year-old exudes passion for the hobby, and while he doesn’t possess the Crusher of Justice’s Hundred Power, he certainly shares the character’s […]

21 Dec, 2011 Crimson

T-ARA Cosplay Bar & Cafe

While meandering along Boat Quay, our team spotted T-ARA Cosplay Bar & Cafe, a fresh face in the novelty food & beverage scene. From our casual chat with the manager of the establishment, we gleaned that this new venue promised to be a cosplayer friendly location, where patrons in costume can chill out with their […]

20 Dec, 2011 Crimson

Spotlight On: ConJurer CJ

We promised a new column for December, and here it is! In Spotlight On, we train our sights on cosplayers in the local scene, and explore why they do the awesome things they do! In this very first installment, we have a chat with ConJurer CJ, who burst into the limelight in a big way with […]

14 Dec, 2011 Crimson

EOY 2011 Roundup

2011’s been a year ripe with cosplay events, and what better way to cap the year off, then with End-of-Year Cosplay (EOY) 2011? Into its 13th year, this annual, mostly fan-driven event’s taking place this coming Saturday (17th December) at Republic Polytechnic, and it’s been dubbed “A Day of Celebration”. What can visitors expect at this […]

11 Dec, 2011 Crimson

D is for Discontinued

Tonights press conference by the Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) Japanese Tsubasa Club (JTC) put paid to months of online speculation about the fate of the annual Start-Of-Year (or SOY) Cosplay event. Simply put, SOY will not be happening in 2012, marking this year as the last for yet another stellar event “By fans, For fans”. […]

8 Dec, 2011 Crimson

All Geek to me: Jay Tablante's Geekology 101 Exhibition

Saturday was a big day for the staff and crew of The Neo Tokyo Project. Jay Tablante’s Geekology 101 exhibition was our first cosplay related gig (we’ve just ventured into the cosplay events management arena, woohoo!), and we decided to start it off with a bang by having everyone come in costume. Guests started trickling […]

4 Dec, 2011 Crimson

A Q&A with Jay Tablante

For fans of comics and cosplay, Jay Tablante‘s something of a household name. The internationally acclaimed photographer has worked with some of the greatest minds in comic book giant Marvel to craft stunning images that have brought characters like X-23, Emma Frost and Psylocke to dazzling life, and will be hosting his first ever Singapore […]

30 Nov, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay Chess 2011

All the sweat, blood and tears (and dramatic dearth of blog entries) paid off yesterday, when Singapore’s first ever Cosplay Chess game went live on stage. Presented this year by Haru House during the Haru Anniversary Party, Cosplay Chess 2011 pitted the forces of galactic pretty boy Takuto Tsunashi (played by Maverick Villenguez) and the Highlord […]

28 Nov, 2011 Crimson

Let's play Chess!

If you’ve been wondering why updates on The Neo Tokyo Project have been sparse in the past two months, it’s because we’ve been working hard to bring you something totally awesome. We’re proud to be the choreographer & show director of Singapore’s inaugural Cosplay Chess match, presented this year by the good folks at Haru […]

21 Nov, 2011 Crimson

AFA11 Day 3: More Cosplay Hijinks

Day 3 of AFA11 was a bit of a rush. We’d been shortlisted for the Singles Cosplay Challenge, scheduled for an interview at the Nico Nico Douga booth, and had a few early appointments to keep with our cosplay friends, so we didn’t get as many pictures on the ground as we’d liked. One thing […]

14 Nov, 2011 Crimson

AFA11 Day 2: Cosplay, Cosplay, and more Cosplay

AFA Day 2’s always been a big day for cosplayers, and this year was no exception. When we arrived at Suntec City 9-ish, the place was already jam packed with peeps prepping their props and putting on their make-up in preparation for the con. Of course, we suited up too – it was a great […]

12 Nov, 2011 Crimson

AFA11 Day 1: Cool Japan is Cool

We popped by AFA11 bright and early today to check out Day 1, and got a good look at the setup for tomorrow’s con. We also sat in for the Cool Japan forum, and got an earful of some really neat pop culture knowledge and awesome storytelling techniques, courtesy of the guest speakers. Here’s our […]

11 Nov, 2011 Crimson

Geekology 101: Jay Tablante's Cosplay Photo Exhibition

The Neo Tokyo Project is proud to be the official media and co-organizer for Geekology 101: a 1-man cosplay photography exhibition cum mini-workshop by internationally acclaimed cosplay photographer Jay Tablante. If you’re a cosplayer or photographer in the local scene, be sure to check it out! It’s a rare opportunity to pick the brains of the […]

11 Nov, 2011 Crimson

Crafting a Stage Friendly Blade

It’s been awhile since we put up a tutorial, so with AFA just round the corner, we’ve decided to toss together something that might prove useful amidst the prop-making tizzy. Here’s a quickie guide to creating a basket-hilted sword (also known as a broadsword) that’s LARP (Live Action Role Playing), stage performance and convention safe. […]

9 Nov, 2011 Crimson

Our part-time warrior's a Cosplay Girl of the Week!

We just got wind that our part-time warrior Joey’s been featured in Otakus & Geeks website’s weekly Cosplay Girl column. Here’s a screenie.

8 Nov, 2011 Crimson

AFA11 Roundup

There’s less than a week to go till Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2011 – Asia’s biggest con devoted to Japanese pop culture – and community is already abuzz with excitement. Into it’s fourth year running, AFA looks set to wow the crowd again with it’s latest crop of personalities and who’s whos in the Japanese […]

6 Nov, 2011 Crimson

London Comic Con MCM Expo

Wondering what the cosplay and convention culture in Europe’s like? Thanks to our London-based correspondents (big props guys!), we’ve got an article and plenty of photos from London Comic Con MCM Expo, showing just how varied it is. Our embedded convention spy Arvin Lim reports: “In the nice, cool 15°C English weather, I rushed down to […]

2 Nov, 2011 Crimson

EOY 2011: Tickets on sale now

If you’ve been following the hype surrounding End-of-Year Cosplay (EOY) 2011, then you’ll probably like this piece of news. Tickets for the event are on sale now and they’re available from a variety of channels, so here’s the lowdown: Ticket Prices Pre-sale: $15 / Door: $17 (cash only) * General admission to EOY event with […]

1 Nov, 2011 Crimson

The Three Musketeers

Never mind what critics are saying. It’s high time someone outta Hollywood gave Alexander Dumas’s classic The Three Musketeers a steampunk twist, and director Paul W.S. Anderson (who did Event Horizon, and a whole buncha Resident Evil movies)’s take on it is bloody brilliant. I was already pretty impressed when I saw the movie trailer several months […]

28 Oct, 2011 Crimson

In Time

In Andrew Niccol’s ln Time, time is of the essence. He paints a twisted dystopian future where everyone stops aging at 25, and time is currency. Everything’s paid for in hours and minutes – those who’ve amassed enough of it can live forever, while the impoverished struggle and toil just to live another day. Enter Will […]

27 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Museum of Horrors Giveaway

We’ve concluded our Museum of Horrors ticket giveaway, and the winners are: 1. Dion Tan 2. Esther Tay Don’t forget to get in touch with us either via email or Facebook to claim your prize!

24 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Enter A New Dimension of Horror

Something eerie’s happening at *SCAPE. The ghoulies and ghosties are out in force for the opening of Museum of Horrors, a one-of-a-kind show by Movie Mania that pays homage to Hollywood’s meanest monsters, goriest scenes, and creepiest themes. It’s a scream-a-minute experience, rife with disturbing dioramas,  interactive sets, and monsters galore. What’s more, visitors can expect […]

21 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Game to be fit

What’s Fitocracy? Just the single most radical idea to get gamers off their couches and into the gym. Created by two flab-turned-fab gamers, it’s a website that’s designed to motivate peeps to shed the pounds by converting boring fitness routines into fun activities that mirror what you might experience in an actual MMO. You unlock […]

17 Oct, 2011 Crimson

The Griff

What happens when the world goes to pot courtesy of a horde of ravenous flying lizards? That’s the nightmare scenario Christopher Moore and Ian Corson paint in The Griff, a graphic novel that’s got all the hallmarks of an action-adventure movie. In The Griff, aliens have invaded the Earth, descending from the atmosphere in a […]

11 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Real Steel

Seeing as how the reel robots in Transformers were a real letdown, it was hard for me to take Real Steel seriously. The only names on the roster I could remotely recognize were Hugh Jackman (X-Men) and Shawn Levy (who was responsible for a string of average comedies), and the premise (Rocky meets Rock’em Sock’em […]

7 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Taking Roleplaying to NYP!

Thanks to an invite from Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club Anime Addicts Anonymous Cosfilm Division, we got a chance to take our Cosplay Workshop to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) where we introduced some 30 aspiring cosplayers to the basics of expression and emotion in cosplay performances. The hour-long workshop included a short sharing and stage acting exercise, […]

6 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Haru Masquerade Cosplay Ball

Here’s a shout out for the good folks at Haru House. In conjunction with their 6th anniversary party, they’ll be hosting a Masquerade Cosplay Ball at The Arts House on 26 Nov 2011. This masked ball is first of it’s kind in Singapore, and highlights include prizes for the Best Dressed participants, a Fashion Show, and a Charity […]

4 Oct, 2011 Crimson

Checkin' out the CXC

With the dearth of comic conventions in Singapore, it was inevitable that I’d check out Comics Xchange (CXC) 2011 despite my crazy weekend schedule. Touted as an event “where the greatest comic talents converge”, CXC saw artists in the local scene such as Kelvin Chan (rocketraygun), Noval Hernawan and Ray Racho, doujin groups Comix Pandora, […]

3 Oct, 2011 Crimson

The Museum of Horrors II (3D)

If you’re just dying for a fear fix this Halloween, look no further than The Museum of Horrors, returning to *SCAPE this year in 3D from 21 October to 2 November. Created by the Movie Mania gang, this Halloween show in the heart of Orchard Road promises to be a “monstrous exhibit of horrifying proportions”, featuring […]

30 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay Performances: Stage Combat

Cosplaying a character with a weapon prop’s easy, but putting on an actual performance where you’re swinging that prop around instead of standing in a corner looking pretty’s gonna really tax you unless you’re already proficient in its use. Swishing Black Gold Saw’s sword about without a whit of finesse, or if you’re attempting, and […]

29 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Comics Xchange 2011

Comics Xchange (CXC) 2011, an initiative that brings seminars & workshops about the comic book business, a bazaar, and Singapore’s 2nd 24 Hour Comics Day together kicks off at Goodman Arts Center this coming weekend. Organized by the Association of Comic Artists Singapore (ACAS), local writer Moontique and Story Kitchen, Comics Xchange 2011 promises two days of fun, […]

27 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Fright Night: It's got bite!

Bloodsuckers these days suck. They’re emo and effeminate, they sparkle and glitter in the sun instead of going up like a pile of dry kindling, and they’ve all got about as much street cred as Justin Bieber. It’s a sorry state of affairs (Bram Stoker’s probably gonna turn in his grave if he knew), which is […]

22 Sep, 2011 Crimson

All Agog Over Goggles

If you’ve read our Steampunk Goggles Tutorial, and if you’ve actually tried your hand at crafting a pair of your own, we’d love to showcase your work on The Neo Tokyo Project. Simply post a picture of it on the wall of our Facebook fan page, label it “My Steampunk Goggles – by <YOUR NAME HERE>”. What’s […]

21 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Dark Sun: Ianto's Tomb

Welcome to Athas. It’s a harsh and barren place that burns under the perpetual glare of the crimson sun, ruled by the ancient and immortal sorcerer-kings that were responsible for its desolation in the first place. Written by Alex Irvine, Dark Sun: Ianto’s Tomb offers a glimpse into this post-apocalyptic Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) setting through […]

17 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay Performances: Knowing your Role

Now that you’ve got a killer script and an audio capsule prepped for your cosplay performance, we’re gonna talk a little bit about role-playing. Before you can strut your stuff and dazzle the stage, you’ve got to overcome the first hurdle – that nasty Q&A component that’s gonna test your ability to think on your feet – […]

14 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Teenage Cosplay 2011

If you were anywhere near Iluma yesterday afternoon, and was wondering what the hype in the lobby was about, it was  Teenage Big Day Out 2011 – an event that saw aspiring models, K-pop dancers, and cosplayers vying for the right to be called Champion in their respective categories. The Teenage Cosplay component kicked off with a […]

12 Sep, 2011 Crimson

The Games Xpo (TGX) 2011

The Games Xpo (TGX) 2011 opened its doors Friday, drawing both e-sports enthusiasts and  gaming fanatics to far-flung Changi for a weekend that promised plenty of gaming fun. Into it’s third year running, the event saw countless visitors flocking to Singapore Expo, to take part in both World Cyber Games, as well as trade and […]

11 Sep, 2011 Crimson


The Smoke devastates a city and chokes the life out of its inhabitants. It kills the world’s only superhero – Vanguard, the bulk of the population, and leaves the remainder horribly warped and scarred. Struggling to survive within this post-apocalyptic framework are the heroes of Freakshow – a group of five individuals who’ve found themselves  suddenly […]

8 Sep, 2011 Crimson

CosCards: On the Paper Trail

Part of the fun of creating CosCards is picking just the right kind of paper to print ‘em on. In this weeks tutorial, the last in our series of articles about CosCards, we take an in-depth look at paper quality and selection, and how these elements can enhance your card design. But first off, we’ll […]

6 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Time Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s not exactly a cultural icon here (we’re more likely to identify with Lyo and Merly than the 16th President of the United States), but when I spied Time Lincoln on the shelves, I knew I had to find out more. I mean hey, it’s like chemistry. Some elements out there just *click* in […]

2 Sep, 2011 Crimson

Cos X @ TGX 2011

We’ve had our news gathering ninjas out chasing down details about Cos X at this years The Games Xpo, and we’ve managed to get the lowdown on this cosplay competition. Check it out! The following details are replicated from the event organizer’s website. DATE & TIME 10 September 2011,  5pm- 6.30pm REGISTRATION GUIDELINES Registration period […]

31 Aug, 2011 Crimson

STGCC 2011 Cosplay Tribute Video

We collected a chunk of footage at STGCC this year, and after a grueling editorial process, we’ve finally pieced together a tribute video of the event that’s dedicated to all things cosplay. I’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this, our first of hopefully many convention videos, a success. This one’s […]

29 Aug, 2011 Crimson

International Cosplay Day & A Certain Magical Event

The 27th of August saw two events happening – the worldwide International Cosplay Day,  and A Certain Magical Event (A.C.M.E.) III at Suntec City Convention Hall. To quote International Cosplay Day founder Jennifer Alice, “This 27th of August will be a day like no other. You will wake up. You will put on cosplay (you will hopefully shower before […]

27 Aug, 2011 Crimson

STGCC Cosplay Portraits

With STGCC in it’s fourth year, we figured it’d be a great opportunity for us to flex our creative muscle, to embark on an ambitious cosplay photography project that documents not just happenings at the convention, but also the fans and cosplayers that’ve made the occasion so colorful and vibrant. That’s why we at The […]

25 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay Competition: Cos X

So our news gathering ninjas just got back to us with a juicy bit of information about upcoming event The Games Xpo (TGX). There’s gonna be a cosplay competition, so cosplay friends take note! Here’s the lowdown, based on what we’ve gotten from our sources. 1. Date’s set for the 10th of September (actual date TBC). […]

24 Aug, 2011 Crimson

An STGCC Cosplay Album

We promised tons of pictures and a convention video for STGCC 2011, and here’s our first batch of images, contributed by roving convention spy and photographer Tan Kah Wee. Check it out!

23 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay @ STGCC

What’s a pop culture convention without a cosplay competition? Cosplay @ STGCC, which took place Sunday, saw 8 finalists hailing from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore duking it out on stage to be crowned king of the con, dressed as characters from the movie Sucker Punch, games like Super Robot Wars and Monster Hunter, Top […]

22 Aug, 2011 Crimson

STGCC 2011 Day 2: Catching up with Kipi

Day 2 at STGCC 2011 saw our team arriving bright and early to prowl the show floor for special guests at the con (we spotted a couple!). We also had a great one-on-one interview with Marvel’s Harvey Tolibao, and caught up with cosplay idol Kipi, who shared her thoughts on what it means to be […]

21 Aug, 2011 Crimson

STGCC 2011 Day 1: Thrills, Spills, and Much Ado About Cosplay

STGCC 2011 kicked off with a bang today, and our team had a great time geeking out to the awesome happenings at Singapore’s defining pop culture event. There was definitely plenty to see and do at STGCC, what with DC coming aboard this year and Marvel making it’s return in a big way. What’s more, […]

20 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay Performances: Scripting it

In my previous entry, I described some easy ways to prepare for a cosplay competition, and if you’ve done your research, got a good handle on the judges, and think your costume’s stage ready, it’s time to take next step – scripting and producing your routine. 1. Writing the script  Unless you’re doing a song and […]

17 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Another STGCC Roundup

STGCC’s only a week away, and in our final roundup, we put the spotlight on the cosplay contest and some of the exhibitors gracing the show floor. We’ve also got some great news for Mico Suayan fans. 1. Cosplay @ STGCC  The finalists for Cosplay @ STGCC were announced on Thursday, and it looks like cosplay […]

14 Aug, 2011 Crimson

DN101: Preparing for your Dragon Nest OBT Experience

This coming Tuesday (16 Aug), the gates of Lagendia will be thrown wide, and adventurers will flock once again to Prairie Town and Mana Ridge, where they’ll be thrust into the world of of adventure and excitement that is Dragon Nest. The Open Beta Test begins at 2 pm (local time), and if you’re not […]

13 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Cowboys & Aliens

I’m big on genre mash-ups. What geek isn’t? But there are certain lines film makers shouldn’t cross, and putting Cowboys & Aliens together on the silver screen is one of them. Jon Favreau’s adaptation of the titular graphic novel (the graphic novel wasn’t half bad, by the by) casts Daniel “James Bond” Craig as a […]

10 Aug, 2011 Crimson


Imagine going to bed and waking up to another life, another world. Next, imagine conking out there, and waking up in your own reality again. Revolver, a neat little volume by independent comicker Matt Kindt,  is just such a tale. Sam, as average a guy as he ever could be, creeps home one night after […]

9 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Saber Rattling, feat. FightSaber @ Mountbatten CC

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been really, really quiet this past weekend, that’s because I was caught up with FightSaber‘s performance for a National Day fringe event at Mountbatten Community Club. The team was invited to be part of the events cosplay contingent, and to put on a show for the post party after. […]

7 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Steampunk Goggles: On the cheap

If you love steampunk as much as I do, then you’ll know that a pair of Steampunk Goggles are an indispensable part of every discerning adventurer’s wardrobe. This week, we’ll create a pair of ready to wear steampunk goggles, on the cheap! This tutorial will take you through the process, which will take approximate 1 […]

5 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Artist Interview: Kelvin Chan of rocketraygun

It’s always a pleasure to make the acquaintance of great artists, especially those with a penchant for penciling not just Marvel & DC characters, but also those from videogames and geek lit. We caught up with Kelvin Chan, the brains behind rocketraygun at Comic Art Show 2011 last weekend, and quizzed him on everything from his […]

3 Aug, 2011 Crimson

An STGCC Roundup

With the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) happening in little more than just 3 weeks time, here’s a quick look at what the event has to offer. 1. If you’re a Cosplayer or big on Eastern fandom If you’re a cosplayers, there’s the Cosplay Contest happening on the second day of STGCC. You’ll […]

2 Aug, 2011 Crimson

Art and Such: Comic Art Show 2011

If you thought there was something geek going down at Wilkie Edge yesterday, then you’re right on the mark. Comic Art Show 2011 kicked off at the building’s atrium yesterday, in a collaborative exhibition that hosted four exceptional artists from the Asian scene. Featuring the works of Kelvin Chan, Noval Hernawan, Rudy AO and Wendy Chew, it […]

31 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Crafting a Tome

In any fantasy story, powerful practitioners of the magical arts are often equipped with tomes of eldritch lore – spellbooks that contain the entirety of their knowledge. But for all their arcane might, there’s one thing us cosplayers know that wizards don’t. That’s how to make a convincing facsimile, and that tome crafting can be as […]

31 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Collaborations are awesome – Working with Pendora's Box

A couple days ago, I was pleasantly surprised when Yannaele le Goanvic of Pendora’s Box approached me on DA about creating a work of art based off my Warlock cosplay. She was interested in creating a fantasy piece dripping with dark magic, and when she put it that way, how could I resist? Here’s a […]

29 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Oh Captain, my Captain – Captain America: The First Avenger

Move over, Harry Potter, because Captain America‘s in town. The film, about the origins of Marvel’s star spangled man, is the fourth and final installment in the company’s lead-ups to The Avengers (due to screen next Summer) and it opens in theaters here this week. Unlike it’s fellows (which include a fairly average Thor, two […]

28 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Comic Art Show 2011

If you haven’t yet made plans to geek out this coming weekend, you’re in luck. Several independent artists are coming together to bring you the Comic Art Show 2011, showcasing their interpretations of popular comic book superheroes, villains and characters. The artists will also be on hand to take special requests, and you’ll be able […]

26 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Wu Xia – Where Martial Arts meets CSI

I’ve always had a soft spot for Hong Kong cinema, and being a big fan of Peter Chan’s films since I watched Perhaps Love all those years ago, I was all hyped up for the kick ass kungfu goodness that was Wu Xia. Predictably this genre blender, which combines the best elements of martial arts […]

25 Jul, 2011 Crimson

CosCards Revisited: Social Media Icons

In my earlier tutorial, I described the basics of creating and printing your very own CosCard. If you’d like to personalize the  design of your CosCard even further, why not consider integrating social media icons into your layout? With the prevalence of social media, these icons are easily recognizable. What’s more, rather than representing contact details […]

24 Jul, 2011 Crimson

World of Warcraft: Rogues Studio Shoot

Joey and I had a great time setting up, styling, and modelling for our second World of Warcraft photography session yesterday. It was fun to be behind the camera again, and nothing beats the kind of control you have in a studio environment – it’s so easy to bend light to your will, to determine […]

23 Jul, 2011 Crimson

1000 Steampunk Creations

If you’re as crazy about steampunk as I am, then you’ll probably fall instantly in love with 1000 Steampunk Creations, showcasing the best in steampunk from around the world and the web. I was sourcing for inspiration for my latest costume at Planerds – a re-imagining of my Victorian vampire garb, when I chanced upon this title […]

22 Jul, 2011 Crimson

D&D: Shadowplague (Vol 1)

I remember reading the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) comic books when I was a fresh faced, 1st level rube outta secondary school. Every week, I’d wait at the comic shop for the next issue of Tempest Gate, and marvel at the fantastic adventures and mythical monsters the heroes faced in their quests to vanquish well, stuff. […]

21 Jul, 2011 Crimson

It's rad, it's mad, it's Realm of the Mad God!

So thanks to a friend from my forum dwelling days, I’ve been introduced to the most amazing time waster ever. What’s more, it’s web-based, flash driven, and most importantly, work friendly. What I’m talking about is Realm of the Mad God, a browser based MMO game in the vein of old school 8-bit goodies like Gauntlet […]

19 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

I saw the latest Harry Potter movie pretty early on in the week, but didn’t exactly get a chance to write about it till now. Let’s just say that for a franchise that’s all about magic, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) proved, like it’s predecessor the year before, severely lacking in charm. […]

17 Jul, 2011 Crimson

One flew over the Dragon Nest: Crimson's Dragon Nest CBT Experience, Part 2

In my previous entry, I wrote about my initial impressions of Dragon Nest, the latest free-to-play fantasy themed MMORPG by Cherry Credits and Shanda. Since them, Crimson the Cleric has traversed the snowy foothills and forests of Mana Ridge, braved the perils of Parelina’s Rest, raided the Silent Monastery, conquered Marian’s Shrine, and followed the […]

15 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Enter the Dragon: Crimson's Dragon Nest CBT Experience

I’ve been excited about Dragon Nest since I first saw the demo at Comifest 2. Today, Cherry Credits kicked off the Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta Test (CBT), and as one of the lucky peeps with a beta key, I’ve been running around since mid afternoon, bopping goblins and other nasties with wild abandon. Published […]

13 Jul, 2011 Crimson

A Location a Week: Old Water Tower

In Wessex Estate, an adjoining area just past the railway tracks I wrote about in a previous entry is an old water tower crowning a hill next to a block of black and white buildings that house studios and artists in residence. 1. Water Feature This water tower stands atop a small hillock, ringed by trees […]

10 Jul, 2011 Crimson

What are you watching this summer?

It’s the summer season for anime, and once again, there’s a whole buncha new series out there screaming for your attention.  Here’s a quick round up of what I’ve got my eye on, that is, what’s cool to watch and cosplay. 1. Tiger & Bunny Season 2 After T&B’s hijinks in the first arc, how […]

7 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Adding Magic to your gear

In anime and stories with magic, you’re bound to see glowing arcane sigils grace the surfaces of weapons and armor, or hovering eerily in mid-air as characters cast their spells. In this tutorial, I’ll put the means of mastering the ancient alphabet of the magi in your hands, giving you the means to add such […]

5 Jul, 2011 Crimson

X-Force: Sex & Violence

This trade was screaming at me when I passed it on the shelves at Harris Planerds over the weekend. It featured a gorgeous painted cover with Wolverine and Domino, and the words Sex & Violence plastered across it in bold letters. I couldn’t help but wonder what naughty hijinks the two of them were getting up to, […]

4 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Colored Metallic Pleather

Sometimes, it’s hard to get pleather with the right tint you want, especially if you’d like for it to have a shiny, metallic look. I found this out recently when I was working on creating my Rogue Tier 4 Netherblade armor from World of Warcraft. It’s something that’s practically impossible to achieve with dyes (pleather […]

2 Jul, 2011 Crimson

Transformers 3: Third time's a chump

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting  Transformers: Dark of the Moon to transform the franchise into anything more than spectacle, and I was proven right. T3 was pretty much the same movie as its predecessor, Revenge of the Fallen, from 2 years ago – loud, explosive, filled with shaky camera angles, canted frames and flying scrap metal bits, strung […]

30 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Cosfest X.1

Cosfest X.1 happened at Downtown East over the weekend, and it was all sorts of awesome. This years incarnation of the annual cosplay event marks the tenth anniversary of Cosfest, and it was evident the organizers – Singapore Cosplay Club – pulled out all the stops this time, and that definitely contributed to making the […]

28 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Well done, Your Highness

It’s campy, vulgar and absurd, but Your Highness – with its blend of Monty Python-esque comedy, grossly exaggerated Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) archetypes, and near ludicrous amounts of crass humor – is likely King of the Hill in this season’s geek flicks. Directed by David Gordon Green (of Pineapple Express fame), and co-written by Danny McBride […]

23 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Cosfest Prep

Cosfest X.1 is just round the corner, and both Joey and I have been busy, busy, busy getting our new costumes ready for the event. Today, we just about finished the project – a collaboration between ourselves and our two of our close friends, so here’s a quick sneak. The core costume’s mostly complete, but there’s […]

21 Jun, 2011 Crimson

A Location a Week: Rail Tracks

In my previous A Location a Week article, I mentioned an alluvial, green expanse along Queensway. Now, not more than 400 meters away, tucked away at the terminus of an overgrown parking lot, is a connector to the KTM rail tracks. 1. Railroading These tracks extend into the horizon, converging at a single point. It’s […]

19 Jun, 2011 Crimson

It's geek to be green: The Green Lantern movie

Just barely a month after X-men: First Class hit the big screens, along comes Green Lantern, arguably the most high anticipated geek movie of the year (if the Scream award was any indication). Helmed by Martin Campbell (of James Bond and Legend of Zorro fame), and starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard amongst […]

16 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Celebrity Cosplayer At STGCC Announced!

If you’ve been following developments about the upcoming Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention, then you’ll know that they’ve announced the celebrity cosplayer that will be gracing Singapore. It’s none other than Kipi! Read more about Kipi’s appearance at STGCC here. Also, don’t forget that tickets for STGCC are now on sale, and if you’d […]

15 Jun, 2011 Crimson

ACM + WCS = Awesome

Singapore Cosplay Club held its Asia Cosplay Meet (ACM) and World Cosplay Summit (WCS) qualifiers at Orchard Central yesterday, as a precursor to what’s arguably the defining cosplay event of the year – Cosfest X.1. It was an event that saw the community rallying and showing up in force to lend their support to the […]

13 Jun, 2011 Crimson

A Location a Week: Queensway

With Singapore’s heavy residential and industrial build-up, it’s sometimes difficult to find ideal locations for your cosplay photo shoots, especially areas that complement your costume. In this new column, I’ll be featuring places in and around Singapore (with several off the marginally beaten track). Some of these places are in the heartlands and within your […]

12 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Working With Styrofoam

Styrofoam is an effective material for crafting lots of props and armor pieces. I use styrofoam balls almost exclusively as the base of my shoulderpads, and it’s not entirely unheard of for cosplayers to shave styrofoam to the correct shape and size for weapons ornaments and frills, or to use expanding foam to craft the […]

10 Jun, 2011 Crimson

More Spanking Shoulderpads!

In my previous “Mantle of the Corruptor” tutorial, I described a method of crafting armored shoulderpads out of a foam ball, polystyrene sheets, and a bit of imagination. This time, I’ll focus on how to create shoulderpads from a springier material – foam. I first started messing around with foam mats after seeing some of the […]

9 Jun, 2011 Crimson


When it comes to movies, you just gotta hand it to the Koreans. Haunters, which opens in cinemas this week, is infused with the right kind of emotionally charged pathos, morbid comedy, and shades-of-grey that made it such a fascinating watch. Also, despite it’s title, it has NOTHING to do with ghosts and horror, two […]

7 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Rockin’ the Comifest – Part Deux

The weekend was jam-packed with two cosplay events – the second Comifest and the quarterly Haru Bazaar at *SCAPE. With my tight schedule, I could only choose one or the other, so I opted for the former, rather than the latter. It’d rained all Saturday morning, so it was with a fair bit of trepidation that […]

6 Jun, 2011 Crimson

A CosCard To Call Your Own

As any veteran con-goer would attest, CosCards are invaluable for trading social media details and Cure IDs amongst new cosplay friends and fans alike. What’s more, nothing beats having a calling card that not only showcases your favorite costume in all its splendor, but also evinces a personal touch. I promised to write a CosCard […]

4 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Loofing it with the STGCC Team

Just got back from Loof, where I met the fine peeps from Reed Exhibitions, the brains behind the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC). It was great meeting with the team, especially Peter Tatara and Mike Armstrong from New York and getting a feel of what pop culture fans can expect this year round. […]

3 Jun, 2011 Crimson

X-Men: First Class – Top of its Class

After the third X-Men movie spiraled into the same dark oblivion that sucked in so many other movie franchises, I expected First Class to be the same. The trailers were dull enough, characters appeared to be cookie cutter rip-offs, Professor X had hair (ZOMG ACTUAL HAIR), and Magneto looked like a lost lamb with issues […]

2 Jun, 2011 Crimson

Rick'rolling the Stage

So I survived all three days of License 2 Play. It was quite a cool con overall, and the experience was kinda awesome. Big props to the creative minds at Sphere and Plum Project for putting everything together. I thoroughly enjoyed the CosGames (though I could be biased), meeting new cosplay folk, campaigning for votes, […]

30 May, 2011 Crimson

It's Playtime!

I headed down to Suntec City earlier today for License 2 Play, the game con organized by SPH’s Sphere Communications. Touted as the biggest game con this side of Singapore, License 2 Play featured a variety of stalls selling the quintessential games and game systems, demo booths, vendors for toys and comic books, cosplay props, and […]

27 May, 2011 Crimson

Dylan Dog – A Doggone Tale

Dylan Dog‘s something of an underdog in comic book circles, never having quite achieved the same measure of popularity in the U.S. as it did in Italy. And that was kinda why I was surprised when I discovered that this obscure Dark Horse title had actually managed to make it to the big screen, and […]

26 May, 2011 Crimson

License 2 Play!

License 2 Play (L2P), organized by SPH’s events wing Sphere Communications is back, and this time, there’s more than just a smidge of games and wanton consumer electronics. L2P claims to be injecting the “Play” component back into this con with the introduction of CosGames, an East vs. West game related cosplay competition. I’ll be […]

26 May, 2011 Crimson

The Gantz Movie Poster Giveaway

The Neo Tokyo Project’s Gantz Movie Poster Giveaway! If you haven’t already noticed yet, I’ve got two theatrical sized Gantz movie posters to give away, and you can be one of two lucky owners of this sweet piece of swag. All you have to do is: Step 1: Share a link to The Neo Tokyo […]

23 May, 2011 Crimson

This Pirate Will Never Get Old!

With Hollywood franchises, especially something with a decade long shelf life like Pirates of the Caribbean, you’d expect its fourth installment to be all at sea. After all,  there’s only so much pirate-y dialogue, swashbuckling, and rum chugging you can stomach before it’s milked dry and the gags get old. And that is why On Stranger Tides […]

21 May, 2011 Crimson

Warlock Pimpin'

Here’s a little shoutout for you World of Warcraft addicts out there. I’ll be joining License2Play’s Cosgames, a major cosplay competition featuring computer game characters next weekend, so if you’d like to get your photos taken with Singapore’s ONLY warlock (and also pick up some limited edition coscards), please drop on by. It’d also be […]

19 May, 2011 Crimson

Cosplay Performances: Dazzling the Stage!

So you’ve got a great costume, you’ve got your poses down pat, and you can even remember a pet phrases or two. You’d think that’s enough for you to strut your stuff on stage, and to dazzle the audience with a stellar cosplay performance right? The reality is, whether you’re just starting out in the competition […]

16 May, 2011 Crimson

Mary Sue! I choose you!

It’s been awhile since I wrote an actual article focused on storytelling and narration, but after being exposed to so much bad fanfiction (and horrible writing in general, including the work of a local comic artist) in the past couple months, I thought it prudent to think long and hard about a new piece. And […]

14 May, 2011 Crimson

Gantz: Dead On Arrival

It’s hard to dislike Shinsuke Sato’s work. He’s a great director, with a unique perspective to film making. Hell, he was responsible for The Princess Blade, one of my favorite Japanese movies of all time. But this time, with Sato’s big budget adaptation of Hiroya Oku’s morbid manga Gantz, I was frankly quite disappointed. Now, […]

12 May, 2011 Crimson

Armed and Defrocked – The Priest Movie

If you loved Hyung Min-Woo’s Priest, and were actually hoping to see Ivan Isaacs, the undead,  gun-toting titular character going at it with Temozarela’s fallen angels, then perish the thought. This big budget re-imagining helmed by Scott Stewart (who directed 2009’s Legion) has more in common with Blade Runner and Aliens than it does Korean manhwa. […]

11 May, 2011 Crimson

The Great Gantzby

I hit The Heeren with Lord Angelus (Joey) today for the Gantz Cosplay Party, a promotional event by Encore Films for the upcoming theatrical release of the Gantz motion picture, based on the manga of the same name. In addition to performances by local ani-band Ryuusei, there was also a mini cosplay contest, which saw […]

8 May, 2011 Crimson

A Geekalicious Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day yesterday was a blast – a round trip activity that saw me hit Kinokuniya, then Planerds, and G&B (though it was really, really late and I missed the Gary Erskine signing x_x;; ). Hell, I even managed to sneak in a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) session with the boys in between. […]

8 May, 2011 Crimson

Free Comic Book Day – The Quick and Dirty How-to Guide

It’s Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, and if you haven’t planned your comic crime spree yet, here’s a quick and dirty guide to having a swagtastic time. 1. Books Kinokuniya (Takashimaya Shopping Center, #03-10/15). ETA: 10 am For a start, head down to Books Kinokuniya at Takashimaya, which is participating in Free Comic Book Day […]

6 May, 2011 Crimson

Gantz Cosplay Party

The good folks at Encore Films called me today, telling me that I’d been shortlisted for the Gantz Cosplay Party contest. XD The event, to drum up publicity for the upcoming Gantz movie opening on Singapore’s screens on the 12th, is gonna be held at the Heeren this coming Sunday (8th May), and I’ll be making […]

5 May, 2011 Crimson

It's Planerdtary

Fanboys, rejoice, because there’s a new comic shop in town. Situated on the 4th level of 313@Somerset, Harris Planerds is a geek’s paradise that carries a bit of everything – busts and statues, toys and collectibles, comic books, graphic novels and manga, sci-fi and fantasy literature, boardgames and RPGs (role-playing games) and more. I visited Planerds […]

2 May, 2011 Crimson

Frostmourne hungers!

Nothing screams World of Warcraft like the legendary Frostmourne, the enchanted runeblade of Lich King Arthas Menethil, and guess what? I just got my paws on a life sized, latex replica from Windlass Studios in the mail yesterday! Crafted from heavy duty latex foam with a solid core, the blade’s a stunt ready and convention […]

1 May, 2011 Crimson

More than Thunder and Fury

If you’ve been following Marvel movies in the past couple years, then you’ll know pretty much just what to expect. The Thor movie, one of the last to be screened before the Avengers hits the big screen, is just as formulaic. It’s a regular  action adventure, with a slapped on dash of romance, a stab […]

29 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Free Comic Book Day!

If you love comic books, don’t forget that there’s only less than 10 days to go before Free Comic Book Day! And Free Comic Book Day, of course, means free comics if you visit G&B at Rochor Center. So don’t forget to mark 7th May down on your calendars, guys. There’s lots out this Free […]

27 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Much Ado About Sakura Fest

Held over the Easter weekend, the three-day Sakura Fest promised fun, games and frivolity for fans of Japanese culture, at a fee, of course. The event had been conceived as a means for the Singapore Flyer to raise money for the Red Cross fund in aid of Japan’s quake and tsunami victims, with stalls set up […]

25 Apr, 2011 Crimson

This ain't no Fairy Tale

I was invited to a screening of Tzang Merwyn Tong’s latest short film, V1K1 (pronounced Vicky) at Sinema Oldschool on Thursday. As anyone with any inkling about the local film industry would know, Tzang’s something of an underground film maker, whose reputation was made solely on “A Wicked Tale”, a rather twisted re-imagining of the classic Red Riding […]

22 Apr, 2011 Crimson


So after procrastinating for almost half a year, I caved and decided to get some CosCards printed. If you haven’t guessed already, the word CosCard is an amalgamation of Cosplayer and Calling Card. CosCards often feature said cosplayer in a defining costume and pose, and include both contact information, and sometimes interesting bits of trivia. […]

20 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Somebody call Security

Because I’m about to butcher a Japanese movie.   When I discovered that Security Police, better known as SP, was going to be dramatized as a full length motion picture, I was quite excited. Having watched the drama series, which was all about close protection – escorting VIPs, keeping an eye out for assassins, terrorists, and other […]

19 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Cosplayers, let's roleplay!

Today was the inaugural session of my Cosplayers’ Roleplay Workshop – a series of two-hour sessions focusing on marrying dramatic and theatrical methods with cosplay, to help cosplayers discover how using performing arts techniques can improve the quality of their presentations on stage. The first session covered the use of Voice, and focused on voice […]

17 Apr, 2011 Crimson

An STGCC Quickie

Just a quick head’s up for peeps interested in hopping down for this year’s STGCC again. If the official Facebook page is to be believed, it’s gonna be held at Suntec City from 20th to 21st August, 2011. So mark that weekend down on your calendar, folks. I’ll be making an appearance in my Rogue […]

14 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Crimson's 2011 Raiding Schedule

2011 sure has a ton of cosplay events – hell, it’s almost as if everyone’s upped and jumped onto the cosplay bandwagon all of a sudden. First, there was the Singapore Comifest (which is coming back again in June, even), then there’s the Big Three (SOY, Cosfest and EOY), the gaming cons (License2Play and STGCC), […]

12 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Walking the Warlock Walk

After close to three months, I decided to pull my staff and warlock suit out of storage for the Funan Cosplay Engage competition by Movie Mania. I figured it’d be a good opportunity for me to strut my warlock stuff again, shake some of that old grave dust off my Corruptor’s Raiment and maybe WOW […]

10 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Fun(an) and Games

Had a great time at Funan’s PLAY event today. Getting to strut my stuff on stage was definitely cool. It was really fun hamming it up as Darth Crimson, the biggest, baddest Sith Lord this side of Singapore, and just going at it with lightsabers. Helped that I beat the crap out of my partner […]

9 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Spanking Shoulders! Part The Second

If you’ve been following my quickie guide to crafting armored shoulder pieces, then you should be almost all set to put the finishing touches to your very own Corruptor’s Mantle. In this second part, I’ll show you how to tack on the proverbial bells and whistles (and skulls, of course), so you’ll look like a […]

7 Apr, 2011 Crimson

Spanking Shoulders! Part The First

Since I started parading around in my Corruptor’s Raiment, I’ve received quite a few emails asking how I managed to fix up my shoulders. It’s arguably the trickiest part of the entire getup, but hey, making yourself some spanking armored shoulders ain’t all that hard. I’ve thrown together this little guide that shows you how. […]

5 Apr, 2011 Crimson

What are you watching this season?

Spring. It’s a great time for anime lovers. Spring’s always laden with fresh, new picks, and this year’s no exception. With a veritable buffet out there, fans will be hard pressed to choose what to follow. But for those with a discerning palate (and by discerning I mean those who don’t care for run-of-the-mill moe and […]

2 Apr, 2011 Crimson


Everytime AsiaSoft announces that it’s acquired a new MMO title, I die a little. This Asian MMO distributor has been responsible for an endless string of free-to-play duds, and their latest offering, AIKA SEA, is just another in that long list that’s more likely than not, going to crash and burn once those poor teens […]

31 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Saber Rattling

I grew up watching fantasy and period movies. It was the ’80s, and things back then were horribly B-grade. But they all had one thing in common, and it was something that the little kid in me absolutely adored – the fight sequences.  And one of my all time favorite pieces was The Princess Bride, […]

27 Mar, 2011 Crimson

She's a fine ship

And she’s a grand old dame in Japan’s animation history, to say the least. Having grown up watching Matsumoto’s series and the English dubbed Star Blazers, I was pleasantly surprised to discover last year that Space Battleship Yamato was hitting the big screen. And true enough, after watching it on opening night, I have to […]

24 Mar, 2011 Crimson

This Sucker Packs A Real Punch!

Put five beautiful lasses in leather and latex, arm them to the teeth with two tons of firepower, sic them on a horde of movie mash up monsters, and you’ve got Zack Snyder’s winning formula for a geek wet dream. I’m talking about Sucker Punch, people, and thanks to the awesome folks at Movie Mania, I […]

22 Mar, 2011 Crimson

There's no Heart in it

I recently got my hands on a Beta Invite for Lucent Heart, Gamania’s latest MMO, and I’m disappointed to say that it’s just a glorified dating platform set up with some cutesy graphics and a bash the monster component. “Why the hate?” you might wonder, when Lucent Heart’s a game about how love (and love-mania, apparently) […]

20 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Definitely Going Somewhere

Since I had the day off today, I decided to catch up on two of the hottest films to hit Singapore’s box offices – World Invasion: Battle L.A. and the Korean action thriller The Man from Nowhere. Predictably, Battle L.A. was everything Roger Ebert (THE film critic) said it would be – a trite piece […]

17 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Days of Our Lives

What if time is malleable? What if crises and disasters could be avoided, and destiny could be changed? Days Missing, a collaborative work by some of the best minds in the industry begs this question. It’s a story about history and missing history – that posits how we’re able to live, blithely unaware of the days excised […]

16 Mar, 2011 Crimson

My, what big cliches you have!

With slim pickings at the local box office this past week, there was only one film that evinced any semblance of fantasy, and that was Red Riding Hood. Helmed by Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the alternately acclaimed and reviled Twilight Saga, Red Riding Hood casts Amanda Seyfried (who isn’t actually half bad) in the […]

14 Mar, 2011 Crimson

A Semblance of Order

It’s been more than two months, and close to 40 blog posts, and The Neo Tokyo Project’s been chugging along nicely. I’ve received some very encouraging comments and email messages, and most of these were requests – for more Asian movie reviews, for more cosplay tips and guides, and more writing know-how in general. So […]

11 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Bend over, Balthazar, 'cos Woo Chi kicks ass!

If there’s one thing I love about Korean movies, it’s the flair and style. There’s something  special about Korean directors and their creative vision – it’s one that blends the best of blockbuster film making with the nuanced cultural subtexts manifestly lacking in Hollywood flicks, and this artistry is something that Jeon Woo Chi, a film […]

8 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Rockin' the Comifest

I dropped by Suntec City over the weekend to check out the Singapore ComiFest. Organized by Fullhouse Communication and Wee Tian Beng’s homegrown TCZ Studio, ComiFest was touted as a mini convention for anime, comic and game lovers. The event promised two days of freebies, fun, and an eclectic spread of Doujin merchandise from local […]

7 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Pleather, Pleather, on the wall

I’ve covered People’s Park and South Bridge Road in my last two features on cosplay materials, so today, we’re going to travel a little farther afield, as we hunt for bits and pieces suited to crafting hard parts and armor. Today, we’re hitting Arab Street. 1. Getting there Arab Street sits right smack in the […]

4 Mar, 2011 Crimson

X, Japan. Part Deux

Guess what, folks? It looks like my earlier guess was right on the money. Animax Japan and Madhouse just revealed their character line up for the X-men anime, and it’s gonna be Beast, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine. They’ve also included Armor (who can project a pretty psychic armor suit around her body) as the token Japanese […]

2 Mar, 2011 Crimson

Gamers May Cry

If they’ve got wind of this little snippet from Variety magazine. Looks like Screen Gems, the company responsible for the buttload of zombie refuse known as the Resident Evil movie franchise, has just optioned Devil May Cry, that crazy Capcom title that marries demons, dicks, guns, swords and more demons. They also picked up Kyle […]

1 Mar, 2011 Crimson

I'd give it a 4

Out of 10 stars. I Am Number Four was one of those movies I’d been vaguely interested in, not because it was a sci-fi flick, but because it was an adaptation of a children’s novel. Having watched so many adaptations bomb at the box office, I’d actually hoped that the director might attempt something different, […]

28 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Making History

With so many games out there, it’s hard for any one title to differentiate itself from the rest without a solid gimmick. Yet all too often, games touting unique systems fail because they tend to be too gimmicky, and somehow lose the plot in the process. Radiant Historia, which I picked up on a whim […]

27 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Catch my Rift?

I’ve been keeping mum about RIFT in the initial testing phase, but now that it’s almost ready to go live, I have to say that it’s something I’m really keen to play, and maybe even cosplay. RIFT is a next generation MMORPG by Trion Worlds that features the three things that top my list when […]

24 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Bordered, much?

If you’re big on reading like me, then you’d probably be aware of the fate of Borders and its spate of closures around the world. It’s been bad news and more bad news for the 40-year-old lifestyle bookstore chain, but hey, while it’s all doom and gloom for them, there’s hope yet for us. Guess […]

23 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Crimson's Fantasy Wand Tutorial

Fantasy fans are no strangers to wands. Wands are to wizards what guns are to gunslingers, and any wizard worth his salt is bound to be packing heat. Before wands were popularized in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter,  they were already all the rage in Dungeons & Dragons. Wands could be crafted from all kinds of exotic […]

22 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Breaking Borders

It was tough growing up as a creative dude in the ’90s. Opportunities were few and far between, grants skimpy, and being labeled an artist or writer was akin to a cuss word. And that’s why it’s heartening to discover just how much the local scene’s changed in the past couple years, exactly how many […]

20 Feb, 2011 Crimson

X, Japan

Just saw the promo video for the X-men anime produced by Marvel in collaboration with Superhero Anime Partners and Madhouse, and I think it’s gonna be great. I spotted Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Beast in the sequence. Character designs are a step up from the old cartoons, that’s for sure. Check out the official Animax […]

19 Feb, 2011 Crimson

All your brains are belong to us

Everyone wants to be a vampire. After the fiasco that was Twilight, being a pretty boy that sparkles in the sun’s kinda the in thing. But if you’re into the undead, and you’ve seen zombie movies, then you’ll know that travesties like Edward Cullen aside, shambling around and going “Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssss~!” ain’t half bad. That is, […]

18 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Miners, Wieners, and Zombies, oh my! :o

What do you get when you mix sand box style world building with survival horror and zombies? Minecraft, of course. And this indie title, which soared to popularity after hitting the gaming scene, just got another boost in this latest vid by a couple of film makers on Youtube. Lookie here: For the first time […]

18 Feb, 2011 Crimson

I'mma take you down… to Chinatown

In my previous entry, I talked a bit about how People’s Park’s the place to be if you’re interested in getting cloth at a steal. Today we’re gonna go for Round 2, sneaking a peek at some of the shops on the third floor of People’s Park, and then we’re gonna gonna venture a little further […]

17 Feb, 2011 Crimson

About a boy… and a lamp

The story of Aladdin and his magic lamp has been making the rounds since the 1700s. It’s been told and retold in a number of ways – in children’s flip books, in games and in movies such as Disney’s 1992 cartoon adaptation, cementing this likeable rogue and his timeworn tale in our collective consciousness. It’s […]

15 Feb, 2011 Crimson

The Instant Plot-omatic!

Don’t you wish that sometimes, when you’re sucking for plot and need a little push to get you started, you can just reach into a grab bag of ideas, and pull something out? It’d be great, right? Now, with a handy set of magnetic poetry, and some imagination, you can. Here’s a shout out to […]

13 Feb, 2011 Crimson

A real life World of Warcraft experience? :o

According to a report from Gamespot Asia, China is set to launch a Starcraft and Warcraft themed amusement park in about two month’s time. Sounds pretty sketchy if you ask me, but if they can rip off Gundam, they can rip off anything. If you’re feeling curious, check out the Joyland World webby here. It’s […]

11 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Cloth, cloth and more cloth

If there’s one material us cosplayer types can’t live without, it’s cloth. We use up whole yards of it when we’re working on new costumes, or that new look for events, so little wonder, then, that when it comes to shopping for fabrics, we’re willing to spend, spend, spend. There are several avenues for us […]

10 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Crimson's Nekomimi Tutorial

Nekomimi, or cat ears, make for fairly a common cosplay prop. They grace the heads of a fair number of characters from both popular anime and manga, and more often than not, putting a pair on, by definition, adds an element of cute to whatever costume you’re wearing. This tutorial, which I’ve thrown together, is […]

9 Feb, 2011 Crimson

An acute case of clever

If there’s one thing I actually enjoy about British cinema, it’s that you can always expect a good story. And Triangle, which opened quietly over the Lunar New Year weekend, stayed true to this promise. The premise, at least initially, is not particularly horrifying. Jess (Melissa George), a single mother with an autistic son, has been persuaded […]

7 Feb, 2011 Crimson

Aliens vs. Ninjas! How cool is that?

Just got wind that Alien vs. Ninja, a pulpy (and thus awesome) movie by Seiji Chiba that aired at the Asian Film Festival in New York last year, about well, aliens and ninjas, and aliens duking it out with ninjas, and aliens eating ninja face, and ninjas pwning aliens doing the ninja thing is gonna […]

4 Feb, 2011 Crimson

It's green, and it stinks!

I promised to write about The Green Hornet, but I didn’t get a chance to until the Lunar New Year break. It’s a good thing, in a sense, because I managed to get my hands on Kevin Smith’s The Green Hornet TPB (trade paperback), published by Dynamite Press, and boy, putting the two side by […]

3 Feb, 2011 Crimson

X marks a new Age

I’ve never been a big fan of mainstream comics, least of all titles by DC and Marvel. Still, after reading about Age of X in Previews several months back, I’ve been itching to get my hands on a copy. And I did! Written by Mike Carey and released on the 26th of last month, this […]

1 Feb, 2011 Crimson

When heroes die

They usually go out with a bang, jump into the gaping maw of a dragon, or get overrun by hordes of icky things from X dimension like the Human Torch in the latest issue of Fantastic Four. I glanced through Issue #587 of course. What self respecting comic lover wouldn’t? But since I’ve never been a […]

31 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Nekomimi~! =^^=

Just got the nekomimi headband (cosplay cat ears) I ordered from Etsy in the mail today, and I have to say, it’s just purr-fect. =^^= *has a himbo moment* The fur’s incredibly soft, and the texture’s great. The plastic band rides really comfortably on my head, and the ears are positioned just about right too. […]

28 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Raising Kane

Solomon Kane is a name pulp fiction lovers, especially those with an appetite for old school sword and sorcery might find familiar. He’s a figment of Robert E. Howard (the same guy responsible for Conan the Barbarian)’s imagination, and a handful of his early adventures graced the pages of Weird Tales, a periodical in the ’30s […]

27 Jan, 2011 Crimson

With a Dream and a Prayer

It’s awesome when you’ve got a friend in Japan. It’s even more awesome when he’s willing to hit up conventions for you just to get ahold of exclusive releases like Ougon Musou Kyoku, 07th Expansion’s doujin fighter based on characters from “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni” – a popular visual novel and animation series famous […]

22 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Mystery, mayhem, Mechanika, oh my~!

I’m a sucker for steampunk. There’s something inherently fascinating about Victorian glamor, and how it gels so well with clockwork contrivances, wind-up killer robots, flintlock pistols affixed with laser scopes, and welding goggles as fashion accessories. Which, of course,  accounts for why, even before my copy of Joe Benitez’s Lady Mechanika shipped, she’d already got […]

19 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Season of the Kitsch

There’s something about good ol’ Nick Cage, and it’s that he’s just not a fantasy kinda guy. And Season of the Witch, which opened here recently, proved me right on all counts. Set sometime during the Crusades, Season of the Witch casts Cage and Ron Perlman (who was THE Hellboy) as disillusioned knights co-opted to transport […]

17 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Character Building

Awhile ago, I started a series of free lectures and workshops at *SCAPE, with the express intent of helping up and coming comic book and manga hopefuls prepare their first manuscript. And after almost a full term, and after working with a number of people both on and offline, I’ve come to realize that one […]

15 Jan, 2011 Crimson

A monster of a movie

I watched Monsters last night without knowing quite what to expect. It was actually one of those GV Surprise Screening things, and I’d bought the ticket on a whim, on an evening when I had a whole lot of time to kill, and a whole lot of nothing to do. It was the only indie […]

11 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Awesomeness on a stick… tube… thing.

Here’s a shout out to Kit, the genius behind Kitsabers who made me this kickass lightsaber, which I’ve dubbed the Ophion. I commissioned this bad boy from him back in December, when I started messing around with FightSaber, a local theatrical group that does Star Wars themed combat choreography live, on stage. While I handled […]

7 Jan, 2011 Crimson

Something to sink my teeth into

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was a copy of the Drain TPB (trade paperback), which I’d been dying to get my hands on for the past year and a half. Released in late 2008, it was one of those Image titles that had slipped past my geek radar, and when I’d finally […]

4 Jan, 2011 Crimson

A mostly witty beginning, or at least a stab at it XD

For all my hubris, I suck at writing perfect beginnings. Little wonder, then, after agonizing for hours over something witty to state in this post, after scratching out lines of fluff and verbiage, I’ve elected to keep this first post simple. Simple, afterall, is the oldest trick in the book, and it sure beats spending […]

1 Jan, 2011 Crimson