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Here’s some news for you Nintendo fans out there, especially if you […]
The region’s big brother of weeb events, Anime Festival Asia, turns 15 […]
For any anime lover worth their salt, there’s no bigger event on […]
Mid-August. The smell of the salty sea breeze permeate the air, and […]
It’s official! The upcoming D&D movie, Honor Among Thieves, is going to […]
We talk about Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, and our Tasha, the Witch Queen Commander Deck brew.
Magic: The Gathering’s latest Streets of New Capenna brings us to a […]
For all three stone variations here, most of the work was done […]
The title speaks for itself. We’ve been stoked since Wizards of the […]
We love playing the jankiest decks and going off-meta, so with Kamigawa: […]
If there’s one thing to be said about Magic: The Gathering’s latest […]
We convert the iconic La Signora Boss Fight (Tenshukaku Domain) into a D&D 5E encounter!
Want to play a werewolf in D&D without actually contracting lycanthropy? How about checking out our optimizationguide?
A new D&D Edition, the Rules Expansion Gift Set, and the new Monsters of the Multiverse were revealed at Celebration. Also, a teaser for a Boo's book?
Wanna play a FFXIV Viera Reaper in D&D Adventurers League? We'll show you how using The Wild Beyond the Witchlight's Harengon race! Also, Fizban previews!
We unbox Magic: The Gathering's latest set - Innistrad Midnight Hunt. Love vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night? This set's for you.