We’ve always been big fans of Genshin Impact. We’ve been playing since Day 1, and we love everything that miHoYo has done with the world of Teyvat. It was sorta natural then, that we’ve been thinking about how to bring this amazing setting to the D&D table.

Needless to say, when we were challenged by some of our followers on Twitch to convert the iconic La Signora boss fight that takes place at the end of the Inazuma chapter into a full on encounter, how could we refuse?

Lots of cool environmental effects in this fight, which makes it perfect as a D&D encounter.

So yeah, we did a thing (and boy are we glad that we’ve honed our D&D writing skills with multiple adventures on DMsGuild) because converting something from a video game into 5E (while staying largely faithful to the source material) can be pretty tough.

Download the Encounter

If you’d like to take a look at what we’ve done, you can download the encounter (in PDF format) [here].

This file includes tips and tricks for running the encounter, descriptions you can paraphrase, suggestions on running her phases, scaling the difficulty, as well as a custom magic item inspired by the Crimson Witch of Flames set.

Share your stories!

If you’re a DM, and you decide to run this encounter for your players, be sure to let us know through our socials. Tell us what happened during the fight, and whether your party enjoyed the experience!

Also, if you’re a Genshin Impact fan and want to see us do more conversions from the game, be sure to tell us. We’re always happy to receive feedback!

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