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The Mysterious Circumstances of an Irregular Otaku in Tokyo — Ep02

7 Jul , 2015,
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Every country has something that makes it special from another. Some (like those toilet bowls that spray water at your butt) are a stroke of genius while others are just annoying.

Despite its readiness to adopt new technologies, Japan still found itself reluctant to let go of old tradition like the common usage of Inkan (official seal) for signing off official documents and various day to day paperwork.


Some of the more exquisite Hankos on display.

It’s hard to get around Japan without this handy item, just like how we can’t survive the office without our favorite signing pen. There are several shops that have ready made Inkans for sale, and Daiso sells them at 100 yen (+8 yen tax) a pop.


A wide selection found at Daiso, only with Japanese family names. Too bad Gaijins; oh wait, that’s me.

What if you can’t find your name on one? Make one at your friendly neighborhood store! It takes a few days for them to craft the item.


A custom made Hanko bearing my last name.

Like your signature, the Inkan can be used to sign off any official documents. If you made one, remember to keep it secret, keep it safe (almost left mine behind at the post office the other day). A custom made Inkan also a great souvenir item if you want something more personalized than a mass produced doujinshi.

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