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Review: Logitech G430 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

3 Nov , 2013,
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Accurate, clear and impressive surround sound experience with a mic to breathe down commands at your comrades on the battlefield.

LG4302It is not everyday you get a gaming headset that is practical with a budget in mind. Meet the Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. The design of this slick black and blue headset is striped down to its bare necessity gamers needs most. Comfort, noise cancellation, crisp clear mic and most importantly, a precise 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound feature. The headset comes with 3.5mm inputs and an USB adapter.

An immersive sound experience is becoming a standard for gaming headphones. Especially, when you are able to detect foes around corners a stray grenade falling next to you or a sneaky bastard scheming a backstab. A good surround sound headset makes the difference between life and death in today’s fast paced gaming experience.

Getting used to the G430 takes sometime due to its weight and firm padded ear cups. Gamers with big heads and glasses (like me), will find this set a little harder to get comfortable with at the start. Once the comfort level sets in after some duration of usage, the headset feels extreme comfortable. The fabric used allows heat to escape and keep your ears comfortable and cool, a great feature I always find lacking in other headsets. The large ear cups allows gamers to comfortably place their entire ear within which improves the surround sound experience.

Oh, just in case you are worried about dirtying your headphones, the fabric covered ear cups are detachable for cleaning.

Mics are becoming a standard for gaming since normalisation of gaming headsets and they are becoming an essential tool for gamers to communicate with one another more efficiently. The mic that comes together with the G430 is capable of delivering clear instructions to teammates. When it is not in use, just fold it back to the ear caps and its out of the way.

The headset comes with a 2.3 metre cable along with an attached controller for quick audio tweaking. An analogue volume dial for quick audio adjustments and mute switch for the mic. The mic is very sensitive and readily picks up anything that sounds human from the background. It is an alternative to shut down the mic other than folding up the mic.

The Logitech G430 gives a minimalist experience, leaving just the essential features that makes the crucial difference. While it is certainly not the most fashionable pair of headphones to head down to town with, it certainly shows your foes you mean business on the virtual battlefield.

Product Photography by Joey Lim

Review: Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard

24 Oct , 2013,
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Not just another keyboard loaded with bells and whistles to get gamers to part with their hard earned cash.

The G19s Gaming Keyboard is Logitech’s answer for the professional gamer’s quest to kill better than they normally could. Designing a keyboard for today’s gaming needs is a challenging feat. First, there are so many game genre to think about. Then, there are gamers who prefers to play in the dark and lastly, the reviewer who will most likely be typing this review on the same keyboard. That is an uphill task which the G19s managed to have an answer for.LG19sGK3

Meet the Logitech G19s. It is a keyboard designed for the gamer in mind. There are a total of 12 additional customisable buttons and media control panels for volume adjustments on the fly. It also comes a really cool LCD screen, called the Game Panel. The keyboard also comes with two additional USB ports which is great for the modern gamer. The backlighting is great for gamers who prefer playing games in the dark. The fingerprint resistant coating maintains a clean look on the keyboards. It helps prevents the keys from feeling grimy and sticky from dirt, oil and sweat.

The keyboard is carefully designed to prevent accidents from happening, seriously. It comes with a small sliding notch which disables the Windows/Context menu keys. This is really useful when you’re playing FPS titles where the crucial Left CTRL (usually for crouching) is next to your Windows key. This removes the off chance of pressing the Windows button in the heat of the moment.

What makes a gaming keyboard is the number of customisable buttons for Macros. The G19s have a total of 12 keys dedicated for this function. Okay, maybe not just 12 keys since there are another 3 more buttons which records an additional Macro profiles. But that is not what Logitech stopped at. With the help of software, gamers are able to create additional profiles for games recognized by the G19s. That is, not just 12×3 but, separate Macros profiles for every game you have installed on the PC.

LG19sGK2What sets aside the G19s from other gaming keyboards is its integrated LCD, which Logitech dubs as Game Panel. It comes with an integrated clock, stopwatch, movie viewer which also allows you to watch YouTube, system performance monitor. It also includes an option to view the current game profile on the keyboard. While the LCD is a great feature to have on a keyboard, the Game Panel however, is placed at an awkward position. It is a daunting task for gamers to juggle their attention between the Game Panel and monitor where all the action is taking place.

I have a problems with small keyboards that defy the key positions of last decade’s standardized keyboards. Fortunately, the G19s is not one of them. The traditional keys are where they got to be. This makes the G19s the perfect platform to play traditional simulation games like FreeSpace 2. It’s size also makes typing an enjoyable experience.

While the ergonomics for the Logitech G19s is one to be admired, the membrane switches however, may not give the right assuring click for everyone. Regardless, the Logitech G19s is the cheapest Gaming Keyboard that comes attached with a LCD screen. If you are looking for the latest Gaming Keyboard and on a budget, the Logitech G19s maybe the right keyboard for your gaming needs.

Product Photography by Joey Lim