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The Mysterious Circumstances of an Irregular Otaku Living in Tokyo — Ep06

11 Aug , 2015,
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The Irregular Otaku managed to visit The Art of Gundam at Mori Arts Center Gallary in Roppongi during his summer break.

We can never get enough of those giant robots Gundam ever since the first animation took the world by storm. They were never meant for kids. Interest in space drama grew in the 1970s, with Space Battleship Yamato and Starwars. Yamato, in particular, changed the perspective that animation was for kids.

Early concepts for the original Mobile Suit Gundam, took shape in earlier titles like Freedom Fighter, Chronical of Drifting Journey of J Boys and Space Fighter Battalion Gunboy. Gundam would later incorporate these ideas. The success of Gundam revolves several critical elements, still prevalent in popular Gundam titles today. The story is about a group of boys thrown into an extreme condition of war and how they would react within their respective organizations. Of course, the use of giant robots known as Gundam became necessary tools of war with a great emphasis on realistic designs of sets and equipment.

The story was unusually weighty for children and its intended audience of Junior Highschool students with topics of realism and foreshadowing of how our world might become in the near future. It was meant to stimulate the imagination and create a strong sense of empathy from the viewers. Where the idea of humanity moving into space is exceptionally real in the 1970s with overpopulation and a looming environmental crisis.

The concept of a space colony is not plucked out of pure fantasy but based on American physicist, O’Neil’s concept of a space settlement. However, there are storytelling tools involved, like the concept of Minovsky Particles. We know that this functional technology blocks the use of radar and communications, making long distance battles impossible. But it also served another purpose and that is to make the story more convincing and personal. Its boring to watch a space light show right?


The new Gundam Movie, GUNDAM: The Origin II will screen in Japan from 31st October 2015.


Fans of the tradition Gundam stories will have more to cheer this October. A new Gundam anime will be screened from 4th October 2015, remember to mark your calendars.

The exhibition runs until September 27, 2015. If you’re a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and you’re in Tokyo from now until end September, don’t ever miss this fine collection of Gundam artifacts.

Link: http://www.gundam-ten.jp/en/

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