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Tokyo Game Show 2012 – D-Day

21 Sep , 2012,
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Yesterday we chased down news from the Tokyo Game Show press con (check out our round-up here), and today, we bring you more on what is arguably TGS’s D-Day!

Omega Force Working on a New Title

The makers behind the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series revealed a teaser of their latest work – Toukiden for PSP and PS Vita. From the looks of it, it’s an action title featuring a female protagonist wielding a big sword, and it’s expected to launch sometime next year.

Yakuza 5 set for December 8 Release
Sega sets a definite date for Yakuza 5. The game will hit stores in Japan on December 6. The game is heading straight into tough competition against Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs, that was released in August, which had secured a cult fanbase for their Hong Kong styled bad cop title.

Sega Speaks Up About Project Omega

Sega has announced that the unnamed title they have been working on dubbed as Project Omega will be known as Demon Tribe and released a teaser website.

According to Gematsu, there is evidence on the website source codes which suggest that the game will be headed for Wii U, PlayStation Vita and PSP.

Okami and Kingdom Hearts to be Re-Mastered in HD
Capcom has confirmed that the 2006 game, Okami, will be getting a HD makeover. The game will be available on PlayStation Network from October 30th.

Square Enix on the other hand also confirms that Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix version) and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories together with additional scenes adapted from Kingdomhearts 358/2 Days will see a HD remake. The franchise will also make its way on PC browsers in the form of a social cum trading card game (TCG).

Arc System Works Sets Time Frame for Adventure Game – XBlaze
The makers of BlazBlue, Arc System Works teases con goers with a new trailer of XBlaze. The “Adventure Project” is produced by Mori Toshimichi. First announced during Continuum Shift 2 national tournament in Japan last year, the game is expected to be hitting the shelves in 2013.

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