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Licence2Play 2012

3 Dec , 2012,
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L2P – Official Banner Art – Replicated from L2P Facebook Page.

Come this weekend, gamers and cosplayers are in for a treat.

Licence2Play (L2P) returns in a big way from 7 to 9 December, and it’s set to break new ground with a slew of exhibitors and fresh content that will lend new meaning to the term gaming con.

For one, our fave gaming company Blizzard Entertainment‘s coming aboard in a big way this year, so expect titles like Mists of Pandaria, Diablo III, and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. There’s also a buncha fun activities happening at the Blizz booth, including a Pandaren cosplay contest with attractive cash prizes to be won (pre-register for this contest here or email to blizzardcontest@asiasoftsea.net)

Yes, loads of Blizz goodies to be had at L2P. Replicated from http://blizzard.playpark.net/

Additionally, local Blizz distro Asiasoft SEA will be launching something new and exciting (we’ve got a feeling it’s Cabal 2 and RO2, so Ragnarok Online fans, rejoice) at L2P too, so that’s pretty damned awesome. They’ve even got a countdown site here!

The game plan, or floor plan. We’ll probably be hanging ’round the Blizzard booth a lot! XD

Naturally, what’s a gaming con without gaming competitions? Visitors can expect plenty of competitive gaming action in the Starhub sponsored Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) Tournament, as well as other games such as DOTA2, World of Shooters, Streetfighter, and even TCG Cardfight! Vanguard.

Of course, we’re gonna be there for the cosplay. Licence2Play Cosgames, the competition that Crimson clinched the West Champion title in the year before is back, and we’re putting Crimson’s Tyrael and Angelus’s Syndra on stage this time.

We hear that there’s gonna be stiff competition this year, with lots of great gaming cosplayers in kickass costumes, so we hope you can visit the con on both Saturday and Sunday to support and vote for us! ^^;;

Crimson’s L2P competition costume. :3

Angelus’s Syndra cosplay from League of Legends. XD

If you’re a fan of celeb cosplayers Asahi Martha and Ginga Ion, L2P is also a great opportunity to meet with ’em.

Martha has been cosplaying since 2006 and has been featured inthe international photobook “Summer Time”. She also recently performed at the 2012 World Cosplay Summit Cure Cosplayers Collection and the Collection night at the Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Ginga Ion is a veteran cosplayer who is part of the all-girls cosplay performance group Venas Sisters, and has also performed at various big-name ACG events throughout Japan such as the “Be-Bit” and “Cure Cosplay Collection Night at Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Ginga Ion – Replicated from L2P official website.

Asahi Martha – Replicated from L2P official site.

We hear they’re guest judging the competition too, so we’re definitely gonna have our work cut out for us. ^^;;

The team’s definitely looking forward to L2P, and we hope you are too!

Here are the event details in a nutshell:

Licence2Play 2012

Date: 7 to 9 December 2012

Time: 11 am to 9 pm daily

Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center Hall E

Ticketing: $5 at the door. Early bird tickets ($2) are available here.

Oh! To be a Panda(ren)!

1 Apr , 2012,
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As a long time World of Warcraft player, I was curious when I got wind that Mists of Pandaria was in the works.

It was slated to be WOW’s fourth expansion (following The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and last year’s Cataclysm), and that begged the question – what else can the MMORPG that’s captured the world’s biggest market share do to up the ante?

From the looks of it, a fair bit. Mists introduces a new continent (like duh!) with clearly oriental themes, and implements a good number of changes including better customization at character creation, a more streamlined interface, a less clunky talent system, and the ability to loot multiple targets with a single click (what a godsend!).

Of course, one of the biggest draws has got to be the fact that you get to roll a fuzzy, wushu savvy critter, and that was exactly what I did when I got my hands on a Beta Invite. I decided to unleash my paws of fury on an unsuspecting Azeroth by rolling a Pandaren Monk.

Check out the new character creation screen.

Customization's so much easier now.

The Pandaren starter zone is called The Wandering Isle, and it’s a beautiful, expansive place replete with breathtaking autumn hues, Asian architecture, and a soothing ambient track that resonated inner peace.

Just look at that scenery.

From the get-go, you get to jump right to kungfu fighting.

The introductory quest has you picking up hand wraps and punching target dummies into oblivion, before embarking on a journey that’s rife with ancient Chinese secrets, mythological and pop culture references galore (coughcoughAvatarTheLastAirbendercoughcough).

Meet Huo, the spirit of fire.

Training pools that change you into cute critters when you hit water. Kinda like in Ranma 1/2.

Eventually, you’ll also get to meet (and beat up) plenty of new creatures indigenous to The Wandering Isle, including the monkey-like Hozen, Virmen rodents, and sentient plants called Scamps.

It's like whack a mole. Except with rabbits.

And since we’re on the topic of beating on things, I’m going to talk a little bit about the Monk.

The Monk is the second “hero” class to be released (the first being the Death Knight), and it’s a class that’s incredibly versatile.

Naturally, you start out with plenty of ways to dish out punishment. You use Energy as your core mechanic, and rack up Chi points when you perform basic attack moves.

Chi points lets you deliver stronger attacks with additional effects while you’re in specific stances, such as the Tiger Palm, which strikes for extra damage on tough foes, and the Blackout Kick, which is kinda like an execute ability, dealing massive damage and refunding a Chi point if you kill the opponent.

What’s more, specializing unlocks a plethora of abilities that lets you fulfill either tank, healer or damage roles.

The Brewmaster specialization.

Players of the Warcraft 3 will probably remember the Brewmaster Chen Stormstout, who’s the inspiration behind the tanky Monk spec. Familiar abilities include Dizzying Haze and Breath of Fire, and its damage mitigation mechanic is an ability called Stagger, which lets you reduce the damage you take by delaying it and converting it into a Damage Over Time effect.

The Windwalker specialization.

The Windwalker, on the other hand, plays a little bit like a ninja. It’s a specialization that focuses on building Chi points, and dishing out rapid fire martial arts attacks. The baseline ability for the Windwalker is Fists of Fury, which combines a potent stun with multiple hits in a frontal cone. How cool is that?

The Mistweaver specialization.

Perhaps the most unique of all is the Mistweaver spec, which uses Mana as a resource and encourages you to get up close and personal while healing your allies. Much of the Mistweaver’s powers deal damage, or require that you deal damage to heal your allies, and that’s a play style that’s going to take a bit of work to adapt to.

I’ve been having fun with the Mistweaver spec, and likely as not, it’s going to be the spec I’ll be sticking to when the new expansion hits stores later in the year.

And now, it’s back to Pandaria for me.

Until next time, cheerio!

World of Warcraft: Rogues Studio Shoot

23 Jul , 2011,
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Joey and I had a great time setting up, styling, and modelling for our second World of Warcraft photography session yesterday.

It was fun to be behind the camera again, and nothing beats the kind of control you have in a studio environment – it’s so easy to bend light to your will, to determine every angle, and shape every variable to craft a pretty picture.

Since we were both rogues this year, we decided to go with a black backdrop, the better to simulate the rogue’s ability to blend into and step out of the shadows. We also decided that we would try something a little more experimental, illuminating only one side of the body, while leaving the other obscured to heighten the dramatic quality of the shoot.

To execute this concept, we went with 2 flash units in soft boxes – one (1) was a vertical strip light, while the second (2) was standard fare. A black bounce (a large, rectangular styrofoam board, painted black on one side) was placed parallel to the strip light, to absorb excess fill from our light sources.

Here’s a diagram showing the studio set-up:

Our lighting setup.

In many of the photos, the second light was either dimmed, or triggered only when there was insufficient light cast on the face. It was switched off otherwise.

Here’s a look at the results of the shoot:

Cosfest X.1

28 Jun , 2011,
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Cosfest X.1 happened at Downtown East over the weekend, and it was all sorts of awesome.

This years incarnation of the annual cosplay event marks the tenth anniversary of Cosfest, and it was evident the organizers – Singapore Cosplay Club – pulled out all the stops this time, and that definitely contributed to making the con a rousing success.

With two venues this year – D’Marquee for the cosplay competitions and sponsor booths, as well as ComicsWorld Asia, featuring artist and merchandise booths in the adjacent D’Tent,  Cosfest promised plenty for everyone – cosplayers and Japanese pop culture addicts alike.

When I checked in on Saturday afternoon, the event was already in full swing. Cosplayers were milling about outside D’Marquee, with photographers, videographers and curious members of the public itching to get in on the action.

The highlights of the con were definitely the cosplay competitions. The Asia Cosplay Meet (ACM), which featured participants from 5 countries – Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – as well as the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) finals for Malaysia and Singapore proved to be a visual treat.

Visitors were regaled with performances that included re-enactments from Final Fantasy VII: AC,   Star Driver, and BlazBlue for ACM, while WCS contestants  wowed the crowd with the likes of Evangelion, Super Robot Wars and .hack.

Cosfest was definitely a great time to be a cosplayer. It provided ample opportunities for hobbyists to make new friends, exchange contacts, and to create fun memories together. So thank you, organizers, for doing such an awesome job.

If you missed Cosfest X.1, worry not. There’s gonna be a part 2 later in the year. Also, keep the 7th and 8th of July next year free, because that’s when Cosfest XI happens! XD

Here are some pictures from the event. XD See if you can spot the two rogues too. XD

Photos from the stage competitions are courtesy of Knife and used with permission. Don’t forget to check out his blog for a more in-depth write-up about the stage events. XD


Cosfest Prep

21 Jun , 2011,
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Cosfest X.1 is just round the corner, and both Joey and I have been busy, busy, busy getting our new costumes ready for the event. Today, we just about finished the project – a collaboration between ourselves and our two of our close friends, so here’s a quick sneak.

Joey's Rogue Tier 1 - Nightslayer Armor

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My Tier 4 Rogue - Netherblade armor

The core costume’s mostly complete, but there’s still a bit more to go. Finishing touches, buff and polish for the pleather, and some good old fashioned accessorizing, for one. It’s going to keep us up for the next couple nights, that’s for sure.

It’s also going to be why I’ll be a little behind on the updates, at least for this week.

Until Cosfest this Saturday, everyone. Cheerio! XD


More Spanking Shoulderpads!

9 Jun , 2011,
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In my previous “Mantle of the Corruptor” tutorial, I described a method of crafting armored shoulderpads out of a foam ball, polystyrene sheets, and a bit of imagination. This time, I’ll focus on how to create shoulderpads from a springier material – foam.

I first started messing around with foam mats after seeing some of the fan creations from Blizzcon, as well as the amazing work of award winning Korean and Thai cosplayers. The biggest draw about foam is that it’s light, relatively easy to shape, and better yet, relatively fuss free to pack and store compared to polystyrene and plastic. It’s entirely the reason why I chose to use this material for my Netherblade Shoulderpads.

While this project focuses primarily on crafting some decent looking rogue gear, the method may be applied to any foam armor project.

This tutorial will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

You will need the following items:

1. A sheet of EVA foam mat. You can purchase EVA foam mat from Mash Shop (directions here) for approximately $10.

2. A sheet of large sheet of tracing paper.

3. A marker.

4. Heavy grade scissors, contact cement and/or craft glue.

5. Acrylic paint, of the preferred color.

Step 1: Come up with the design of your shoulderpads. Draw out the shape of the component pieces on tracing paper with a marker, and then cut it out.

Here's an example of a paper patterns you'll have to cut. XD

Step 2: Affix your paper pattern onto the sheet of EVA foam, and using your scissors, cut carefully according to the shape on the paper pattern. Cut out all the pieces one at a time.

And this is how you do it! XD

Step 3: We’ll focus on the base first. What we want to do is to give our shoulderpads a 3D feel, so we’re going to crimp the ‘fish-tail’ together. Using contact cement or heavy duty craft glue, join the two halves carefully so you end up with a slightly bell shaped taper.

This is how the base should look like. XD

Bend the fish-tail ends towards each other...

And glue liberally. Hold them together till the glue sets.

Step 4: Repeating steps 2 and 3, create the trim and adornments next.

Cut out and shape the other foam pieces. This one's the trim. Work the ends the same way as the base.

Step 5: Paint both the base and the trim pieces with acrylic paint. Use a dry brush for a metallic finish, and texture for a scratched, battle-worn look. Mix in a hint of black for a ‘dirty’ feel.

Here's how the entire thing looks like without paint, with all the itty bitty pieces stuck on.

The trim with metallic silver paintwork. XD

And the frills, too.

Step 6:

Join the base and the trim together using contact cement. Use contact cement to layer on additional craft foam pieces where necessary to achieve the design you want.

Almost finished product! XD

Step 7:

Using the half foam ball method described in my previous tutorial, secure it in place as the base for your shoulderpads. Add velcro tape, and you’re done!

And yes, it's fitted with the same half foam ball thingie as my Warlock shoulders. XD

And there you have it. Simple foam shoulderpads, Netherblade style!

Rick'rolling the Stage

30 May , 2011,
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L2P - Logo and Stuff. XD

So I survived all three days of License 2 Play. It was quite a cool con overall, and the experience was kinda awesome. Big props to the creative minds at Sphere and Plum Project for putting everything together.

English version of the Disgaea WS deck, and one of the TPBs I picked up on the cheap.

I thoroughly enjoyed the CosGames (though I could be biased), meeting new cosplay folk, campaigning for votes, and generally terrorizing the public.

I managed to sneak in a couple hours just browsing and sampling the selection of convention swag, and I managed to net me an elusive Weiss Schwartz Disgaea deck in English.

Also picked up a couple trade paperbacks, and one or two trinkets. I was totally hunting for a murloc plush, but I didn’t even spot a single one.

The CosGame finals was pretty neat. The East side put up a decent showing too, with Reifes doing some awesome shuffling in his Rangurotora suit, Elmgrandmaster with his misty Zabuza smoke machine of doom, and lots of funky weapon wielding all round.

Woohoo~! Crimson's the CosGames West Champion! XD

Shyam in his Halo Rookie costume, together with Sueanne and Tim from Movie Mania rocked the stage with flashing lights and an action sequence, which netted them two tix to Korea and Japan.

Me? Well, I rick’rolled everyone like the thoroughly evil warlock I was, clinching the West Champion title in the process.

In a sense, I’ve come kinda full circle as a cosplayer. I first debuted the Warlock costume at License 2 Play last year, and this time, I’m actually retiring it with a bang.

Of course, I’m not done yet. XD There’s still Cosfest and my Netherblade Rogue to do, and the Death Knight Darkruned Plate for License 2 Play next year.

It’s also more than likely that I’ll be shooting an MV in my Corruptor’s Raiment pretty soon, so watch out for it. XD

Here’s the vid of my CosGames cosplay performance.

Until next con, cheerio!

It's Playtime!

27 May , 2011,
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I headed down to Suntec City earlier today for License 2 Play, the game con organized by SPH’s Sphere Communications.

Touted as the biggest game con this side of Singapore, License 2 Play featured a variety of stalls selling the quintessential games and game systems, demo booths, vendors for toys and comic books, cosplay props, and accessories of every stripe, making the con a veritable smorgasbord for anyone geek enough, and gamer enough to partake.

The biggest feature, of course, was License 2 Play Cosgames, an East vs. West game related cosplay competition drawing on both the best of US and European games, as well as games from the Japanese and Korean giants. Naturally, this warlock was the first to sign up for the West camp. After all, how could I pass up an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Horde? But more than that, be prepared to see other funky characters like the Creeper from Minecraft and Mario from Super Mario Bros. at the event too. XD

Speaking of which, here’s my entry for CosGames. XD If you’d like to vote for me tomorrow, please check out the next photo. XD

Here's my entry for CosGames! XD Remember to vote for me! XD

Just SMS W1 (capital W, numeric 1) to 83379763 (65-83379763 if you’re texting from overseas) from between 12 noon to 6 pm tomorrow (28th May) Singapore time. That’s 9 pm (27th May) PDT to 3 am (28th May) PDT, and 5 am to 11 am (28th May) GMT if you’re one of my overseas readers and supporters. XD

And here's the number to dial. Voting opens from 12 noon to 6 pm tomorrow (Saturday, 28th May). Best of all, SMSing is free! XD

Here’s a couple pics from my walkaround today.

Nintendo 3DS at L2P. XD

Creeper Spotted! 😮

Gaming Booths too. XD

G&B, always a staple for comic lovers.

And well, accessories for the discerning weeaboo. XD

Also, don’t forget to pick up a Quest Card at L2P. It entitles you to free swag, demo products, and also a chance to win a Lenovo laptop thingie in a lucky draw once you turn it in. XD

Your Daily Quest at L2P

License 2 Play!

26 May , 2011,
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L2P - Logo

License 2 Play (L2P), organized by SPH’s events wing Sphere Communications is back, and this time, there’s more than just a smidge of games and wanton consumer electronics.

L2P claims to be injecting the “Play” component back into this con with the introduction of CosGames, an East vs. West game related cosplay competition. I’ll be turning up at the event naturally (since it’s a gaming con, and I’m hardcore when it comes to gaming), making my final appearance in my Warlock Tier 5 costume.

So if you’re interested in getting some photos before I retire the outfit for good, you can catch me between 2 pm to 6 pm on Friday (27th May), 12 pm to 8 pm on Saturday (28th May) and from 12 pm on Sunday (29th May).

I’ll be very, very visible (I’ve got plans to ensure that’s the case) so look out for me, especially on Saturday when I’ll be pulling a full shift canvassing for votes from con-goers! XD

So till tomorrow, cheerio! XD

The Great Gantzby

8 May , 2011,
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A mage and a warlock walk into a party - the Gantz Cosplay Party! XD

I hit The Heeren with Lord Angelus (Joey) today for the Gantz Cosplay Party, a promotional event by Encore Films for the upcoming theatrical release of the Gantz motion picture, based on the manga of the same name.

In addition to performances by local ani-band Ryuusei, there was also a mini cosplay contest, which saw six participants, including Maria Tachi (in her Sengokushi Taisen 3 garb), and ElmGrandmaster (a totally kickass Zabuza) strutting their stuff across the stage.

Wish I had some pictures of the proceedings from ground level, but it’s hard to be in two places at once, especially if you’re a contestant, kitted out, and in character.

Still, it was great fun, everyone put up a great showing, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was especially heartening to see the Fightsaber guys cheering me on, and of course, who can forget both Jeremy and Joon Sin from my D&D table, who were there to lend a hand (Jeremy, especially, because he was Polymorphed during Joey’s segment).

Incidentally, Gantz opens on the 12th this month, on most screens islandwide.

It’s the  story of high schoolers Kei Kurono (played by Kazunari Ninomiya) and Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama, of L fame), who die in a subway incident and are pulled into a grisly game of alien hunting administered by a mysterious, black sphere filled with high tech weapons and power suits.

Having read the manga and watched the anime series on DVD, I’m pretty excited about how the film’s going to turn out.

With Shinsuke Sato helming the project, I’m hoping that it’s going to be as splendid as The Princess Blade, and as rigorous as Oblivion Island, so here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m definitely going to be in the queue this Thursday, that’s for sure.

I can has lewts, and Gantz posters for our very first promo! XD

The Neo Tokyo Project’s Gantz Movie Poster Giveaway!

I’ve got two theatrical sized Gantz movie posters to give away (Woohoo! First blog promo ever!). So if you’re interested in picking up some swag, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Share a link to The Neo Tokyo Project on your Facebook or Blog page, follow me on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Step 2: Post a comment here, with a trackback to your Facebook post. You could also submit a screenie if you prefer.

Step 3: Profit.

The deadline for this contest is 30th May, and two lucky winners will get to walk away with a poster each. How cool is that?