This year, Doujin Market promises to be an unforgettable experience with content that will educate, empower and excite!

1. Celebrate World Doujin Day!

World Doujin Day takes place in May each year. It celebrates the doujin spirit – tireless passion, boundless collaboration and unparalleled creativity. It is a day for writers and artists to embrace their talents and to breath life into their original stories, settings and characters, and to share these flashes of brilliance with friends and fellow creators.

2. Artists and Illustrators Galore!

Doujin Market is Singapore’s definitive pop-culture inspired art and illustration showcase. Whether you’re a fan of anime, comic books, games or manga, you’ll be spoiled for choice and wowed by creative works in a variety of genres and mediums.

3. Rise and Be Recognized!

Look no further than Doujin Market if you think you’ve got the creative chops and want to break into the industry. Exhibitors often hold portfolio reviews at the show, so bring your work along for some creative critique and potential opportunities. What’s more, you can flex your creative muscle at the show by joining various art and illustration challenges, potentially winning prizes and recognition from our sponsors!

4. Tabletop Playspace

RPG Day Singapore has joined Doujin Market! If you’re a fan of tabletop games and boardgames, would like to sample what it means to be a hero for a day, or if you’d like to support Singapore’s game design talents, be sure to visit our Tabletop Playspace!

Be sure to check out our event schedule for our exhibition hours and full range of daily activities now!