Event FAQ

1. When is Doujin Market 2024?

Doujin Market 2024 is held on 11-12 May (Sat & Sun) 2024. Opening hours for the public are 12 pm to 8 pm on 11 May, and 11 am to 7 pm on 12 May.

2. Where is Doujin Market held?

The convention will be held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (L4) Halls 403/404/405.

3. Who is the organizer of Doujin Market?

Doujin Market is a community convention organized by Neo Tokyo Project (NTP).

NTP is a pop culture collective founded by media professionals passionate about anime, comics and games (ACG). Since 2012, NTP has hosted an aggregate 2,100 creators and 130,000 fans at their events.

4. Who should visit Doujin Market?

If you are a fan of art, illustration and derivative content inspired by pop culture, an artist or creator, or someone in the creative industries, this show is for you. We also welcome companies in animation, arts education, game design and publishing to join us.

5. Do I have to purchase a ticket to enter Doujin Market?

Yes. Tickets are $10 for a Day Pass or $18 for a Weekend Pass. Advanced sales for tickets for Doujin Market 2024 opens in April 2024.

Tickets are only available online through our exclusive ticketing partner Eventbrite. There will be no physical ticket sales at the door.

6. Will there be bag checks prior to entry? 

Routine bag checks at Doujin Market are mandatory and required by law. You can help expedite and smoothen the entry process by reading our Convention Rules and ensuring that you do not bring any prohibited items to the event.

7. Can I cosplay at Doujin Market?

While Doujin Market is NOT a cosplay event, attending in costume is allowed as long as you abide by the Convention Rules.

We do not encourage visitors to cosplay in the halls, especially if you have bulky or armored costumes, as this can be potentially disruptive to exhibitors and other visitors.

Should you choose to cosplay to the show, do remember to be on your best behavior and be sure to take care of your own valuables!

8. Is photography/videography allowed?

You are welcome to take pictures at the Doujin Market. However, do bear in mind that photography, filming or recording is prohibited during seminars and presentations.

Also, some exhibitors and artists may not allow photography. Do ask for permission, and if they decline to be photographed, please respect their wishes.

All instances of videography is STRICTLY NOT allowed unless you are officially accredited media.

9. Media Accreditation

Media accreditation for Doujin Market is strictly by invitation only.

Only blogs, community media and publications with an extensive and proven track record will be considered for the event.

If you would like to apply for media accreditation, do [Contact Us].