2024 Creator Registration

Registration for 2024 is now CLOSED

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Doujin Market offers artists, authors, creators, and producers of self-published content exhibition space at attractive rates. Please remember to read the Exhibition Terms in the link carefully. By registering, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to be bound by these terms till after the event. 

Creators FAQ

1. When is Doujin Market 2024?

Doujin Market 2024 takes place on 11-12 May (Sat & Sun) 2024.

2. Where is Doujin Market held?

The convention will be held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (L4) Halls 403/404/405.

3. What kind of booth should I apply for?

Several booth schemes are available for creators at Doujin Market:

  • General purpose booth schemes include Scheme A (a 2.4 sqm lot) and Scheme B (a 4 sqm lot with partition backwall), which are ideal for most handicraft, visual and literary arts creators. Scheme A booths can comfortably fit 2 creators, while Scheme B booths can fit 2 to 4 creators.
  • Cosplayers selling their own cosplay merchandise and cosplay talents managed by agencies are required to take Scheme C (a 4 sqm lot with partition backwall booths). These booths are allocated within a special place in hall with easy toilet access, and additional floor space beyond the booth boundary for cosplayers and their fans to interact and conduct their own activities in safety and comfort.
  • Tabletop game developers and indie game developers can avail themselves of our Scheme D (a 4 sqm lot with partition backwall) booths in a dedicated Playspace area. Additional chairs can also be booked for game demo purposes.

4. Why are Scheme C booths more expensive than Scheme B booths?

Over the years, we have noticed that cosplayers often require additional space for their fans, and have endeavored to construct a special place in hall for cosplayers selling their own cosplay merchandise and fans to have sufficient space to interact and conduct their activities.

The price of Scheme C booths includes dedicated floor space beyond the booth boundary that a cosplayer’s fans can congregate in while waiting their turn for a meet-and-greet, photo opportunity, or similar activity.

It also covers the cost of any additional equipment that we need to facilitate better queue management, as well as the assigning of extra members of our Doujin Defender team to facilitate crowd control and safety.

5. Why did you announce your event early/why are registrations open early?

Since Doujin Market is an annual event, we always announce next year’s event dates within a month of our most recent show. This helps cement our dates in next year’s calendar, and guarantees ample lead time for us to create the best possible experience for creators and sponsors.

Announcing our dates and booth registrations early also allows creators to plan and to make adequate preparations in the months ahead, whether for creating new art pieces, or for travel arrangements.

6. Is there a curation process?

Doujin Market has been curating applications since our inception in 2014.

In order to be considered for selection, all applicants are required to submit a link to their brand website, portfolio page, or social media account with examples of their most recent and polished work.

7. When will I know if I have been selected?

Typically, selected applicants will be notified by email within 3 to 7 working days, if your information is accurate, and you have included a valid portfolio link in your application. Do check the email that you used to apply to us regularly (including your Trash/Spam/Promotions folders) from the third day onwards.

8. I intend to cosplay while selling my art. Do I have to register for a Scheme C booth? 

You are permitted to wear a costume while selling at your booth, provided the costume adheres to our Convention Rules.

Only applicants who sell their cosplay prints and cosplay-related merchandise (such as photo books or props), and conduct cosplay related on-site activities (such as fan meet-and-greet sessions, selfie sessions, or signing sessions) are required to register for a Scheme C booth.

9. Is AI generated content allowed?

We believe strongly in ethical creation. AI generated and/or plagiarized content is strictly not allowed to be exhibited or sold at the event. This includes written content.

10. Can I purchase additional creator wristband sets at a later date? 

You may email us if you wish to purchase additional creator wristband sets at a later date. All payment for additional creator wristband sets must be made before the event.

11. Can I change the name of my circle at a later date? 

You may email us if you wish to change the name of your circle at a later date. However, each circle is only entitled to one (1) name change.

12. I have a special request… 

Any requests (e.g. accessibility options, booth neighbors, etc.) should be included in the Note section of the application form. Be as specific as possible. Any special requests will be considered on a case by case basis.