Exhibitor Showcase

Exhibitor Showcase

Doujin Market Organizer:

Come to the organizer booth for general inquiries, lost & found and show matters.

Leave your feedback and join our mailing list to be kept in the loop for our latest events and programs.

You can also submit work for our World Doujin Day Time Capsule, purchase World Doujin Day commemorative merchandise, as well as drinks and snacks at the booth.

Show Patrons:

Featuring appearances by artists Zeen Chin, Puppeteer Lee, Daniel Kamarudin, Kael Ngu and more.

Booth will include an exhibition, sale of prints and art books, as well as signing sessions and portfolio reviews.

Product demonstrations, exhibition and on-the-spot art competition.

Art Wall Patron:

Pick up a pen, and leave your mark on our art wall. The mural will be exhibited as part of our World Doujin Day time capsule project in the future.

Game Convention Partner:

Find out what the show has to offer this year, sign up for a mascot design competition, and register for a booth in the Doujin Market x GameStart artist alley taking place 14-15 October.

International Event Partner:

International Otaku Expo Association(IOEA) is an global association of expos and events where enthusiasts of otaku culture gather together, of which Doujin Market is a part.

The Goal of IOEA is encourage new developments with in the wider otaku culture by linking together otaku expos.

Connect with those representing some of Japan’s most popular connections, and find out more about other conventions under their umbrella.

Arts Education Partners:

Attend FREE mini workshops and demos, sign up for classes, and have your portfolios reviewed by Lionheart Studio.

Special rates and packages are available for those interested to sign up for classes.

Experience VR, learn more about entertainment design and sign up for courses.

The school will also be holding a Scholarship Competition with a 50% Grant for our Entertainment Design & Communication Design Diplomas for two Winners, as well as offering Exclusive Passes to a Concept Art Workshop (14th May, 2pm) for visitors who Tag & Follow them on Instagram.

Show Sponsors:

Register as a creator with Singapore’s latest AMG publication and find out what kind of support Animeludium offers for publishing.

Experience the team’s flagship title codenamed Hero Royale, a 2v2 real-time multiplayer game that will be in beta in Singapore this June 2017.

Sign up for early game access and to find out more about what their game has to offer.

Try Kaiju Den’s alpha for Stratos Fantasea, a VR game where you dive through the skies hunting dangerous beasts and fantastical monsters.

Sign up to be part of the Beta Testing Team, and buy exclusive merch from the game.

Purchase wearable art on t-shirts.

Take part in MonDate.TV’s interactive live stream and be part of the show as they cover Doujin Market.

Take part in challenges and receive prizes in giveaways.

Purchase Rachta’s work, partake of her exhibition and her book launch at the show.