Convention Rules

Convention Rules

By entering the premises, you agree to be bound by the Convention Rules. Doujin Market reserves the right to deny entry, as well as to remove individuals who are in breach of these house rules from the venue without delay and with impunity.

Furthermore, Doujin Market reserves the right to take further action including, but not limited to identifying and blacklisting individuals and/or entities found to be in breach, and seeking recourse for damages that may arise from breaches of the Convention Rules.

Doujin Market also reserves the right to amend and change these rules without prior notice.

1. General Convention Etiquette

In order to help make the convention a safe and positive space for fans to indulge their creativity, we urge visitors to be always behave appropriately and to practice positive convention etiquette.

Doujin Market has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for behavior deemed offensive to the public or harmful to public safety, the consumption of alcohol and/or inappropriate substances, unruliness and harassment of any kind including intimidation, stalking, unwanted attention and contact, or inflammatory or violent behavior.

2. Cosplay

Visitors are allowed to cosplay from any genre, with the exception of Military Simulation, which is strictly NOT ALLOWED.

All visitors are reminded that this is a family friendly event, and to dress appropriately for the venue. Exceptionally revealing costumes and nudity are NOT ALLOWED.

Metal props and replicas and/or props with sharp blades and/or sharp edges are strictly NOT ALLOWED. If you possess such a prop, the prop must be secured in a bag or in it’s scabbard at all times. The establishment reserves the right to routinely inspect props with impunity for safety reasons.

Props constructed out of wood, foam and other light materials are allowed as per normal.

All gun props MUST have a colored safety tip and/or clearly defined toy brands/labels, and/or be readily identifiable as a toy. Props capable of firing projectiles such as toy crossbows and NERF guns, must NOT be loaded at ALL times. Projectile toys or props must also conform to prevailing local laws.

You are NOT allowed to swing and/or brandish cosplay weapons, or act in a threatening and/or unruly manner with cosplay weapons while at the convention.

3. Photography & Videography

You are allowed to take photographs during the convention, as long as you have the express permission of the subject.

Videography at the event is strictly NOT ALLOWED.

When photographing any specific person, you are required to ask the person for permission before you do so.

Any photography set up that includes the use of bulky and/or studio equipment (e.g. lights and backdrops) must be confined to the Cosplayer Rest Area and must not cause any obstruction or impediment, whether to the convention or to human traffic. Photographers and cosplayers in breach may be ejected from the convention with impunity.

In cases where photographers and/or videographers are suspected of taking inappropriate pictures and/or footage, Doujin Market reserves the right to inspect the pictures and/or footage in question. Should the photographer and/or videographer be found to be in breach, Doujin Market reserves the right to delete the pictures and/or footage with impunity. First-time offenders will be warned. Repeat offenders will be removed from the convention and a police report may be lodged depending on the severity of the offense.

You may be featured in images and footage taken by Doujin Market’s official photographers and/or videographers during the event. Doujin Market reserves the right to use/reuse any such images and footage in any medium with impunity.

4. Canvassing & Solicitation

Canvassing and solicitation at Doujin Market is strictly NOT ALLOWED.

Canvassers will be warned and duly ejected from the convention. The companies they represent may also be named and sanctioned at Doujin Market’s discretion.