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Dragon Age III: Inquisition formally announced

19 Sep , 2012,
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Dragon Age III: Title Masthead. It’s the only visual we’ve got right now! 😮

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to jump into the continent of Thedas again, wait no longer. BioWare and EA announced the third Dragon Age title yesterday after months of leaks and speculation, making the existence of Dragon Age III: Inquisition, pretty much official.

The game will be “coming in late 2013” and will run on the DICE Frost Bite 2 engine, the same engine that powers Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run.

BioWare’s executive producer, Mark Darrah, also confirmed that the same dudes who worked on Origins would be working on Inquisition, and that there would be more customization options.

Simply put, the development team has been working closely with the community to give “fans what they’re asking for – a great story with choices that matter, a massive world to explore, deep customization and combat that is both tactical and visceral.”

For more info on the Dragon Age universe,  be sure to visit the official website.

Fans of the franchise can also receive the latest updates on the series by following Dragon Age on Twitter and Facebook.

Square-Enix's Oldies are “kind of” Free to Play

31 Aug , 2012,
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Mini Ninjas replicated from http://beta.coreonline.com/


When it comes to game innovations, Square-Enix maybe one of the few publishers who are capable of adapting to the changing expectations of gamers. Maybe this idea isn’t really new as the service have been in practice by TV stations for their public channels – advertisements.

Advertisements have been part of games for quite sometime. It was thrown in the limelight by the most unsuspecting candidate – present US President Barack Obama while he was running for presidency in 2008.

Four years on, it looks like Square-Enix are bringing the “Yes we can” idea to a new level in gaming economics. The ratio of play to advertisement view time is 20:1. Which means that for every 20 minutes of game time, you are “forced” to view an advertisement for a minute. The game also goes into advertisement mode whenever the game is loading. But that does not mean that the ratio is broken?


“Will each play session begin with an ad?

Yes – ads will be displayed during game loading time, and this will add to your free game time earned.”


If this can be applied to games today, advertisements could reduce the price which consumers have to pay for the games. As more games relies more on multiplayer content to boost sales, advertisements might start showing up in place of the boring loading screens before the start of the round. For once, this might be a step in the positive direction where both gamers and publishers can benefit from.

The available titles are Mini Ninjas and Hitman – Blood Money. But Square-Enix are not just stopping there. They hope to increase their library with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Gyromancer in the near future.

The games can be run on Windows Explorer 8 or 9 ,32-bit (Windows Only), Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Do checkout their Help Section for more information about the system requirements needed to play the games.


Source: Core®Online, KOTAKU