Studios, startups stimulate success at Doujin Market 2017

5 Apr , 2017,
Doujin Market

Singapore – Creators who intend to make art a sustainable career need look no further than Doujin Market 2017.

This year, the show will host over a dozen key players and startups who aim to pave the way towards a more robust creative scene through seminars, portfolio reviews and networking opportunities.

In its fifth iteration, Doujin Market will focus on preparing young creatives for the demands of the real world, equipping them with essential skills to survive in a competitive market where talent needs to constantly differentiate itself while capitalizing on the latest trends and disruptive technologies.

“Pop culture startups are uniquely placed to empower the local arts scene,” said Jason Koh, account director of Neo Tokyo Project and convention producer for Doujin Market. “They’ve blazed a trail other fans can follow and we’re certain that their success stories can inspire those hoping to transition from creating content as a hobby to making it a full time career.”

One such startup is Animeludium, an independent transmedia publisher that aims to enliven the digital and print space.

“We believe that developing a culture of exploration – one where creatives can innovate, polish and refine their work before putting it to market – is vital,” said Yee Cheng Xuan, director of Animeludium. “We want to give them a chance – whether they’re artists, game designers, musicians or writers, and to help them excel.”

Echoing his sentiment is Alwyn Liang, founder of InkInk Collectibles. The gallery is one of Doujin Market’s anchor patrons, and will be presenting an exhibition by four regional artists famous for their unique take on illustration and character design – Puppeteer Lee, Zeen Chin, Kael Ngu and Danial Kamarudin. These guest artists will also conduct seminars and a series of portfolio reviews at the show.

“There’s a definite demand for quality, pop culture themed art. We’re here to help artists raise the bar on their work, and to help them make it a sustainable career,” he said.

With increasing synergies between art and video games, Doujin Market will also see independent studios Gazia Games and Kaiju Den making an appearance alongside GameStart Asia, Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention.

“We have seen Doujin Market’s growth and success since they started, and appreciate how they are helping to bring the artist community in Southeast Asia together,” said Elicia Lee, founder of GameStart Asia. “GameStart Asia also focuses on spotlighting the talent in our region, and we are excited to be exhibiting for the first time at Doujin Market this year.”

The event will be launching a competition where artists are invited to recreate Alyse, GameStart’s mascot, in a brand-new ‘Cyberpunk’-inspired theme. Winning entries will receive prizes including a booth at the Doujin Market x GameStart artist alley in October.

Portfolio reviews are back in force this year, with more than five opportunities for creators to impress industry insiders including Afterthought Studios, which pioneered this segment last year. Aspiring writers will also have the chance to have their manuscripts reviewed by BooksActually, an independent local bookstore and publisher known for innovating new ways to encourage a love of literature.

Participants can also look forward to a networking party presented by Collateral Damage Studios and Artblovk Gallery, offering yet more opportunities for artists and stakeholders to rub shoulders and cement collaboration. 

Doujin Market is supported by Noise Movement, a part of Noise Singapore’s efforts which supports organisers whose initiatives encourage arts creation and participation among youth.

It takes place on 6 and 7 May 2017, and doors open from 11 am to 7 pm daily. Admission to Doujin Market is FREE.

Show Highlights

World Doujin Day

Doujin Market inaugurates World Doujin Day this year, an international celebration of self-publishing and creativity that takes place on the first Saturday of May each year.

Creators are encouraged to use the #worlddoujin hashtag to connect with their peers and to tell their personal stories.

Singapore Doujin Archive

Singapore’s only Doujin Archive will be created as part of the celebrations,to chronicle the history of self-publishing and derivative fan content by youth here.

Creators are invited to submit a sample of their work as well a original work depicting their personal artistic journey, which will be placed in a time capsule.

Works in the capsule will be exhibited 5 years from now, at Doujin Market’s 10th Anniversary.


GameStart 2017 Alyse Design Contest

Doujin Market 2017 kicks off the opening of submissions for GameStart 2017’s Alyse Design Contest.

Contestants must redesign Alyse, GameStart Asia’s android mascot, with a cool new ‘Cyberpunk’ theme.

Winners walk away with cash prizes and a free booth at the GameStart x Doujin Market artist alley in October.


Skill Development

Day 1 (6 May 2017)

On Visual Novels and Kickstarter, presented by Afterthought Studios and Precatio

Afterthought Studios and Precatio, two local visual novel studios with projects published on both Kickstarter and Steam, will share knowledge of this brave, new medium as well as some tips and tricks for getting funding on Kickstarter.

Character Concept and Speed Painting for Special Effects, presented by Lionheart Studio

Dreadjim from Lionheart Studio will demonstrate techniques for painting over a photograph of an audience member and creating special effects like clouds, energy flashes and lightning in real time.

Artist Journey of Rachta Lin

Rachta shares her experiences since becoming a full time artist, the adventures of her artist travels and insights on successfully publishing her first ever art book on Kickstarter.

Skills Seminar, presented by MAGES Institute of Excellence

Skills Seminar, presented by InkInk Collectibles

Day 2 (7 May 2017)

Publishing your Graphic Novel, presented by BooksActually

Art X Social Media: Utilizing social media to your advantage!, presented by Daiyaku

Jamie from Daiyaku will share tips and tricks on using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help kickstart your circle’s online presence and to promote your art globally.

You are worth it: The Art of Pricing, presented by Collateral Damage Studios

KC Ng, account manager of CDS, sheds light on strategies artists can use to better market, price and promote their art for both doujin and commercial audiences and to turn their hobbies into a sustainable career.

Panel: Art and the Video Games Industry

Skills Seminar, presented by InkInk Collectibles

Portfolio Reviews


Afterthought Studios

Collateral Damage Studios

InkInk Collectibles

Lionheart Studio


Afterthought Studios




Networking Party

Hosted by Artblovk Gallery and CDS, the pizza party and networking session is only open to pre-registered participants.

Industry insiders and creators alike can mingle in a relaxed environment, fostering a free exchange of ideas and collaboration opportunities.