Doujima Survival Guide: For Cosplayers!

3 May , 2016,
Doujin Market

While Doujin Market isn’t a cosplay event, it IS cosplayer friendly. That’s because we’re cosplayers too, and we appreciate the passion and artistry behind the craft.

If you intend to come to Doujin Market this weekend in costume, here are some tips to make your time with us fuss-free!

1. A Potion A Day


Need a mana potion? Look no further! :3

Keeping hydrated is one of the most important parts of being in costume, and we’re glad to say that the great folks at Pokka have you covered!

Be sure to grab your free can of Gabu Gabu at the show and also PLENISH, a tasty isotonic drink that’s perfect for (re)PLENISH-ing those lost electrolytes!

2. Heroes never die (unless they’re killed)


Simple craft supplies and the ever trusty duct tape will go a long way towards keeping your costume together in case of a malfunction.

If you’re going to cosplay at Doujima, you definitely want to bring a repair kit just in case!

Costume malfunctions happen to the best of us, having a sewing kit or glue on hand may make all the difference between suiting down early or having more time in costume.

3. You know the rules and so do I


Cosplayers are always welcome at our show. Just make sure you familiarize yourselves with the house rules!

Doujima’s a cosplay-friendly convention, so our usual house rules apply. Remember to keep them in mind while you’re having fun (and we’re sure you will)!

– Visitors are allowed to cosplay characters from any genre. There is no stipulation or limitation on the characters you can cosplay. However, cosplayers are reminded to practice positive convention etiquette.

– As this is a family friendly event, cosplayers are reminded to be mindful and to dress appropriately for the venue. Exceptionally revealing costumes and costumes that expose the underboob, pubic area and/or buttocks are strictly NOT allowed.

– Exposed metal props and/or props with sharp blades and/or sharp edges are strictly NOT allowed at the convention. Should you have a metal prop, the prop must be ‘peace-bonded’ (i.e. secured) in a bag or in it’s scabbard at all times. The organizer reserves the right to routinely inspect props with impunity for safety reasons.

– Props constructed out of wood, foam and other light materials are allowed as per normal.

– All gun props MUST have orange safety tips and/or clearly defined toy brands/labels and/or must be readily identifiable as a toy. Props capable of firing projectiles e.g. crossbow toys and NERF guns, must NOT be loaded at ALL times.

– You are NOT allowed to swing and/or brandish cosplay weapons, or act in a threatening and/or unruly manner with cosplay weapons while at the convention.

– Make use of the Chill Out Zone, which has been allocated for fans, visitors and cosplayers to hang out, but remember to take care of your belongings and your personal safety at all times!

And that’s all folks, thanks for reading our survival guides.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask on our event page or PM us on Facebook!