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Doujin Market is Singapore's premier pop culture creators convention. The event celebrates doujin - fan communities passionate about creating art, the original and derivative fan works that they produce, and their aspirations for self-publishing comics, games, manga, music and stories.

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In Japanese, "doujin" describes passionate individuals working individually or collectively (in groups known as circles) to self-publish and showcase their works.

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Doujima to return in 2021

Dear Doujinkas & Doujin Market fans,  In March, we made the difficult decision to postpone Doujin Market to August 2020. We arrived at this decision hoping that the worst of the global health crisis would be over in the third quarter of the year, and that the creative arts and events, both industries that have […]

4 Jun, 2020 Doujin Market

Level Up with Doujima in 2020

Into its seventh iteration, Doujin Market played home to over 360 artists, creators and designers from all around the world. The two-day event drew a record amount of visitors, with some 19,600 event-goers showing up to support Singapore’s biggest celebration of creator culture.  Doujin Market was powered this year by industry partners Wacom, Pentel and […]

27 May, 2019 Doujin Market

Doujima 2018 levels up, sees record breaking 18,000 visitors

A new hall, a slew of fresh content, and renewed focus on education and empowerment were just some of the elements that cemented Doujin Market 2018’s position as Singapore’s defining pop culture arts & illustration event. The two-day extravaganza of original and derivative fan content saw some 18,000 visitors flocking to Hall 406 of Suntec […]

7 May, 2018 Doujin Market

Doujin Market dominates with 17,000 visitors

Doujin Market 2017 reinforced its position as Singapore’s top youth arts & illustration event last weekend, with over 17,000 visitors flocking to Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre for a two-day extravaganza of original and derivative fan content. The show featured more than 200 creators from Singapore and around the region, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, […]

11 May, 2017 Doujin Market

Getting to Doujin Market 2017

We’re moving into a bigger, better location at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center this year, and here’s a quick guide to help you get to the show. 1. Getting to Suntec Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center is THE go-to venue where all the cool pop culture shows are, and that’s where you’ll find us. Simply click on […]

3 May, 2017 Doujin Market

Studios, startups stimulate success at Doujin Market 2017

Singapore – Creators who intend to make art a sustainable career need look no further than Doujin Market 2017. This year, the show will host over a dozen key players and startups who aim to pave the way towards a more robust creative scene through seminars, portfolio reviews and networking opportunities. In its fifth iteration, […]

5 Apr, 2017 Doujin Market

Creators take charge at Doujin Market 2017

Hold your breaths as Doujin Market – Singapore’s definitive pop culture themed youth arts and illustration event – returns for its fifth iteration! Taking place at The Concourse, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on 6th and 7th May, Doujin Market 2017 will spotlight creative circles from around the region including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, […]

4 Mar, 2017 Doujin Market

Doujin Market sees record 13,000 visitors

Doujin Market (Doujima) 2016, Singapore’s largest celebration of popculture inspired art, illustration and self-publishing, drew to a resounding close last weekend. Taking place on 7th and 8th May, the two-day event at Suntec City saw some 13,000 fans of anime, comics and manga, as well as trade and industry visitors, up from 8,000 at *SCAPE the year […]

13 May, 2016 Doujin Market

Doujima Survival Guide: For Cosplayers!

While Doujin Market isn’t a cosplay event, it IS cosplayer friendly. That’s because we’re cosplayers too, and we appreciate the passion and artistry behind the craft. If you intend to come to Doujin Market this weekend in costume, here are some tips to make your time with us fuss-free! 1. A Potion A Day Keeping hydrated is […]

3 May, 2016 Doujin Market

Doujima Survival Guide: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!

Doujin Market 2016 at Suntec City is a grand adventure and like all grand adventures, it’s dangerous to go alone and unprepared! 😮 Here are some tips that will help you beat the crowds and get through the weekend. 1. War, War Never Changes … but how we fight it certainly has. If you’re preparing […]

3 May, 2016 Doujin Market

Doujima Survival Guide: Don’t Lose Your Way!

With Doujin Market just days away, we’ve decided to put together some handy guides to help you better your convention experience. This year, Doujin Market takes place at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center, which makes this our biggest show to date. The event will be held at the Crescent (Level 2), which is accessible both through […]

2 May, 2016 Doujin Market

5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Doujin Market

With Doujima being at Suntec this year, there’s a lot more space for even more content and we have a lot more to offer this year! Check out this list of 5 things you definitely don’t want to miss at our event! 1. Doujin Booths As always, Doujima is a great place to check out the latest […]

18 Apr, 2016 Doujin Market

Doujin Market joins IOEA!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the International Otaku Expo Association (I.O.E.A.), and are now part of a wider network of premier global otaku events. We hope to reach out to more events around the world, and to bring the very best of international doujin and derivative fan art content to you!  

23 Mar, 2016 Doujin Market

100% of Artist Tables booked!

You read that right, folks! All 100% of our Artist Tables have been booked, which means Doujin Market will be Singapore’s biggest dedicated showcase of derivative fan art ever! With 90 art groups and more than 100 exhibiting artists, we’re sure there will be something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of anime, comic books, […]

16 Mar, 2016 Doujin Market

Gabu Gabu! comes to Doujin Market!

If you’ve got a craving for some awesome soda, then you’ll be happy to know that GABU GABU! is the Official Beverage for Doujin Market! GABU GABU! is not your boring average soda. It’s a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind ice cream soda with a contemporary twist made with real milk and real fruit juice flavors for refreshingly real enjoyment. […]

10 Mar, 2016 Doujin Market

Make some Noise at Doujin Market!

  We’re happy to announce that Doujin Market – Doujima 2016 is supported by Noise Movement, an initiative of the National Arts Council which provides seed funding to ground-up programmes which get young people involved in the arts. We’re grateful for their patronage, and hope that this year’s show will empower, excite and inspire the […]

2 Mar, 2016 Doujin Market

Embrace Mystic Destinies at Doujin Market!

[Star Maiden Games], the studio behind Mystic Destines: Serendipity of Aeons, will be exhibiting at Doujin Market following their Kickstarter success and [release on Steam], and fans in Singapore will get a chance to have some hands on time with the game! This original English language visual novel tackles romance in an urban fantasy setting, […]

13 Feb, 2016 Doujin Market

Purrfectly Ever After paws its way into Doujin Market!

Fans of otome games rejoice, because independent game developer [Weeev] will be previewing [Purrfectly Ever After] at our show. Purrfectly Ever After is an original English language visual novel (OELVN) for girls. This dating sim is filled with side-splitting comedy, over-the-top drama, and of course, heart-melting romance. It aims to bridge the gap between Japanese-centric otome games […]

4 Feb, 2016 Doujin Market

Afterthought Studios to launch Singapore’s first crowdfunded visual novel at Doujin Market

Homegrown doujin developer [Afterthought Studios] will be presenting several projects, including Singapore’s first crowdfunded visual novel [A More Beautiful World] at Doujin Market this year! A More Beautiful World successfully raised more than $8,000 on Kickstarter last December, and visitors to Doujin Market will be the first to have a taste of what this self-published title has to offer. […]

1 Feb, 2016 Doujin Market

More than 50% Artist Tables Booked!

More than 50% of tables at Doujin Market have been booked and we’re really looking forward to seeing these talented artists at our event.   Don’t forget that registrations close March 15, 2016. If you’d like to apply for a table at the show, be sure to check out our [Artist Registration] page today!

31 Jan, 2016 Doujin Market

Welcome to the new Doujin Market website!

We’ve just soft-launched our new website, and we’ll be updating you with the latest news and information about our event. Be sure to watch this space, because we’ll be posting more important announcements and updates in the weeks to come! Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates during the […]

31 Jan, 2016 Doujin Market