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REG Vol. 8: The Last Garden

9 Feb , 2015,
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We’ve supported Real Escape Game in Singapore since it’s inception several years back, and they’ve never ceased to impress. Now into it’s 8th edition, they look set to wow us even further with The Last Garden, which appears to be their most ambitious adventure yet!

Promo image courtesy of Vivid Creations.

Promo image courtesy of Vivid Creations.

This time, the story revolves around a futuristic Singapore in the year 2065, and players are tasked with finding a legendary orb hidden in Gardens by the Bay to save humanity.

Unlike previous iterations, players have free range of Gardens by the Bay, and no time limit from the venue’s opening to closing to play and solve the puzzles. What’s more, the timing is near perfect for a perfect for geeky couples on the Valentine’s Day weekend, and there’s a couples promotion to make this a date with a difference.

We’re thinking of saving the date ourselves. If you’re a fan of Real Escape Games too, then this is definitely something to consider.

LAST GARDEN: Save Nature, Save Humanity

DATES: 13-22 FEB 2015
13-15 FEB 2015 | 20-22 FEB 2015: 11:00 – 20:00
16-19 FEB 2015: 15:00 – 20:00

TICKET PRICING: Limited Early Bird: $27* | Limited Couple Promo: $50* | Group Promo (buy 5 get 1 free): $165* | Standard Online: $33* | At‐the‐door: $35* | * Inclusive of ticket fee and entry fee to Flower Dome

For block / corporate booking, please contact 6522‐0527 or
Tickets are available on PEATIX platforms:
For updates and more information, visit

2015 Events and a Site Overhaul

14 Jan , 2015,
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Can you believe it? It’s been four years since we’ve been in operation. That’s why it’s no surprise our site is due for a massive, massive revamp.

While we’re retooling the corporate site, we’re keeping the blog up and running so we can keep you apprised of the latest news and happenings at NTP, and in Singapore’s pop-culture scene.

For a start, be sure to block 25-26 April 2015 and 22-23 August 2015 in your pop-culture calendars, folks, because we’ve set those dates in stone for our flagship events.


Yep, like the image says. Save the date, folks!

We’ll also be launching the alpha test of our very own card game this year, a book about the positive impact of cosplay in Singapore, and more.

Watch this space, folks, because our corporate site will return better and more streamlined than ever. In the mean, why not follow us on Facebook?

Terror in Resonance Preview

10 Jul , 2014,
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Key visual 1

Schoolyard terrorists and their unwilling accomplice.

I have to confess that I’m something of an elitist when it comes to anime.

I pick series for concept and auteurial direction rather than cheesy character designs (flat-chested moeblob girls and overly whiny boys of destiny with chips on their shoulders simply don’t appeal to me), and that’s why I’m always excited when something existential comes along and bucks the trend each season.

Zankyō no Teroru, or Terror in Resonance, is one of the latest offerings by Shinichiro Watanabe, a director whose illustrious pedigree includes the classic Cowboy Bebop (1998) and Samurai Champloo (2004). Joining forces with him is renowned composer Yoko Kanno, who composes both the OP and ED.

The series takes place in an alternate history Tokyo, playing out as a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between two teenaged terrorists and the police. Thanks to the media preview by the great folks at Aniplus HD yesterday, I caught not ONE, but TWO episodes and I’m now hooked.

Without giving too much of the plot away, Terror in Resonance touches on some very real issues – bullying, peer pressure, stereotyping in the traditional Japanese system – woven seamlessly into the requisite cloak and dagger style meta.

Check out the official promo video here:

Terror in Resonance will premiere on ANIPLUS HD on 21 July 2014, every Monday, 11pm. ANIPLUS HD will be simulcasting the series, bringing the anime to South East Asia screens during the same period as Japan, one new episode each week.

Catch this latest anime series first and exclusively on ANIPLUS HD available on:

• Singtel mio TV Ch340, on Demand at Ch341, and


Guest DJs and Artists announced for STGCC

12 Jun , 2014,
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Be prepared to be wowed this year, as STGCC returns with fresh content and personalities set to appeal to pop-culture fans.


Images courtesy of: Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2014.

In a press release yesterday, Reed Exhibitions announced three renowned DJs from Japan – Inu, D.watt and sasakure.UK, who will be spinning the latest hits from popular Japanese games and anime at a one-of-a-kind STGCC DJ Night. Fans can expect to be wowed by a combination of anime music, Touhou, and Vocaloid riffs for sure.

Additionally, three multi-talented artists, including one of our personal favorites – Humberto Ramos, who is best known for his anime style approach to Western comics such as Marvel’s Spiderman, The Runaways and several creator owned series, Alex Solis, the father of “The Famous Chunkies” featuring oversized superheroes, and Simone Legno, the creator of the popular tokidoki brand.

STGCC 2014 will take place on the 6th and 7th of September at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Marina Bay Sands, and STGCC tickets are up for grabs now at $19 for a one-day pass and $25 for a two-day pass from selected authorised retailers.

Be sure to check out the official STGCC page for ticketing information, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook for more updates!

Real Escape Game Vol. 6: Escape From the Moon Base

25 May , 2014,
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If you’ve been following the great folks at Real Escape Game in Singapore, you’ll know that they’ve been doing some pretty amazing stuff. These guys popularized Escape the Room games in Singapore, and in just a couple weeks, will be returning with a sixth installment in their line-up.

Dubbed Escape From the Moon Base, this iteration will put players in the role of survivors in a space station disaster, who will have to race against time to complete challenging math, logic, linguistics and visual puzzles before air runs out.

If you’d like to play, here are the details:

Real Escape Game Vol. 6: Escape From the Moon Base

Venue: National Design Center

Dates: 7, 8, 14, 15 June 2014

Session Timings: 

7 JUNE 2014 – 13:00 | 15:30 | 18:30 | 21:00
8 JUNE 2014 – 11:00 | 14:00 | 16:30 | 19:30
14 JUNE 2014 – 11:00 | 14:00 | 16:30 | 19:30
15 JUNE 2014 – 11:00 | 14:00 | 16:30 | 19:30

TICKET PRICING: Limited Early Bird: $22 | Standard: $27 | At‐the‐door: $30

Tickets can be purchased from SISTIC here, and prices listed exclude SISTIC charges.

If you’d like to find out more, be sure to check out the official Real Escape Game in Singapore Facebook page, or email them here for more information. 

PSO2 goes English, and we love it!

3 Apr , 2014,
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Asiasoft announced that they were publishing Phantasy Star Online 2 in English (PSO2) about a week ago, and just this afternoon, I got several hours hands on with the game during a closed door media preview.

Having already tried the Japanese service, I had some high hopes. This was a Sega title, after all.

For the uninitiated, PSO2 is an MMOARPG (the ‘A’ here stands for action, in case you were wondering) with console style graphics and aesthetics where you play an ARK recruit in a sci-fi setting.

With the customization options, you can pretty much adjust anything. Well, almost anything. :x

With the customization options, you can pretty much adjust anything. Well, almost anything.

ARK recruits are essentially the equivalent of space cadets, and once you’ve customized your character (and the level of customization is quite comprehensive) and picked one of several races and classes (with localized archetypal names of warrior, ranger, and wizard), you’re thrust into a fairly deep and involved story line with all the hallmarks of a classic JRPG.

The good thing of course is that the game can be played solo or with friends, and features instanced dungeon maps linked to a central hub. Friends, naturally, make things go a whole lot smoother.

Beat on alien life-forms, steal their treasure, have fun with friends.

Beat on alien life-forms, steal their treasure, have fun with friends.

I was a little sad that I didn’t get to roll a Deuman or Braver at the outset, but I’m sure that the good folks at Asiasoft will be making them available sometime in the near future. *hinthint*

Now, on to the localization.

One of the biggest challenges I’d expected this release to face was the dialogue and the VOs. The original Japanese cast included some top name seiyuu, and matching up would be a tall order. It was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that rather than dubbing the NPCs over, the company had chosen to streamline the written dialogue instead, without compromising any of the nuances from the original.

And that, of course, was a win in my books.

Needless to say, PSO2 is a game best experienced, and with the Beta test coming up 10th to 13th April, we’re giving away some Beta keys to a few lucky readers who live in  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, or the Philippines.

These keys will also give you early access when the game goes live sometime in the next two months, so be sure to check out our Facebook raffle  for more details!

You can also keep tabs on the latest developments PSO2 in English developments through their official Facebook page.